Living with Humans that Neglect Life requires Us to Stand Up for it

Living in this world implies living with fellow beings – there are human beings that we consider family, friends or colleagues in school, work or within any other general and social interaction. The way that I misconceived walking this process initially was to cut the ties to everyone in my world which I did, only to eventually realize that I was actually separating myself and taking an easy road out to not have to face those relationships as myself any longer. Within that, it became clear after some time how I would have to be walking this process as myself, as an individual yet having to live amongst people that would not be necessarily aware of the process I’m walking.


Initially I wanted to share the process with everyone, I wanted everyone to understand what I understood and see what I saw because I saw the common sense of it, it seems like the next step to immediately take on is sharing about Desteni and our process right away with as many people as we can. Though, we’ve proven this far how that is not exactly how it works due to how this process is actually a point that we direct ourselves to live and stand by, it’s not something ‘easy’ to grasp as it’s never actually existed before in this world and thus, most people that do not take the necessary time to investigate, will opt out of actually watching and applying the material which then creates misconceptions about what Desteni stands for, what Equality implies and what Self Honesty actually means as a living process.


Therefore, many of us have undergone the process of having to explain ourselves to our family, our friends and any other person that we interact with in our world. It is interesting to see how the reactions are varied according to the extent of fear and mis-information that the person may have about it – though what I’ve seen is how it is all about sharing ourselves as our experiences and a process walked which then becomes simply a sharing point instead of a desire to ‘prove’ something to people that may ask/ ponder what this process is about.


Now, there are cases wherein there’s a clear separation created at a family level. Parents fear their children from doing that which they perceive is ‘wrong/ bad/ not good/ not getting enough money to live’ which eventually creates a rift because of not actually understanding or not even daring to apply the stuff for themselves. Why? Mostly because people hold their ego dearly and by this we mean the entire self definition according to ‘who one is’ within the context of this world.


This is one of the points that causes that perceived separation because people are not actually understanding, seeing or applying themselves to live in common sense, to see and understand Equality because it’s something that’s never been existent, that’s linked to totalitarian regimes by an entire propagandistic machinery which is obviously based upon money. All of this knowledge and information running around the single term Equality can get people fearing upon their family members, their son or their daughter that’s now realizing that Equality is the way to go for this world.


What is that single fear stating? That they themselves are not willing to do what’s best for all, that they are not willing to dedicate their lives for the well being of fellow beings in this world and that they are not willing to give up their ego. Simple.

Now form this is obviously not to be taken personal, not to create a quarrel about – it’s just that the person has made up their mind about their stance towards this world and  it’s simple: whoever neglects to see Equality as Life as the way to go in this world will simply not be part of it – there is no other way around it and each one has an opportunity to see – though each one is responsible for not seeing or deliberately attacking that which is best for all.


Any attack upon Equality as Life is the same as attacking your very own existence – most people fail to see this and it’s gotten to be quite a point of concern with regards to the extent of brainwashing and automation that exists in this world wherein people fail to see that they are biting themselves whenever they are denying, neglecting or even ridiculing Equality and what we stand for.


How far will humanity have to go to realize this? No one that claims love yet denies and criticizes Equality can be considered an actual Lover, no Parent that obstructs their child from being an actual carer of Life can consider themselves as a ‘caring parent’ and no teacher that tampers the ability of the student to work in common sense instead of logic can have any form of respect within their profession. This world must create a sense of self respect wherein the old ways of looking at life and the world must be shed off in order to create the new.


Parents, family members, general work mates and people around may or may not understand what we stand for, though a point to have clear within ourselves is that this process is a Self-Realization process: No one can do it for you, you can’t do it for another, you cannot save another and another cannot save yourself. We have to do it by ourselves alone yet walking as equals with every single being that is willing to Stand up for Life.


In this, we’re certainly Not Alone and in this we certainly dedicate ourselves to support ourselves and others to realize our Equality, to not allow ourselves be diminished by anything or anyone outside of ourselves by having our stance clear and determined to one single outcome: Equality as Life as what’s best for All to live in dignity.


We are the Future, we are the ones opening the way and paving the road for the kids to come – we won’t allow further tampering of our duty in this world as what we stand, stands with the entirety of this world.


So – this is a clear statement of Life: Any being that denies, neglects and attacks Equality as Life doesn’t deserve to Live as who they are is being self-neglected and self-rejected which is the decision that each one takes and each one walks till the end.


Within this there are no middle ways. We stand clear: We Stand up for Life and we won’t allow our message to be deluded and slandered by human beings that fail to recognize they are it as well. We Stand up for Life and if Life is too merciful in continuing giving life to the hatred that’s spewed, to the disregards that’s poured into words and actions upon others in this world, we are the ones that make sure none of this is set aside and overlooked.


This is a directive principle, this is not a war. This is what it is as an irrevocable declaration of how we stand and what we stand for.


Life in Equality for All till it’s done.


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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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