The ‘Loathing Politics’ Experience

This is part of what I’ve realized in terms of seeing the current world events with the so-called ‘revolutions’ and all the springs that are simply getting loose with no direction, no sense of actual Self-Realization or consideration of what’s best for all.

These movements are demanding democracy, foolishly ‘asking for it’ instead of developing ways and educating themselves to learn How to Create such actual democracy – I must say it is very naïve to pretend that the change will come from those in power – it simply won’t as we’ve proven to ourselves that greed overcomes any other force that may attempt to override it. Equality doesn’t override, it simply dismantles the lies and brings common sense to this world.

I’ve been in the shoes of being a silent protester, being secretly angry at the world yet diverting it into various different directions wherein I made sure I could deviate my focus and attention from realizing that I could not continue blaming and pointing fingers at the ‘authorities’ and people in power. It was always ‘there’ at the back of my head yet never fully embraced due to realizing that knowing/understanding implies Self Responsibility.

Embracing such responsibility has been part of my process of Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness since I began walking along with everyone at Desteni. It began with simple points such as watching videos that would engage me into seeing the world again yet this time as an educational process wherein the development of common sense took place.  Through this single process, it became inevitable to not debunk and literally dismantle the entire personality that stood as a ‘reactionary’ into a process of being the action that stands in self-directive principle and not simply ‘react against’ the current powers in place. I understood I had to stop being blindfolded and deaf to the matters of this world.

So the entire ‘I loathe politics’ experience began once upon a time…

As I was growing up, it was probably ten years ago that I began being interested in knowing about the world, I was intrigued by what wall street was and what the financial markets ‘meant’ within this world system. There is no education given on this point on your regular education at school. I must say I was very lucky to have a great teacher in junior and high school that knew how to teach history not in the way of learning the useless data as dates and names, but as an actual way of seeing the context of events and how these triggered major changes wherein everything and all was linked to monetary interests behind. He literally explained us about the select groups holding the power in this world and how all royals and people in governments were like ‘one big family’ covering each other’s ass.

10 years ago I wanted to be a financial advisor, yet discouraged myself from thinking that ‘math isn’t my thing’ and also judged my desire to make loads of money out of it, so desisted from such idea.

That was around high school wherein I got to be interested in these type of processes and committed myself to continue being ‘informed’ yet I stepped out of such waters when I started getting overwhelmed by how extensive it all seemed, how ‘untouchable’ everything related to power-management seemed.


Instead, I went into my personal experiences wherein while seeing and realizing the ‘scum of the world we live in’ I literally retracted myself from that, I started to stop watching the news and caring about what was going on in the world. Less and less news, more and more books that gave a sense of ‘false freedom’, I resorted into cult.ivating my own interests which were to a certain extent my choice of abdicating my then awareness of what was going on in this world. In this sense of ‘powerlessness’ I allowed myself to simply say ‘fuck it, there’s nothing I can do to change this world’ and thus, justified my self-resorting into art, music, personal affairs that included the addiction to weed for the sake of pretending that ‘everything is fine’, it was my way of ‘spiting the system back’, I wanted to simply say ‘fuck you all!’ without ever actually realizing that the only abuse was being inflicted upon myself.  Curious thing is that I didn’t see this process back then for what it was.

So from being interested in economy and world affairs, went into my ‘artistic realm’ wherein only ‘I’ existed along with my desires, wishes, obsessions and delusions of seeking a way out of the system.

This is the context of the ‘I loathe politics’ experience – this was my favorite sentence whenever I saw any type of event or news that I simply couldn’t ‘bare’ such as the corruption on our government system here in México and the inefficiency of the institutions that were supposed to care for the well-being of the population. I’d simply then spew out hatred towards them – did the same towards religion and mainstream-society – and recoil in my own bubble wherein ‘at least’ I was ‘fine’ and unaffected by the events in the outside world.


Loathing-politics is the ultimate way of spiting ourselves because we’ve always seen it as something that is only for ‘some people up there that want to make good money and must be corrupt to play the game’ which is how I spoiled the word politics into the most despicable connotation I could harbor in my own comprehension of this world. I never really, out of ignorance of course, even thought that politics is and should be part of each individuals common-knowledge and common-understanding to actually learn how to live in a society, how to coexist with other human and living beings beings. These very basic points are Not being explained at all – I allowed myself to see politics as something ‘out of my reach’ of which I had literally ‘nothing to do with’ – yet never ever considered the responsibility shared just by the sheer fact of living in this world.


When being at the farm one of the points was acknowledging: I must get myself involved in politics – and this doesn’t mean  the typical character that I’ve held in my mind of the serious type of tuxedo-person that sits on their ass in the congress trying to make the most money out of few hours they spend ‘debating’ what is ‘best for all’ which doesn’t even occur really. So, letting go of that image implies that I must be the creator of a new way of defining and living politics as myself: I become that which I want the world to live by/as – simple, no more characters required.


It’s as simple as this: If I don’t like what I see as current politics and the current consideration of what a ‘politician’ is, I become the politician that doesn’t stand as part of an ‘elite’ that earns heaps of money while pretending to execute laws and propose ideas that would benefit the whole – I stand as the point that lives by a principle that will ensure that no debate is possible with regards to seeing/realizing what is Best for All.


This is part of walking this process, letting go and literally forgiving myself for accepting and allowing myself to abdicate my self responsibility towards myself as one and equal as part of this world within ‘loathing politics’ which is only a silly way of turning a blind-eye to how the world exists and what must be done so that I –me didn’t have to ‘do anything at all’ and can remain comfortably numb in our own bubbly world.


