Desteni America Meeting– Being HERE with fellow Destonians

Meeting again the people that I had lived with for a year and getting to know others that I’ve known for over years at the forums now was quite a cool opportunity. These people are not just regular folks that I encountered through the internet, these are passionate people about Life in Equality.


January 16th marked the Meeting in Houston at the ‘Destonian heardquarters.’  Seeing K at the airport was like seeing a sister, a sister that I am actually completely glad to see again and it was quite funny how some women in the train between airport terminals thought we were twins or something like that, lol – from the moment we got there we got a bunch of questions asked with regards to us being bald heads and I realized that it wasn’t me just walking around as a bald head anymore from these days on, but that I had bald-company walking along as well, lol so cool to experience this again.

So we met with Wei Wu, Lindsay and Joe and the overall point of meeting up with people that would be ‘new’ to my physical reality was really HERE  and this is all because of knowing these people for quite some time already through Desteni, through our participation in the forums and sharing ourselves which is what has allowed us to get to know each other even if the physical factor wasn’t there at all.


It was interesting how while we were driving to the house, I got to know more about Wei Wu and what he’s studying, I got to know and realize that he doesn’t always understand the jokes that we tend to bring up as a form of communication. I then realized how it is that culture is a huge barrier beginning with language and then its inner-workings such as jokes that have a definitive cultural background to it. This point would then come up in other occasions wherein I’d have to explained that words weren’t used literal but figuratively speaking which allowed me to see that there is much in my interaction with others that is permeated by these type of double-talks that can’t be taken that literal and require specific background. This is yet another point of separation that we’ve existed as from the moment we have different languages and different education which is then clearly a condition to our self-expression.


The entire weekend was very cool, to me it was like experiencing a bit of what the Farm is like in terms of living with several beings though this was a much reduced space and even within that, we managed to live through the days without any problem. This is a fascinating point to look at in terms of seeing how it is that when we stand as principle, we can simply create that point of comfort around each other as we know ourselves, we see our own application through our process and thus meeting each other is simply an expansion in the physical of what goes on through the internet.


It was very cool being able to be heard when LOLling in chat or being able to share our coffee time and the multiple delicious meals that we got while being there. This is certainly the type of ‘family reunions’ that everyone actually wants to go by one’s own will, it is the type of reunions wherein we got to see how we actually are around others in real life which then determine how it is that we’ve expanded ourselves through walking this process.


I enjoyed everyone and everything – certainly it was HOT as HELL and I had to once again walk through all the discomforts that such point brings. Lol from going altogether to the grocery store and having people asking about our heads and being able to ‘hang out’ with Destonians is the coolest thing as you’ll know that these are people that are and have committed themselves to stand up for Life, they are people that one can relate to because they understand what we’re walking and facing as ourselves – These are meetings where no alcohol, drugs or any other type of social lubricant is necessary to communicate and open up, we are simply ‘here’ sharing and enjoying ourselves. I had a great time there with everyone and it is very cool and refreshing to have these opportunities to meet and chat and get to go outside for a walk with people that see the same as you do, that apply the same self-support tools as you do.


I am grateful for being part of this group and getting to meet all these guys around the world that are willing themselves to walk this process in Equality.


I stood there for one week with the Houston guys with whom I had previously lived with at the farm.  It was simply cool to be able to communicate in the physical again, share, enjoy ourselves while realizing that I got to meet these people not out of any social convenient relationship, I got to meet all of these guys through a self-support group that stands up for Life. We are all just a bunch of self-willed living humans that are able to live and enjoy, share and care for all in Equality.


This meeting was supportive to discuss points that we’ve walked through our process as a group and also seeing how it is possible to enjoy ourselves and share without any hesitation once the basic barriers are cleared up as part of walking our process.


I am grateful for having had the ability to go there and I enjoyed myself tremendously.

This is the people I stand one and equal with – this is who we are and from here, the rest of the world comes till all is equal and one.


Thank you All who attended and those who didn’t, we’ll certainly have more times to come in the future.






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