Freedom: Free from Doom

There is a saying around Desteni  ‘None is Free till ALL is Free’ – from this perspective freedom can only come in Equality as Life which is something that we’ve never ever lived and/or experienced and is what we are currently walking here as a process of humanity in this world wherein we’ve certainly miss-used this concept for the sake of domination and subduing life for the creation of ‘power’ as a quality of ‘freedom’ – fucked up to say the least and we don’t require indulging in this, just check out your history books, you’ll get heaps there.


There is no free will where preprogramming exists – that’s part of the basic understanding of the Desteni message.


There is no freedom where money is the one that determines whether a being lives or dies


There is no ‘free choice’ where your choices are actually limited and systematic.

– this is just like algorithms perfectly equated with different outputs according to the input.


At the moment we can only consider having the ability to choose on the blue and red pill: do you want to continue living as a preprogrammed robot dreaming of ‘being free’ or do we actually stand as individuals that make sure we create a world wherein people have have a relative sense of not being bound to systems such as the monetary system to continue existing?


See how freedom entails the word ‘free’ which can only exist in a world wherein we’ve placed value/worth in separation of ourselves within the construct of ‘paying’, ‘valuing’, ‘pricing’ and ‘having stuff for free’ which is what rings every human beings’ ears – yet, the Earth doesn’t ‘charges us’ for what’s here, it’s all in our minds. So if separation comes as a mind construct, we deconstruct ourselves into realizing ourselves as everything that’s here in Equality and only then create a way to make sure everyone gets the ability to live here without ever having to strive to survive – yet realizing that work must be done and so we all co-operate to sustain our own well-being. As simple as that – yet… man! people can really over complicate themselves – or play ‘deaf’ – in terms of grasping this.
Understanding the Equal Money System can open up these perspectives further in terms of how it is that freedom is but an ideal/concept mostly implanted to keep people enslaving themselves a way to a system that promotes/promises ‘freedom’ at the cost of enslavement to ‘achieve’ such “freedom”. Yes, ludicrous and non-sense.
So – here we make sure we don’t enhance pipe dreams of ‘freedom’ but instead live the ability to be self directive in common sense which is the actual physical proximity to an ever elusive concept such as ‘freedom’.

We created our own ‘doom’ in the first place so free-doom entails getting ourselves into being self-responsible about our creation –

Realizing who and what we are in this world can only reveal to us how we can use what’s here and how we can direct ourselves to have an optimum living reality that supports everyone equally.


As simple and cool as that – we begin with ourselves.



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