Sharing Desteni–Three stages of self through others

I’ve had conversations with people from different ages and backgrounds with regards to life and ways to act in the best interest of all. It’s fascinating to be able to speak face to face to people that could easily be your regular YouTube user commenting on a video arguing on why speaking about light and love is relevant – or how Equality sounds’ utopic’ and non-doable from the current system perspective.

I enjoyed placing myself in these conversations wherein one was one guy around my age or younger who asked about a drawing I was making in my lithography workshop and so we started discussing about what I was representing there as having life on the one side and having the entire mental turmoil that exists in this reality as the construction of space and time wherein we enclose ourselves the moment that we see ‘no way out’ from a certain turmoil. And so, he started talking about polarity and some books from ‘universal laws’ like the kybalion and stuff like that – lol so I realized ‘where he was coming from’, people have particular lingo when it comes to these type of ‘scenes’ like new age and enlightenment. So I started having a discussion with him about the points wherein I ended up saying that if he was really looking at doing what’s best for all, he’d start with himself quitting alcohol due to realizing the amount of abuse and harm alcohol does on to peopl – that is because he had alcoholic breath when speaking to me.

For a moment he simply stepped aside and then he returned asking ‘how do you do it then? what do you practically do to create a change in this world? And so, I shared about what we are doing at Desteni, I shared about the forums wherein we support ourselves and others to walk the process because we realize that change will only come at an individual level, and thus he’d have to start with himself in taking on his own life through this eye of the needle wherein we start becoming self responsible being that stand within the terms of Life and Living which implies Equality, Self Honesty and common sense through writing and applying Self Forgiveness. IT took a while for him to understand what all of this meant – and he probably didn’t get it all – but he took the practical point of writing for himself to start seeing himself as what he’s accepted and allowed himself to be and become. He had shared in the beginning of our conversation how he enjoyed when people would raise questions within himself instead of posing answers – and by the time our conversation came to an end, he said how our conversation had raised some questions within him, meaning he’ll look further into it – he smiled and went away.

The other person was an old friend of mine from school – very much into liberalism and protesting against the system, often trying to run away from it. He came to visit to my house and we had this talk about what we are doing at Desteni, the  Equal Money System proposal and how we’re practically walking it through the Desteni I Process. He was quite flabbergasted really as he saw how there is an actual structure to what we do and how we’ve already walked the practical points of seeing how life in a group is possible when working for a single outcome – that is what we’ve done at the farm and that is the experience that certainly changes our lives the moment we realize IT IS Possible to work together and live together once egos are placed outside of the equation. I realized how this certainty, this current system we’re walking through as the Desteni I Process is in fact the foundation of the Equal Money System – we’re all supporting each other for one single outcome and that’s in essence how we as humanity have to establish within this world.

So, he ‘like’ what he understood yet, the same pattern repeats wherein a person will simply say ‘cool you’re into that’ but won’t see themselves as capable or able of doing it as well – seeing it as ‘outside of themselves’ yet! we know the main factor is having to leave the entire idea of self aside to be able to see what we’re seeing and walk what we’re walking. And that’s when the cookie crumbles because he’s seen himself as definitely ‘unstable’, unable to sort out his inner conflicts that are affecting his studies and other areas in his life so, it’s ‘funny’ because he was one of the first people I talked about Desteni with, talked and explained self forgiveness yet he never really wanted to hear – instead holding on to weed and blaming the system became ‘his way of being’ just drifting like a feather in the wind with no self-direction. Thus, I placed such points in his face and he recognized how ‘off’ he’d been from taking self responsibility in fact – and this is then how people in this world are usually existing: blaming outside of themselves, looking at everyone else but self first to see where self is not taking self responsibility and actually becoming part of the solution that they ask or question others about.  He ended up saying how every time we speak, he goes with a ‘clearer head’ yet, it mostly goes the same way from time to time: people hear, people listen and understand – but the real deal which is the practical application of it is seldom taken on in real actions.

Third person is my lithography teacher. It’s quite interesting as he’s mentioned how I am a ‘very serious person’ and that I should relax more and joke around – I laughed because I usually do but I did notice how I take a certain stance with regards to teachers due to still holding an idea of them as ‘authority’ and ‘elders’ and all of that. So, the other day on friday we were having ice cream at our workshop and I sat next to him which opened up a chat with regards to living in a group as I had told him several times about South Africa and the farm and the principles we live by and my shaved head – which he doesn’t stop being curious about – and so, he shared how when he was a teenager, he was really lazy, he didn’t want to do the dishes or commit himself to do the very basic work that each human beings’ life entail as housework and support – I found it cool he was able to open the point just as anyone else would do at let’s say, the forums – lol – so I listened and shared how I had been quite similar. Really slacking off, not wanting to do dishes, make my bed or keep my clothes in place – I had others ‘doing it for me’ until I realized I had to take self responsibility otherwise my shit would simply pile up with no direction by itself at all – lol. He shared how now he’s changed and in fact, he’s quite meticulous in his work – we both agree on how working with technical stuff has supported ourselves to have some order and practical arrangement of things to make it ‘workable’. 

He then complained about having a friend that doesn’t do anything when he’s staying at his house, meaning he doesn’t offer himself to clean up, wash the dishes or do any basic stuff when staying at someone’s house – so I said that If he was really up for supporting that being not only because of him doing the stuff at his house but anywhere else, he’d then open up the point for his own sake – yet he said he wouldn’t do it as ‘there are more important things than pointing that out’ – but we know and realize that’s actually due to placing worth/value upon a ‘friendship’ and the entire sentimental bs instead of realizing that we can actually support someone by pointing out stuff in them that will simply make their life and living-conditions such as habits and practices the best for all way, meaning, encouraging them to become self responsible being. IF that doesn’t happen, then we know that we are accepting and allowing another being to be parasitic in nature, to not do things for themselves and continue existing in such irresponsible way not only in ‘our house’ but everywhere else he steps in this world.

So I let him know about that and he didn’t say anything else – it seems like ‘unbelievable’ to him about the fact that people are able to live without egos wanting to ‘step up’ or do shit onto another, I shared how amazing that was when living at the farm because of each one being self responsible for the inner shit experienced and taking through a process of self forgiveness. He sees himself as too old to change now, but is glad that we are taking on this point at the moment.

We can see how we got people seeing ‘cool points’ we’re walking and applying as a group yet still opting themselves out from being part of the solution. This is the point that must change: it is only through our own participation, through our own decision to live by what’s best for all that we can actually stand up from our own limitations.

I saw myself in all of them, different ways and different stages of my life: the light worker/ truth seeker, the rebel weed smoker and anti-capitalist wanting to run away from the system, and the lazy person that does not want to care about anything or anyone else but myself – I’ve been all of them and I’ve stood up from all of that – I am still requiring to move effectively within all the tasks I must do, I reckon that – but the will is here nonetheless and I encourage anyone to share their experiences with whomever is able to keep a conversation to learn some stuff about Life and living in Equality.

I certainly enjoyed these conversations, I often had the thoughts of ‘Oh I could be doing something else than talking to these people’ yet, it is also participating in our reality that we can go placing seeds that might open up tomorrow. So, I stop the judgment towards the idea of ‘wasting time’ specifically when it comes to talking and sharing with beings in real life.

I definitely recommend and suggest that we talk with as much people we can, any form of limitation will then indicate to us that we’re holding a form of separation towards another – just now as I write I saw people in my mind that I still see resistances towards in my real-world/ reality so, will work upon that

Thanks for reading, let’s share ourselves so that we can go ‘passing the voice on’ to others as soon as those people ‘get it’ and when they get it.

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