Self-Enslavement as Money and the Mind


Slave Labor in this world is actually not a new thing, nor is it the fact that we’ve become so used to the following thought pattern: ‘If I don’t have any money, I cannot survive in this world’ – though we often overlook the single acceptance that goes BEFORE getting to the stage of actual enslavement. There is one single point that we disregard and that is: Ourselves as Life as everything that exists HERE.

The single acceptance of being able to PAY for someone – literally BUYING another human being is the single thought that is existent in a human’s mind and has been accepted and allowed to the extent that it has continued throughout human history, regardless of the so-called ‘Evolution’ which we definitely can see is plain bullshit.

What have we ‘missed’ all the way? It is Ourselves – it is the single aspect of being one single collective as part of the whole, divided into billions that exist essentially as self-hatred, self-abuse, fear, competition and all types of Mental-delusions that keep us bound to the mind-reality that prevents any form of realization upon who we are as this world, as this entire BEING that is this Earth, the animals, plants, the elements that are HERE and that are equally existent as our own physical body.

Now HOW does this relate to Slavery? It’s because of the single acceptance upon the value and worth we’ve placed on to Money as something MORE than ourselves with which we can literally ‘get access to’ anything – buying kids to do cheap work, buying women to build clothes for few pennies, buy teenagers to marry men, buy women to become prostitutes, buy pornography to get your own pleasure without having to deal with a real human being – buying alcohol, buying drugs, buying articles that will ‘make you feel better’ –

BUYING BUYING BUYING and within that list, if you’ve realized by now, we’ve equated a human to a product, an asset that can be bought for two months worth of my monthly rent to perform any task I would consider pertinent. That single ‘phrasing’ – me writing it here at the moment – is the most awkward and vile thing that I could think of at the moment YET this exists in this world, in this same planet while we delude ourselves in giving away ‘Chocolate’ on valentine’s day without ever ever questioning HOW did this chocolate get here – where did it have to go, how was it created, what’s behind this single bar of chocolate. And man, this is only but a single POINT around chocolate.

Imagine how everything we eat, wear, drink, use and destroy has had slave labor behind – and you might go ‘no no no no’ but it is a definitive YES it is, because such enslaving contracts have been created along with the existence of money as the way to separate ourselves from this reality which then implies that our tacit agreement to be implicit in the very transaction of each and every single child that is sold and bought in this world as it is made due /because and through money itself.

This is what we’ve become equal to, this is what we’re currently Equal As – Abuse, self abuse in all ways possible which we’ll have to take on step by step. And I am definitely glad to say that I would’ve never seen myself speaking about this as I was far deluded into my own irreality of this world and seeking ways to get my ass -ended to the ‘heavens’ to not face my self delusion.

When being HERE as the physical, realizing I am here as my body, I see the disregard that I had placed for such a long time upon it and how I had lived completely enslaved my my own desires to keep ‘feeling’ and ‘being emotional’ as that’s what drove my life before  – literally. And within this we can see how we’ve enslaved ourselves, our own bodies to the functioning of a mind wherein we eventually become single powering machines for a preprogrammed machines that’s shaped and molded according to ‘who we believed ourselves to be’ while simply keeping ourselves in a state of extreme limitation.

Once we get to a point wherein we realize that self direction needs to take place, we’ll see how it is about us creating ourselves beyond having to feel, to become emotional, to over think and engage in useless mind traps that would keep us very entertained before.

What we’ve placed value throughout our lives has been entire separate from ourselves, from who we are in every breath and every moment we are simply here. Sometimes we over-charge it/ over-load it with ‘meaning’ that is only created as the mind.

I’ve learned how to not overcomplicate my life definitely – I am still walking the point in terms of not worrying about Money as that is a primary point existent in our minds as the constant ‘break’ that limits us and our reality – though I can say I am definitely here to work and become the necessary point in this reality to create and implement this change.

We’ve said: whatever it takes – and this implies eradicating any point of Enslavement that I’ve imposed upon myself that stands as any form of limitation that is existent as a single self-belief that I then give ‘value’ to which is like giving ‘life’-away to animate a paper bag as it is not of real substance as myself, but a single creation in my mind that won’t stand the test of time as it is not ‘who I am here’ as myself, as the physical and that, we’re here walking and testing/ applying to simply become human beings in the sense of physicality and not human beings as the plethora of worries, anxieties, fears, judgments, prejudices, limitations, associations that is everything and all that the mind consists of.

This is the entire ball game that’s we’ve created as ourselves and thus the importance of reviewing it at the individual level first, to see where and how we’ve enslaved ourselves in our minds and how we then have to stand up from this self-created position to then support to take on awareness and eventual actions upon the slavery that is existent as the entire valuing system that we’ve then placed as the current money system from which all forms of abuse is created by the use we’ve given to money as a means of power instead of it simply being a tool for all to be supported as Life with Life for Life.

Go to the Desteni I Process to investigate more about HOW you can walk this process in an assisted manner to become more effective in your self application within this process as well as creating the ability of you to support others and earning an income form it as well.


Thanks for reading.


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