Stopping participation in the cravings of the mind

Here I place some points in addition to the vlog I made today Self.Support Vlog – Taking it Back to Self about this ‘lingering’ point that had been hanging around for quite some time now without giving it direction – lol – The point is how I can be also a stubborn in wanting to ‘find the way myself’’ and thus in essence this is part of Ego, not wanting to seek for answers out there but wanting to get them myself. So, I saw and realized how easy it is to also be looping around a point without practically seeing the simplicity of not having to go ‘out there’ finding out answers but always bringing it back to self – and within that, within realizing that we are the product of mind patterns that become our experiences that we accept and allow as ‘who we are’ we are able to shortcut the entire thing of ‘finding out why’ and just focusing on writing down the point, applying self forgiveness and moving on as in that, we’ve dissociated ourselves from trying to find ‘the answer’ to it to just then realize it’s a mind-thing, it’s not real anyways, it’s a simple pattern and as such, we are able to stop participating in it and living the correction.


SO I did just that today. This person I spoke about – now that we know it’s not about ‘that person’ but myself, he’s also in the same workshop and before I would have a reaction towards that person – lol I mean he became ‘the point’ that I would react to, that even came out at some point in one of my previous vlogs and I would always leave it ‘lingering around’ trying to find something ‘about him’ that I could just identify as a point that I could be specifically reacting to, within that judging the person and allowing myself to do so because there is a point wherein I allow myself to do so when in ‘self-righteousness’ I allow myself to just create judgments to then create a ‘pattern’ I could react to, lol how fucked up is that, it is all So unnecessary!


Anyways, the application point happened right away actually as I made the vlog I didn’t see that he was still in the house even though the others weren’t here and I mean, I won’t go embittering myself for that so I stopped participating in the reaction and the same at the workshop wherein I exchanged some words with him and that was it – lol. Man! the mind seriously wants to create fucked up situations to keep one re-creating energetic experiences to keep giving it energy so that it can keep its existence in place, that was really it – so unnecessary! And, instead we can use these points to actually get the shit out of ourselves because maybe I would’ve only had to then loop around another similar point in my life and trying to ‘find the ‘whys’ instead of realizing how it is that I am reacting to this person base on a single play-out of  a mind-pattern. Simple.


Breathing, just focusing on getting through our day, doing what’s required to be done – right now I am working on time management pointers as there is quite a LOT of work to do, lol but I like that actually so, beginning of the year and already with several points to cover – it’s the last official semester for me so, that’s also very cool to be facing for once and for all.


That’s it for now, just stopping participation in the mind simplifies everything, really. Test yourself


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