The Mind is Not the Enemy

Realizing the points about me being in an environment where I have to live with other beings – not to mention the entire world as in living with several other beings. Throughout my life I had been a ‘my space’ person, I want to have  things done ‘my way’ and within this the entire self-righteousness stand though as this point a lot of preferences – likes/dislikes – exist and within this I’ve noticed how things that I am bothered by aren’t precisely something that bothers someone else and viceversa – it places a stage wherein things are Not constant for everyone equally and thus we can know that we are dealing with a personality treat that must be placed out to explore.


I hadn’t written as I had faced a point of mind-energetic possession on friday – I wrote the entire thing out but not really relevant as the starting point of it was that of being inside the experience – which I then later on explained in the Addicted to Energy vlog – and then simply saw the thing for what it was, nothing else but an entire self-induced participation in the mind within a suitable environment that was literally ‘sugar coated’ and  yes, hereby I declare it’s not about ‘blaming sugar’ as that would be the same statement as some people make when saying ‘money is evil’ lolol and thus I simply see things for what they are which is me having the ability to allow myself to participate in thoughts or not – this is what’ it’s all about – it’s not to go into self judgment about it – which I did While on the experience – but to simply step aside of it for a moment to see it with more clarity afterwards. It’s quite interesting how these experiences go by – one moment one allows oneself to be ‘consumed’ by it and then when you back to remember is as unsubstantial as an actual memory as what it is in fact! only a mind creation, but it’s quite interesting to see first hand how we make storms in a glass of water only to then be able to laugh about it because when being out of the experience it seems so ‘off’’, ‘out of place’ as it is a point possessing you to the ultimate degree – obviously not cool as there is no self-direction in that.


So today I deliberately placed myself in the position of letting go of it – meaning, not hanging on to the experience of ‘oh shit I got consumed by the experience’ and instead be in the moment, work with what is here – I actually enjoyed then the silence as I got to be alone in the house and watching the sky and cooking and working on my drawing etc-  just the normal stuff minus the entire mind experience.


On friday I watched the movie black swan – and an entire experience developed which I explained in the vlog so … for now that all I’ll write here – this is a simple pointer for myself as a reminder to not hang on too much on to things, to not latch on to a particular energetic experience and try to make it more or less than what it actually was – I mean, I cannot make it a big deal having power over me, nor can I further suppress it  so, seeing the point for what it is simplifies the entire thing – suggested to once you’ve written out the self forgiveness simply letting go of it – not giving more head trying to make sense of it as that will only come from the mind as well and within that we’ve already missed several breaths of that which is actually here as ourselves.


So, back to self-stabilizing here as breath and walk, facing myself and my mind as an Equal, not as an enemy.


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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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