Street Fury: Is this the Solution?

I am here – writing and catching up on all the recordings and process support created wherein we are already looking at how events are shaping opinions about what’s going on in the world and all you see in the news is 24/7 Egypt and as we now got to see it’s all part of perfect conditions to then implement laws and ways to keep people in control. 

When I think of ‘manifestations’ I think of the one I attended some 6 or more years ago wherein several thousands of people gathered to ask for the my home city’s governor’s renouncement of his charge due to a telephone call scandal wherein he’s linked with some rich textile factory owner having a chat about him sending the governor girls to have sex with in a ‘coded’ manner – even after the thousands that walked together in that march, nothing happened, nothing changed and up till this day, he’s been part of other few scandals of the kind such as pedophilia and obvious money laundry business which he still carries with himself while being the city’s governor. Proof that such demonstration did nothing – and that was a pacific one. 
Now, when I look at what’s going on in Egypt we can only expect further repression obviously, it’s like a herd going mad which then will require further ‘fencing’ to keep in line – that’s obvious common sense and thus we as humans are once again shaping our future through our actions obviously because this revolt is triggering others around the world – as if anything could actually change through doing this. 
People ‘feel’ they must be ‘solidary’ with their ‘brothers and sisters’ by also marching and demonstrating in these type of riots – really? would that create any difference whatsoever? No! Obviously not, it only creates further harm and abuse wherein those in power will simply tighten the belt and squeeze everything into even more tight security measures – and it’s only obvious after showing that the human can lose its senses completely when driven by anger or any emotion that’s accumulated and finds a way out, a valve of escape. 
And this I can link to that final scene in Zeitgeist where the guy drops his briefcase and people just ‘get rid of their money’ I mean, come on! people require to understand common sense, to look at history and see how none of those revolutions and attempts to overcome the system actually worked – I mean, lol I wouldn’t want to be ‘in the hands’ of anyone that is promoting looting and anarchism and vandalism as a form of ‘protest’. They sure then not know what’s best for all, they sure then don’t stand up for life because if that was so in fact, they would be working with themselves to find real actual solutions and not just overcoming one regime in one country that we know even if the guy’s out of office and another is in place, makes no difference at all as the problem is rooted as the entirety of the system – thus we cannot expect uprisings to change this world, we cannot expect vandalism and anarchism or any ism to work as what’s best for all. 
Self-Responsibility is required  and man, that’s something that I’m glad I’ve understood for myself now as I was certainly the type of personality design that would be raging against the machine, that would be joining dissident groups opposing the system and all types of shit like that – I am grateful for being shown how common sense is not existent in any of those points and that social-responsibility is standing for what’s best for all life,  standing up for an actual solution that is based on actual Life Support and not based on destruction, on vandalism, using spitefulness which only returns back like a boomerang. THat’s how process works now, a boomerang – everything we do onto others we do onto ourselves, everything we think we are taking vengeance for we are actually abusing ourselves while taking on actions that stand as ‘revenge’. 
We are moving as a pacific movement, we stand against no one, we don’t support any type of war, any type of antagonism as we understand that within opposing someone we are actually perpetuating its existence. 
We are walking a Self Honesty process wherein we see and realize that revolting as slaves won’t work – that we can only become equal to the system, as efficient as the system to then create a change from within and not through creating friction and antagonism that often – if not all the time- leads nowhere. 
Once again, it’s easier to revolt, to loot around, to shout, to scream, to punch others, to spew in the face of another than actually taking a look at ourselves, as humans, as beings in this world that are completely responsible for everything that is here – which obviously includes the government, the money system, the social roles and structure, the values placed in separation of ourselves as life, the entire mechanism that enables mind control through media and information – all building blocks of our own prison that we are now trying to break free though resisting, fighting, shouting, kicking and looting is simply NOT the solution at all.
  There can be no actual change as a Best for All situation stemming from violence and anger. 
We are here to turn the tables in a very pacific and simple way that every human being can take on as themselves – no anger exertion required : 
Self Honesty is the point that can shake the very foundation of the entire system as it’s been rooted and created and founded upon separation, the very nature of what we’ve become as human beings is what must be taken on first if we want to create a change in the world. That’s Self Honesty, that’s Self Forgiveness wherein we don’t project blame onto others for the situations we are in, but we forgive ourselves to make sure we don’t fuck it all up again, to correct ourselves for having disregarded life, for having abused life, for having ‘forgotten’ about all beings here as ourselves as equals. 
A big sigh comes through as I see that certainly only probably after all  these rebellions take place will we be able to get down to Self Honesty once it’s proven that revolutions as these type of riots and movements against the government, or anyone else for that matter as personal vendettas wont’s work and we will only end up harming ourselves back without any actual practical living solution that’s best for all. 
That’s my statement as the accumulation of these past days within observing and monitoring what’s been broadcast in the news – once again stirring up emotions and feelings and reactions from fellow human beings – I urge anyone reading this: re-consider your position, do not add up to further harm and destruction and anger that leads to unnecessary consequences – 
If you want to be a Self Responsible being within society, investigate Desteni and investigate Self Honesty – we can only start with ourselves first. 

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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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