Self-Discipline and Physical Consequences

I read Andrew’s blog on Identifying Re-Occurring Projections/Desires – Desteni Farm = Self Discipline and so I realized that I had created similar point with regards to for example waking up and how that was a ‘must do’ from the perspective of knowing that I had to wake up to go and feed the horse, so from that perspective as throughout the entire day there were certain tasks that required to be done in a specific moment, we were all more directive and disciplined within these points. 

So, I relate to what Andrew describes and a current experience I’m having is how when being in vacation in my home city i would wake up one hour later than usual and I would sleep also an hour later or two – thus now that I am back in school and back ‘on track’ – which is the first point to look at how I allowed myself to ‘get off track’ just because of changing the scenario – and how what I am dealing with now is the physical body and the eating schedules. 

Yesterday I was working at the workshop and it was 11:00 or even earlier and I was really really hungry to the extent that the stomach acids started creating effect causing me the pains of gastritis so that wasn’t cool at al as I knew that the reason was because I had been eating breakfast an hour later and thus having lunch an hour later and now, that I am getting back to the ‘initial schedule’, I eat breakfast at 7:00 and so I am hungry at 11:00 when my usual eating time is 12:00 so this means that I pushed my body to become used to getting food after 4 hours instead of 5 and now suffering the consequences of having to re-adapt my body to have breakfast at 7 – and eat lunch at 12:00 without having to experience any type of unusual craving – so… Man! I had to just now eat some crackers to ease-the point so that the acids in the stomach are used but then will wait till I can actually have lunch in another half an hour. 

So, within this we an see how we can fuck ourselves in the physical when following our mind instead of listening to our body, to consider the body and not just decide to ‘make changes’ that please ourselves due to defining ourselves according to a period of time, a place, an environment. 

We have to remain constant wherever we are, with whomever we are, with whatever we do – and thus next time that I even consider in making these type of deliberate shifts, to consider my physical and the re-adjusting it takes to get back on track wherein we simply have to keep on track and not allow ourselves to change due to the environment, people, places, experiences etc. 

So that would be then actual consistency in application and no physical consequences would be faced.  

What I’m seeing is Self Discipline like waking up early in the morning is a very cool point to then start off the day moving – I today directed myself out of bed as I had also allowed myself to stay further in bed while in ‘vacations so here it’s like Wake up, come on, get up, covers off, stand up – and so forth lol funny but that’s how one manages to do it to eventually once again become the point as I had been doing for quite some time so, i do realize that I allowed myself to fall in that point of waking up and only now having to re-adjust myself in all ways to be able to wake up in one breath as I had been doing before. 

Cool to see this – whatever we yearn from ourselves in another place, we can simply bring HERE as ourselves. 



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