Robbing the Hood

People with LOTS of MONEY live in an alternate reality

They get consumed by the power that they represent as the amount of money they own

They get so possessed by their mowney lust that they simply  want more and more

Like bottomless kegs that require more pills to feel the blood through their veins

which we know is not blood, but the flow of cash that keeps the idea of them ‘alive’

because life is not ‘there’ anyways –


I talked to someone that made me realize MANY things about the system, the actual workings of it as he’s deeply into big businesses and I see how ruthless it is, how fucking ruthless one has to become to make big bucks, that obvious.


There’s no morality when it comes to money – there is no Robbing (the) Hood story that can fool-feel anyone for real at this money-stage in this world.


We have to Stand Equal AS the System, that will imply severe breaking of codes that I had imposed on to myself before – obviously all of it will be based on what’s best for all. I stand for and as a Principle, I allow myself to walk the point, to become that which is required to be done. I allow myself to Stand Equal as this entire system that in time, will have to bend its ways to allow LIFE to be HERE for Everyone Equally distributed through an Equal Money System.


This will require many participants though, all people wanting a Change, a Real Actual Living Change Must be that change, and must be willing to gather and give it all to make this reality an actual Better Place for ALL.




About Marlen

I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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