Resisting and Spiting the System is Futile

There are common sense points explored by people like David Icke, Peter Joseph and Michael Tsarion amongst others – including the deceased Ian Xel Lungold – that are basically exposing parts of the basic schemes of how this reality works, how it is constructed as the world system which draws a lot of attention and followers that are mostly avid for some type of ‘truth’. Though all of them – or any source of information that is dedicated to reveal the ‘truth’ of this reality for that matter – lacks one single and vital point: How to proceed from here on now that one is being informed with all of this data and information to actually take them on within our very own lives to be part of the solution within this system.


Then it becomes quite obvious that people can acquire and develop such common sense points with enough dedication to do some proper research to get to see the patterns that exist in this reality – though, ending up all their lectures/interviews/conferences with ‘airy’ and unsubstantial messages that only leave people with a ‘widely awaken mind’ and with their engine ‘running’ is actually reinforcing  the opposite of being a source for Self Change as this reality  because people – if not given the specifics on how to proceed – are taking on simply the apparent ‘easy ways out’ within the system – you can see the ideas promoted on ‘getting rid of money’, ‘creating self sustainable communities’ which is the ultimate statement of self-interest – we have ‘fighting the system’, ‘resisting the system’, ‘spiting the monetary system’, ‘no longer allowing the authority to rule over yourself’ – etc – all of these rather anarchic thoughts and directions that leave people with potential ways to simply become even more disenfranchised within the system by their own sense of alienation and disregard as perceived victims within the system that leads them to live and create that actual isolation as a way to ‘not participate in further abuse’ which is in fact a rather ignorant statement towards this world and reality.


This is how you get people nowadays being fueled, full and fooled with knowledge and information about what the hell we’ve accepted and allowed to exist within our world without ever actually looking at the practical ways to become part of a living-solution, a living-application that can create a point of difference in our reality, in our daily lives now that we get to be aware of the greater schemes of how everything works.

Resisting, Fighting and Spiting the system are definitely points that simply enhance the sense of ‘powerlessness’ to make a difference int his world as we can actually only resist, fight and spite ourselves as we are the ones that co-create this entire world. 


I had experienced myself this right before stumbling upon Desteni wherein I was filling and fueling myself with all types of conspiracy theories and information that I sought then to have an actual practical way of applying it to not simply end up as yet another ‘informed robot’ now being a prisoner of one’s own awareness on how things work – but having an actual practical way to make a difference in this world starting with ourselves, as individuals. I sought this at all times at the end of several lectures and videos watched in YouTube on these matters, always waiting for some type of ‘answer’, ‘guidance’ or ‘direction’ at the en of them – nothing actually practical and livable was pointed out – thus I was always left with a desire and a ‘requirement’ to ‘know more’ which is then what creates the endless cycles disempowering people from actually taking the points towards ourselves as individuals.


If one does not give proper guidelines of Self Support when exposing this entire reality and existence in such detail and in such extensive ways, having millions of people watching the videos yet leaving them in the ‘hope’ of change happening ‘by itself’ or simply by ‘following a movement’ can become actually detrimental instead of being supportive  to Life in any way.


Just today I’ve had another proof of how people that invest-themselves as a point of acquiring a lot of information – if not given proper self-support guidance and self-direction to live as a solution – can result in one’s own mental instability. This single crucial point makes the entire difference when it comes to the Desteni Material when lived and applied and walked through time to prove ourselves that we can actually become that point of Self-Change within this world. This is the absolutely essential point that is Missed by people ‘spreading the truth’ and leaving people at the ‘on-your-marks, get-set…’ stage wherein some will then simply resort into creating themselves as spiteful rebels towards the system, some will veer towards being ‘revolutionary people’ that go painting hatred words at the parliament with blood as a sign of loathing towards themselves as the system – while having in mind that they are ‘spiting’ the system – with no actual consideration of what’s best for all .

 Some others will simply rely on creating themselves as incapable of functioning within this system as a form of ‘standing against the system’ without realizing that it is in this very act that they are delegating their entire power and responsibility to the system that they ‘despise’ and ‘hate’ when in fact, the spiteful act ends up being only towards ourselves.


I’ve seen/read many cases like that 


Most of the people that comment on Equal Money Videos see it as ‘impossible’ to create a solution within this system beginning with Themselves which in fact already points out that such information that they’ve acquired with regards to how this entire reality works as the world system – information that might be given by one or other sources as the people mentioned in the beginning of this post – is actually now having control over them leading them into further submission, into further self-enslavement and subduing themselves to believe that they are ‘powerless within the system’ and instead simply becoming ‘angry’ and being willing to do whatever it takes to ‘overcome the system’ which mostly leads to rioters and protesters with No actual Self-Direction that considers what’s Best for All Life. Thus in essence, what these sources of information that give no proper self-support guidelines are actually only then ‘loading the guns’, preparing them to shoot yet not really realizing that any actual shot is lethal to one’s own Self-Standing process towards an actual point of Self Responsibility for one’s own creation as this world and as this system which is no one’s ‘work of art’ but our own.


It’s fascinating actually to see these well-informed people ending up with such unsubstantial and flimsy speeches that lead to just regular ‘uplifting messages for the oppressed masses’ with no step by step actual solutions that can be taken by the individuals in their own lives!

This is the critical point that documentaries, interviews and programs dedicated to ‘inform people’ lack in terms of taking actual Self Responsibility for the people that watches/listens to the information, people that is ready to be part of an new world and expects some self support to know how to ‘go from here’ and then simply ending up with ‘solutions’ such as joining a mailing list, attending conferences, following a movement without ever realizing that they themselves must be the actual solution within taking on the very human nature that has created this entire society and world system as we know it.


This is what made Desteni such a unique and priceless may I say contribution to humanity, to the actual Well-Beingness of Man as they did care enough to take the entire responsibility to create Solutions that can be Applied by ALL Human Beings that understand the common sense that’s shared throughout the Material and see how important it is to not give into rage, spitefulness, hatred, rebellion ‘against the system’.

For this, we are provided with the necessary tools to Support Ourselves to get the basic Re-Education required to start creating a change, to start making an actual difference in this world – not subduing individuals to simply follow a solution, but making sure that every one participating is Equally Empowered to Support themselves and within that, Support Each Other within the realization of what it means to be One and Equal within this world as it currently exists as that requirement of Self Responsibility for our own creation as our life, as our personality, as our ego, as our very own participating within the entire system.


Self Forgiveness, Self Honesty, Writing, Breathing are tools that are unconditionally shared and explained and given support in an unconditional manner– that’s the actual walking and understanding of Equality in this world. These are some of the basic points that allowed me to see that being lost in my mind within a potential life-breakdown when realizing all the lies that we’ve lived as and within as this entire world, was completely unnecessary as a mind creation if I was really up for creating a change. And this was  the turning point wherein I saw and realized that I could actually support myself and apply myself to stop trying to get a ‘quick fix’ through further rebellion and instead, being the solution through my own actions, through my own self-investigation to realize the points of Self Responsibility that I had missed all the way.


This Self-Responsibility is what requires to be enhanced, to be explained and to be supported by beings that ‘expose the lies’ in this world – the full task implies taking self responsibility for the information given, to give proper attention and care to each individual that is now ‘waking up’ and getting ready to become an actual self-responsible and self-reliant being in a new system.


So, I suggest to everyone ‘waking up’ from the slumber and wanting to create an actual change to visit Desteni and to realize that this process of Change begins with ourselves, that there are actual ways to Support Ourselves to not be our own knowledge and information prey without actual Re-Education in Equality as the ability to direct ourselves towards an actual Self-Support that’s Best for All Life.





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