Self Will: If I don’t move … Nothing Moves

Self Will is something that I’ve been looking at for the past week.

From the system’s perspective, Will stands as a point of expression in the future or the ability to express in relation to desires, needs, behavior etc. – all of that is actually the will of the mind that exists as all those desires, wants and the simple form of being‘willing’ to do something which entails a point of compromise/ commitment.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define the word ‘will’ in relation to compromising myself which is a word in itself that I have placed as something to ‘fear’

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ‘fear committing myself/ compromising’ because of the idea of losing a perceived ‘freedom’ when compromising and committing myself to something.
See, Self Righteousness stands as the ego of the mind wherein we are wanting to have the ‘free-will’ to do something – that is in relation to this ability to express ‘whatever we want to be/ become’ according to a perceived ability to actually ‘choose’ in the first place. Lol we can see how it is in essence one of the pillars that keeps this entire ego-trip in place wherein ‘One’s Will’ is apparently immovable and unstoppable and infallible – this is how we as the mind make sure that we keep our feet on the ground of our personality and sake of individualism.

This point of Self Righteousness stands on the way of what’s best for all because it’s simple, what’s best for all is not looked at when making decisions, when acting or speaking – that’s how we usually walk in this world as Self Righteous beings following our own ‘nature’ as our own self-created religion of ‘who we are’ as the Mind construction.

Hence, what does SELF Will entail? When we understand that willing yourself is not something that must come out as an energetic movement done for the sake of something/someone out there or for achieving ‘something’ or ‘becoming more’, we are then faced with that Will which stands devoid of any exterior motivations to be expressed.

So, let’s recap: Will as it’s currently understood in the system stands as a point of energetic-movement to achieve, complete, satisfy, express towards something and someone based on a starting point of separation as it is not an actual self-movement but created as an obligation, sounds like something could be forced within that – So within this process of walking the words as ourselves, living the words I’ve realized and literally had to bring that point of Self Will as an actual living.

Whenever we see ourselves being motivated by an exterior point, we can simply use it as a temporary bridge to motivate ourselves, to push ourselves for the first time to do something. I can see this is how I began this process – still having ideas of becoming ‘better’ or ‘more’ in the sense of being more ‘alive’ or possibly obtaining ‘something’ out of it – yet at this stage, I have placed myself to stop any idea or exterior motivation to do things, to move, to express – what happened? I created a point of stagnation lol because it’s obvious that If I don’t move, Nothing moves.

So getting back to the point of Self Will – Self is Here as we are Here as all as one and equal – this is now talking from the perspective of realizing who we really are and then walking the point to live that as ourselves WITHIN this reality which is the ‘tricky’ point so to speak and I’ll explain why.

If I see that all that I had willed myself to do came from a separate point of who I really am here, and was ultimately motivated by all types of needs or desires and even dreams of being/ becoming something, I have to then stop acting and participating on such energetic-movements as what I had perceived ‘my will’ to be and bring it back to Self.

Self is Here as everything and all that exists Here – Self is what we can call Life – what is actually Here beyond all these pictures and reality that we are currently living as, it’s the all-existence of ourselves, the totality of ourselves, that which exists beyond what my frame-of-mind could perceive and define myself to be – it’s something ‘unknown’ as it cannot be diminished to knowledge, man! that would be great arrogance – So, Life is Here. I am Here – What is Self Will

Self Will stands as the Expression of Life itself – The Will of Self is the Will of Expressing Life

Now, I was in quite a state of hereness when realizing this – it sounds ‘profound’ yet we have to place it into the context of practical living reality.

Life is currently not being expressed, Life is not being even considered as ‘who we really are’ – it’s as a simple fuckup as that, it’s definitely daunting that we’ve never actually considered ourselves as Life before – but anyways, we’re here and we continue walking what’s here. So, the current process that we’re walking is to actually live and express as Life – that also sounds cool but getting to actually live it entails the walking of this process with all the ways of looking for ourselves how it is that we can practically LIVE and begin actually Living in this world which would be supporting ourselves and everything that is here equally as Self as Life.

Therefore, Self Will as Life as the process I am walking means me actually stopping being sedated and suppressed as Life by the mind and all mind-possessions I’ve accepted and allowed myself to become to actually in-fact stand here as the Expression of Life which is the Will of Self as Life –

In the most simple terms this would mean at this stage realizing that breathing is the point that indicates and reassure We Are Here, we are Breathing, we are Alive yet we are not Living which would be the actual living-expressing in Equality as who we really are.

Hence we HAVE TO deliberately become that Self Will of Life as that which is best for all at a physical-tangible living reality. See, this is the deception many ‘masters’ got caught in, believing that only because they had understood themselves as being ‘One’ and believing in Oneness it was all that was required – nope, we see that, we realize that as it is quite obvious that we’re all here and that we’ve always been here no matter what form or way – though, we see that the world is currently dysfunctional due to the series of acceptances and allowances that we’ve created which are broadly explained in detail throughout the Desteni Material. This is how and why reading and applying the tools become the process of actually learning how to stand as Self-Will, as this is the very first time in our reality that we have the opportunity to stand up for that which we’ve missed all the way as ourselves: Life in Equality HERE at all levels.

Standing up as Life as Self is the fullest potential I/Self as one and Equal can be


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