I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to say ‘I loathe politics’ and within this excuse and justify myself as an ‘acceptable preference’ that is Not best for all which attempted to cover up and disguise the fact that I wasn’t wanting to/ willing myself to take self responsibility and instead resort into spiting the system in subtle ways that lead to self-abuse while pretending to be ‘making a statement of sorts’ against the system and against the world which I never realized it’s all me.

All abuse is always self-abuse.


I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to limit politics to the character and idea of the person that is corrupt in nature and only wants such role to earn big bucks and have fun while deceiving the population, without realizing that this is an image that we’ve all accepted and allowed to exist as the consequence and epitome of our laziness, our carelessness, our selfishness and greed to not take care of such well-being issues ourselves, to not be the ones that actually get to first be honoring ourselves as living beings, being self responsible and living by a principle to then be able to actually see and point out the flaws within the system as a result of our own actions and inactions within this world. I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to resort in locking myself-out of the world-events and news for some time to avoid realizing that If I don’t like what I see as this world, I must be the change within it due to wanting to remain in the ‘background’ and not stand up for that which I see and realize must be done and conducted in this world.


I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself for having experienced and existed in a self-deluded state of ‘powerlessness’ to do something to change this world, to believe that it was futile to get involved into any social transformation because of seeing no way out without realizing that I was only being limited by my own beliefs and by the inherent conditioning that we’ve all been brainwashed with wherein we see the management and ways of how this world functions as something that is ‘too complex and extensive’ to comprehend, too overwhelming to grasp without seeing that this is part of the general understanding and accepted belief of what politics implies – instead of seeing that we all as part of this world must be equally informed and educated on how the world system functions as this is the only way that we can ensure that we all are aware of what must be done in order to have a world that’s best for all.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ‘loathe politicians’ and even having held hatred towards them without ever realizing that they were ‘me’ as the result of my self-abdication to actually take care and responsibility to be part of the management of this world. We as part of this world must be equally supporting what’s best for all, with this, we won’t require these elitist legion as ‘politicians’ to exist which are only in such place for the sake of money in the first place, but instead we all become the politicians that simply consider what’s best for all, what must be done for the sake of coexisting within the best possible way as human beings.

I stop existing as the ‘loathing politics’ experience and realize that everything that happens in this world I am responsible of, just by the fact of being here – same principle that stands as the reason why an equal money system must be in place: Equal Rights and Equal Responsibilities – it is only within this Equalization of who and what we must be and become that we can manage this world effectively, without having to resort to laws and politicians or any other type of ‘authority’ to sort out our own negligence which is then stemming from this initial abdication of self responsibility. This is how each one of us is the key to create a change in this world.

This single consideration can be the point that changes how politics are seen and understood in this world, to finally realize that if we all agree on what’s best for all and we are all equally supported with money to live, a real 90% of the current bullshit going on in the world that’s motivated by money and abdication of self responsibility won’t exist. This I can be sure of because that’s in essence what’s missing in this world: being equally supported – the lack of this point is what keeps the entire system of abuse going round and round – isn’t it ludicrous? The answer is HERE already, we can stop this nonsense and become politicians as an inherent aspect of our human nature, of the real human nature that we must create in order to exist Here as Life – nothing else and nothing more.


It’s funny that I can see how I went into all types of fears when realizing ‘I must go into politics’ which doesn’t mean anything else o anything that different than what we are currently walking already as this process of Self Honesty wherein we’re looking at the aspects that must be stopped and corrected for the sake of coexisting and living as Equals. Living by these principles becomes then the starting point of everything I do, everything I am and so it doesn’t matter if we call it politics as the set of regulations and ways to live and coexist within this world/society, what matters is that each one of us realizes that we must share Equal Responsibilities and live this as an example of how it is ‘doable’– these are the practical implications of the realizations of Oneness and Equality.

I’ll become the politician that stands for life – it might not be in the current picture way you can imagine, but we’re already doing this by living it out as ourselves in our personal reality which is then only a single point of expanding it to all aspects of ourselves and into the world, to show that what has been accepted and allowed is our own creation and thus we all have to work together to stand up from this mess. We’ll all become politicians without having to name ourselves as such, just by living as a point that directs the system and ourselves in our reality having the constant consideration of living and promoting equality as Life.

So, no more anger towards politics, I realize that politics is what I live and apply myself as a human being that takes into consideration the whole in everything I do, think and speak of. Once this is fully integrated as who I am, the rest should be a ‘natural’ outflow as Self-Expression.

I come to the full circle wherein as part of my personal life-project and process, I am making of art once again more of a political statement that doesn’t require to create physical artworks but instead, I become the artwork myself, I become the model/living example of the perfection and self responsibility that I want to see and live by in this world. This is how I redeem my initial decision to study art as a way of ‘escaping from the world’ – I instead stand up within it and incorporate myself within my current understanding of what must be done here – then it doesn’t matter whether it’s art or politics or simple breath-walking, I’m here and I live and stand as the living-word, as a living principle that cares and considers what’s best for all.


These are ‘big words’ – my mind says – yet I’m able to live them – I can’t stand back ever again or try to run away and keep myself in the comfort of my own shadow – I face the world and realize that I am able and capable of doing so – no more powerless thoughts, no more loathing the world. I face myself.


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