Understand Yourself to Change Self – Dissing is Not the Option

The creation of a new world as we are opting to create as ourselves is a world in Equality wherein we learn how to walk as ourselves, to not exist any longer at the services ser- vices of the preprogrammed establishment of who we’ve become as selfish individuals caring onfy for their own survival, caring for their own needs, caring only to possible criticize the world but never daring to actually stand up from this world. 

Now, through this process we are getting to walk with and together along with people that are deciding to take Self Responsibility for themselves, to begin with themselves to start doing something about this world, to start doing something more than being dissidents in the system, to stop being simple anarchists and aimless opposition to the system wherein opposition becomes part of the structure – and thus start doing something about changing this world
Now – many do get confused at the point of saying: ‘Oh, but I want to change the world and how come I am not ‘doing something’ like charity work or helping the needy’ and thus disregard the very essential point of how through us standing up for ourselves individually, we are standing up for all as one as Equal – this doesn’t mean you are ‘saving’ anyone either, it just means that it takes individuals to realize that doing anything outside of ourselves would be virtually meaningless in a long-term solution basis IF the foundation of such solution isn’t placed and understood as coming from ourselves as individuals first. 
Hence the entire process we are walking as the process of Self Realization in seeing and realizing and living to see who we are as Life in this world and how it is that we’ve separated ourselves from ourselves in this world — and everything that is here — through the use of money (read twice: ‘the use’ of money, not money itself’ – and thus how it is that we’ve essentially created this to ourselves, this entire system is ourselves, this entire world is ourselves – that’s the process of self realization – thus, the answer to a person coming through a certain background of system-debunking information and groups and then being left with this sense of ‘I know too much now, but what do I do now?’ is then vital to understand that the Next step from there is taking on oneself through a Self-Honesty walk wherein we begin changing ourselves as individuals first and thus not allowing ourselves to re-create the same system and structures that we are then aware have perpetuated the entire system as it is currently. 
So, this is how we are walking this Process of Self Change, Self Living Application as the correction of ourselves as individuals in society, WITHIN the system which is important because we cannot ‘diss the system’ without understanding to what extent we’ve become ‘the system’ completely – it would be rather foolish to want to opt out of the system as that would be a single reverse on to anything you might’ve read or understood as part of seeing/realizing how this entire system exists which is what we are here to take Self Responsibility for – 
Within walking as Equals as a Self Realization Process unfolds for each, we cannot spite yet again the system – we rather learn how it works, how we as individuals as our human physical body exist As the System and how it is that we then have to stand One and Equal to the System to re-direct it now towards a Best for All aim that can be only veered through and as Self-Will.. 
That’s what we are busy here with as well as getting a reality check at all times of ourselves in this world, as our personal lives, as the events going on around the world, as our own deeds to then be able to have a greater ‘feeling’ of reality, to realize the harm and suffering we are co-creating, to be aware of it, to forgive ourselves from it and then, to start being the actual Stopping of such past as the past that we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as and to thus practically change the inherent evil Human Nature as that reverse-programming that we’be come that tampers the ability to live as Equals as it always should’ve been. 
We’re here, we’re walking, we’re learning of ourselves, we’re correcting and applying ourselves – that’s where we are and so anyone that wants to ‘do something’ about this world can see the common sense of having to deal with oneself first.
Equalizing Individuals to Stand up for Life as the ability to Change the System into a Best for All stance. 

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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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