Being HERE is not being in the ‘Now’

Being HERE doesn’t imply carrying 5GB of our memory cards as our fucked up past that usually influences who we are in our reality thus, being HERE is not defined by ‘who we were ‘ or ‘who we will be’ in the future – hence it’s not about ‘now’ as in a time-definition but about being HERE with the most vital functions to move, direct, eat, shit, breathe and communicate with others in our environment.

These are some of the points opened up in a discussion that  I had as I was arriving for my second shift in workshops today and encountered one of my ‘old friends’ and it turned out that he had been dumped by his gf and was feeling miserable – yes flirting with suicide and all so! I had to speak and point out the obvious of how we create our own fucked-up experience through our thoughts and how unnecessary it is after everything was already ‘done’ – meaning his relationship is gone and done – and he’s still whining about it.

I  shared how I had been able to stand up from being a depressive type of person that would rejoice in creating depressive states and feeling self-pity and just going through my life feeling all tragic and miserable as a victim of this world-  lol while I was sharing this, he recognized how we had gotten to be ‘pals’ because of sharing similar ‘ways of thinking’  and personalities – anyways at least now he was able to laugh to the obvious design of it.

Then continued on to point out how he can only forgive himself for what’s happened, to recognize how he delegated himself into this relationship which then eventually had to end for him to realize the obvious: he has to face himself alone. And thus spoke about the manifested consequences that must be faced in this world and how we can only support ourselves through this,as facing ourselves is inevitable. This came up because he said how he had been seeing him as a complete scum of this Earth after he had ended up this relationship – he also knows suicide isn’t the very last ‘end’ of us so he recognized how that was simply a usual tantrum for him.

So, after what, let’s say 15 to 20 minutes of intense talking about the point he was able to end up laughing about his initial stance as feeling miserable and wanting to die, lol, just because of him being able to step aside from his mind possession for a moment and realize that he is the only one re-creating his own bs patterns of seeking pity and feeling sorry for himself.

He said how he had loathed Milan Kundera for a moment when reading his books to which I replied ‘there you’d have to see what is it about yourself that you see ‘in him’ that you are actually loathing’ so he burst out laughing and said he really can’t stand himself then! lolol so I pointed out how it is simply important to sort our own self-relationship because we’ll be living with us for the rest of our life and who wants to keep existing in such self-deprecating manners? no one.

Then I explained how this type of self support is what we are doing every single day with people around the globe through the internet because we have to study our fellow human beings to understand that we are Not the ‘only ones’ experiencing these type of self created mess which is all unnecessary shit really – ok so, he got the point, now it’s up for him to live it. He ended up giving me a hug and left with a more relieved face – that’s cool though it’s a momentary opening that one must follow up as an actual decision to live or to die in oblivion. So that’s when the actual living decision must be taken by it and that’s how far we can go to ‘support someone’ because we realize we simply can’t ‘do it for them’ either.

I also want to share that the one friend I had lived with before that I ended up ‘parting ways’ when I began my process – this is  probably the ‘only female friend’ I’ve had in this school and she’s taking one of the workshops I’m in as well as she hasn’t accredited this last semester. I  must say it’s quite cool to see how she’s changed over time – more focused on what she wants to do and  now we are able to talk about the projects she’s in with regards to sustainable ways of growing food – the type of vertical agriculture deals – and I simply enjoy being able to have someone that I know a bit more about  in school as this year most of the people are new which is also cool but, you get the point. I had left the entire relationship in quite a ‘sour’ way which is now just left in the past and we are simply here, able to see each other for a while again and talk about practical stuff in terms of school, projects, human nature and all of that. So, this is a cool opportunity to mend the point that I had simply pushed to ‘cut’ without further revision on it. Cool opportunity to simply share and be here without having any past lingering around.

This video I heard today by Sunette

Loss – Hiding Responsibility

is a Must Listen for all – fascinating how I was able to share and apply some of the points today with other people after having listened to it because it is so in your face that we simply have to STOP re-creating our bullshit with people because it’s all so unnecessary!

Ok thanks for reading, now on to one of my school project for tomorrow night!

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