Self Responsibility & Benefits

Keeping track on moving points and finding what’s best to do in terms of setting my career and so far it’s been cool, moving and finding the best possible options to get it done. 

I thought of a teacher that had offered me to do a social service with her but I was already in South Africa so I had to decline the point. So I contacted her again and she immediately went to ask if it was possible to do it etc but it would take an entire year so I’d say nope, that’s not going to be possible. Yet I had thought of her as being my ‘mentor’ to do my final project and she gladly accepted, I was actually quite surprised how well she received me when she saw me because when I was her student during the first two years in my career, she seemed cool yet with a certain distance – now, I was quite surprised to see her being really cool and what I’ve heard is that she wasn’t ‘like that’ with many beings so, I can say that it’s not a point of ‘favoritism’ but an actual point I worked for as being responsible, always being on time in her class, hardly ever missing a class – only when I left for two weeks on a trip once – and I always had done the readings and participated in the class. This as part of a consistent and constant job got me to be able to have this kind of opportunities, having teachers wanting to work with you and support you – man it is really cool actually because this is not something that I’ve ‘earned’ through using any deception, but actual self responsibility as work and discipline within school. 
So, the point I simply wanted to share here is how important it is to keep ourselves as accountable in anything we do and anything we participate in within our reality. That really opens doors and create a profile for you wherein people will start recognizing you not because of having been the drunkest at a ‘frat party’ or not because of having slept with thousands, but because you work, you treat everyone equally, you are able to talk to anyone, you create no difference or discriminate people, you stand clear as yourself in everything you do, you take self responsibility for all that needs to be done and you make sure your voice is heard. 
And you know what’s most gratifying is how I have been able to create this ‘profile’ for myself without having to suck anyone’s boots really, just by being myself, by standing for and as my own words, through working, through being constant and consistent. 
And this type of self-recognition I wouldn’t have posted probably some time ago as I always feared coming through as ‘more than’ and thus belittled myself. But no, that’s obviously not acceptable either – and because we don’t have to accept that we must always be ‘suffering’ or being ‘incompetent’ and ‘aiming to be better’ – no, we all have the same ability and capability of being the best – if we all stand as equals within this single point of being Self Responsible in our lives, we create a better world, we create equally empowered people that can then stand, that really care for what’s best for all because they apply and live that as themselves. 
It is really a cool experience, and it’s ‘uplifting’ but in the sense of realizing that I haven’t ‘bought’ this for myself, but I’ve created it – and thus here I simply say: we are all capable of doing this, of creating cool relationships with people, to become an actual and truly equal being that stand as an individual representing what’s best for the whole. 
Now, the point is to obviously remain this way for the remainder of our lives. 
I am definitely a person that is committed for Life to support Equals – I am thrilled about being doing and living what I’m living – I am grateful beyond measure because I see that there is potential in all of us at Desteni participating, diligently, consistently, walking, breathing, sharing, writing, man! we’re a bomb! – even if there’s only a few compared to any other type of project and movement, the few that stand will stand strong and with an actual solid foundation that stands on itself – there’s no doubt about that. 
Call this a ‘positive’ post, but I simply have to share this as I see it is relevant within getting ourselves to live by our full potential. 
That’s what I want for us All as equals in this World. 


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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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