‘Going out in the Streets is your Daily Dose of Violence’

It is quite a deal to live in a city where paranoia and having people walking on the streets, almost only waiting for the next personal attack becomes the people that surround you as ‘your society’.

Someone told me today that she knows ‘going out to the street’ implies getting her daily dose of violence – and this sentence particularly shook me as I can see that is the reality we’re living in.


This came out after a series of mini-interviews we were doing to people arriving to the workshop this afternoon while I was printing. Each person that started coming in, we’d ask them about them having been recently robbed or hit or experienced any type of violence – everyone did, around the school or in the way to school and some even described real violent events like one of the robbers hitting a girl with the gun on the head several times just because she didn’t have a cellphone they could steal from her – yes WTF is indeed the reaction as I had never heard of such a thing. She went to the doctor, she’s got cracks on her skull now. Need I say more?


Others were ‘stabbed’ with sharp metal points in an attempt to rob them a camera which this guy who is also going to my school, didn’t want to let go of because he had borrowed it from another friend. Some others told me how the robbers were clearly drunk and or high on drugs when robbing and hitting them. It’s quite “normal” here for people to get on the bus and get robbed by passengers that simply climb on the bus and hijack it for the while they are stealing everything they can. Turns out the robbers know which bus comes to my school and they know people are carrying laptops and iphones and ipods to school so, it’s like xmess day for them.

The same happens on the early morning bus and the late night last bus that takes off from school. It was really shocking that every single person arriving to the workshop had a fairly recent experience with being robbed and even having enough stories to tell about people they know that also go to school about having experienced any form of robbery or assault or violence – some others said how they were already creating the necessary posters and images to put on walls to be warn people to be careful and also to denounce the perpetrators with the school’s lawyer – which most people don’t do.


So, this is still ‘shocking’ as I have lived here for about 4 years – with a break of one  year – but I’ve always lived quite close to school so I haven’t had the daily chore of crossing the entire city to come to school as many do, spending around 2 hours to come here everyday – add 2 more to go back – and then having to experience such violence and potential harm just about everywhere they move. I mean, that’s clearly NOT living at all. I cannot still believe how people handle this and we all know it’s simply out of necessity.

On the proposed solutions: denouncing the robbers can only result in having a policeman riding in the bus every single day or something = not an actual solution at all.


We definitely know that the solution resides in an overall monetary reform – we cannot allow these atrocities to be perpetuated for the rest of our life. This one life –and all lives that are necessary – I am committing myself to bring about an actual change, we will not stop till Life is FREE.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be caught in fear when listening to all these stories instead of realizing that nothing will change or prevent a thing by me existing in fear.

We are facing the consequences of what we’ve created and this certainly implies that we’ll all experience to a certain extent the horror movie show that we’ve created – nothing pretty at all and this extension of violence comes from ourselves only, it’s simply the externalization of the mind that’s occurring as this world is the exact replica of our inner mind demons that are running wild now for us to simply face them, see the harm that we’re able to impose on to another and thus simply STOP – as we realize it is unacceptable to say the least to have people living this way everyday and what’s even worse! Believing there is no other way and simply accepting and ‘giving into’ this world in a way.

This is but one grain of salt in the sea – the extent of violence that’s occurring in this country is extensive – the news on our major newspapers are filled with assassinations, murders, kidnappings, drug cartels fighting each other, protests, poverty, corruption, all over the place and this is no different to any other place in the world – only the events are hitting nearby which simply creates a flag point as this is stuff happening in the very school I study in, around the very area I live in.

THere have also been major robberies to internet cafes around here and I mean, three to four houses from here – about a month ago I reported on my other blog about a man being stabbed by his own brother due to being on a fight against each other where the mother had to be the one pronounced his one son guilty of having killed her other son. And that simply was on the parallel alley that follows this one where I live.

So, it’s kind of heavy to say the least but I realize I simply take the necessary precaution and don’t expose myself unnecessarily.

Now in my mind it’s like ‘Why do I share this’? It obviously made an impact on me and stirred fears around this though for now the world will go ballistic until we are able to settle an actual solution and that can only come through Equal money for all to stop having people just committing crimes to have easy money to live. For that, we require money – for that, we require to create a political party to implement it through democratic means and thus, we are here to say that if we are making money the solution, we’ll require lots of money to establish ourselves in the system, to be heard, to create enough awareness of a solution that many would deem crazy or disregard completely.

Join the Desteni I Process  because it is only through an actual monetary contribution wherein we go educating ourselves that we can create an actual point of SUPPORT FOR ALL in this world, starting with Supporting Ourselves financially so that we can dedicate ourselves, our entire lives to bring about a real-actual living practical solution that’s best for all.

I say No More to Violence, I stop Violence within myself, I stop any form of abuse towards myself and within this make sure vile-ends only come to abuse itself.


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