Nature of the System and Human Conditioning

Human Nature and talking abut ‘Nature of the System’ is then readily implying that Human Nature as Nature itself is but a system, thus we are dealing with programs that have inherent conditioning as being preprogrammed patterns that simply develop within a certain environment/context  becoming pre-existent symbols that are already existent as the archetypes/symbols configured and existent in the unconscious mind as the totality of this mind-system reality. Within keeping the same structures of power and education the way they are, we are simply keeping the same conditions that enable the enslavement of the human being as that is how the ‘program is configured’. Thus each being as the input within the system is now required to stop participating in such mind-levels of control through stopping the very acceptance and/or recreation of separation through the matters that will be opened up in a rough-manner in this post.


Doing some research upon the previous studies on human nature with regards to art and the processes of human knowledge that influenced artists and their work, I got to find the following postulate appearing in Sandro Bocola’s

Art of Modernism – Art, Culture and Society from Goya to the present day wherein it is stated that “For Theosophists and Anthroposophists, the struggle for survival, the striving for power and wealth, sexuality and narcissism-i.e. the forces that Schopenhauer, Darwin, Marx and Freud see as the basis of the biological, social and individual development of human beings-do pose the root of all evil, but are otherwise ignored.”

Now figure that out – these were observations made by these guys around 100 years ago wherein all of these points were set aside because of them not being founded upon a scientific proof  or any other matter that could prove them as the actual pillars of the entire enslavement and separation in this world.


Here we are nowadays, taking such points, the exact same points as part of this process of  this Self-Honesty Process wherein we go creating solutions to stop such Human Nature that is nicely ‘indexed’ through these 4 pillars that contribute to perpetuate the individual in separation from everyone and everything that is here.


‘Striving for Life’ hence desiring ‘Power and Wealth’ is the basic disadvantage or should I say default handicapped condition that is pre-existent as the functionality and structure of the current system which then creates the ‘evil in this world’ by forcing or ‘pushing’ human beings to commit acts of abuse and harm towards others due to the knowledge-point of there being no other ‘option’ but to obtain the necessary to live even if doing such thing means stealing, robbing, extorting another just to be able to eat – which is then a point that creates the fear of man towards fellow men due to knowing how within extreme necessity, man will do whatever it takes to be able to put food on the table – hence the current situation in this world where these types of ‘forced crime’ are taking placed because of people NOT supporting themselves as individuals first.


Who’s created such rules? We have, thus we take Self Responsibility for it


How? We create the Equal Money System to remove such self limitation points due to the current rules that decided how money is given or not to people. With this, we remove such fear of not surviving or survival-mode that is part of keeping people in control not being able to see beyond their own borders which only then creates borderline schizos trying to ‘make sense’ of this reality as we can see clearly how it is about us now taking the wheel and agreeing on a better way of existing through enabling everyone to have equal basic starting point for further life development as equal money for all as Life Support.


Next points:


Sexuality and Narcissism are the points that affect the individual from the moment that an awareness of individuality is created. The kid starts forming the idea of self through the immediate interlocutors such as parents –later on the next environments are usually nursery schools where they distinguish other kids and teachers – already hierarchy structures are created and accepted as older people= people with authority = parents, teachers. An awareness of being a boy or a girl determines the games that each one play and the type of attitude each gender take. We then begin separating ourselves from such childhood innocence into adapting ourselves more and more as the world system – this is then the point wherein competition, a sense of inferiority, superiority, an apparent requirement to build one’s own ‘personality’ to differentiate ourselves from others becomes part of the ‘education’ in this world that is simply leading to specialization which is solely based on the monetary system as each ‘personality’ will contribute to different areas/sectors of society.

Thus we can see how it is that the entire structure of the system molds and shapes the individual from its conception into the ways of the system with no possibility of realizing there is ‘another way’ which could be only a more self-directive way as we are all in this system and until we do change the entire system in Equality, we are aware we have to walk this system even after knowing the entire deception it represents.


Then we got the ‘fuel’ that keeps the machines running and happy – for some is sex, for some are drugs, for some others would be jumping out of the bungee or whatever creates a further energetic experience that you can feel as an energetic high that we essentially go seeking around throughout our lives due to having identified this experiences as ‘living’ which is in essence the perfect trap as it keeps everyone ‘seeking for experiences’ to ‘feel alive’ and thus working and keeping oneself going in the system because of such ultimate reward that begins with obtaining power as money to have and be what ‘we want’ within the limitations inherent to the entire construct of this world.


When competition is made visible and there are points realized wherein the system places only some people at the top, some below, some really pissed off are then forced to not consider ‘their neighbor as themselves’ but to keep everyone bound to such fears as ‘there not being enough for all’ = scarcity and eventually only promoting further separation as it is then quite obvious how there are those that have and control the gates that may open the door for someone – not all – which implies that in essence everyone’s pushed for self interest no matter how much you decide to care – these are the ‘natural conditionings’ that are simple reflects of how the entire academic system is existing now.


Narcissism is then the word that stands as the ultimate self-interest, that self-indulging attitude of identifying ourselves as a name, as a picture  wanting ‘all the best’ for ourselves only which is one of the building blocks of our own prison that is required to be taken down now. It is within this role that we care about ourselves only, that we go disregarding what exists in this world within its totality that is me, that is you that is everyone else eventually existing under the same rules, rules that must be re-visited, some will be eradicated to actually start living as Equals within this world


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