Take the System for what it is

A point that we’ve walked through today is practical implications of being one and equal –  within this it’s about standing within this self-introspection with regards to our life-experience – yes it’s all been a mind-created experience and only now we are learning about actual Life not being that. Yet we tend to create ourselves according to such information – it’s only understandable as it was everything we knew, everything we’ve been – but now that we know, we can only vow to stop and correct this.

Through ourselves writing and going back within time to see what we’ve accepted or allowed, we’ll find that we we’ve always played a role – either the abuser or the abused, the controller or the controlled one, the superior or inferior – and now we understand how all of that is what kept the system in place, in the never ending polarity wherein the opposites creating friction between each other literally charged and energized this entire reality.

So for the greedy to exist, slaves must exist that can ensure you get the most power which is held according to a perceived value as ‘more/less than’ created at a mind level – we’ve all participated in such value schemes, we’ve held them in place through accepting the current monetary system and value/system in separation of life, hence we’re all responsible.

For the abused to exist, an abuser is created and this can only come from the inconsideration of being one and equal wherein we apparently can harm others without any consequences – yet we are both accepting and allowing such condition by the single fact of accepting any other disparity in this world.


This is how any subtle hatred towards ourselves, any subtle reluctance to accept what’s here as ourselves creates yet another rift in this which can only prolong the ability to simply stop, correct and continue ensuring we don’t participate in any polarity as part of the energy required to keep this game running. Life is Not a game of winning and losing, yet it’s been promoted as such.

So, from this systematic perspective we can then realize that it is definitely ludicrous to take anything personal in this world, because it’s all just a  freaking-fracking system literally designed to fuck with each one’s mind for the sake of keeping the machinery running.


It is only through viewing things from this apparent ‘cold-bucket-of-water’ perspective that I was able to get myself out of the emotional attachment that I had held to everything in my life which only continued and perpetuated the relationship I had with my past as ‘who I am’ and in a way wanting to even ‘cherish’ that even though I knew it was mostly shitty to realize what I accepted and allowed myself to become.


So – within writing out a single event in our lives we have to step in the shoes of all participants, we can’t just assume being only one side of the coin if we realize we’re one and equal – we simply got to play on the left or right side yet we’ve all always been in the game – even those that perceived that they weren’t participating, they also were part of the equation meaning: no one is really ever innocent, no one can really ever claim to not be responsible of what is and exists in this world which is ourselves in all ways.


Part of the importance of studying the Desteni material is to understand how we came to this world without being able to remember that we’ve been here before, we’ve played the same role, we’ve done this all the time without remembering. It’s like that movie Memento, now I see why it’s quite fascinating to watch because it’s revealing much of what we’ve lived as ‘our lives’. It’s ludicrous how we can just take on a character and make it ‘our life’ without even being able to remember ‘why’ we’re doing it, why we’re keeping such grudge to another, why we’re driving ourselves to do something and only through literal tattooed memories can we ‘remember who we are’ which is in essence all memories we store for the sake of keeping an identity.  This point becomes more evident when showing how one of the characters keeps repeating one single action without being able to remember he’s just done the same thing minutes before. That movie shows quite a lot of the accepted ‘human nature’ yet based on the ‘short term memory’ mechanism.


Who would we be if we didn’t have memories? it’s all just pictures, words, symbols that we’re born into, without ever questioning them. It’s just a system and as we go understanding the system, we can simply take it for what it is – this is to stop being attached to any value in separation of ourselves to anything/anyone in this world.


Letting go of this world is simply that – just embracing it all as who we are and taking the necessary steps to correct the points wherein we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to perceive ourselves as more or less than, as being  ‘personally hurt’, as being abused wherein we implicitly accepted the abuser to exist, to forget that we’ve all agreed to come here without even remembering, to realize that we’ve got this one life to finally stop being the automated patterns we’ve always been – what a release to be able to breathe and not hold on to anything or anyone – that’s where we’re walking towards, it can be done, it must be done by each one that sees and realizes that as much as we’ve held the poles in place, we now hold the key to be here and honor life – something that’s never ever actually been done.


From this we can realize that our measure point must be equality and oneness at all times considering the physical aspect of it as it exists currently in this world which is not being a supportive experience for everyone, hence we create a world that does become that with an equal money system. From there we can focus on supporting others to stop being victims of their own mind systems and take equal responsibility. So it’s an all-in-one process and we’re here walking it. You can do it as well.

Stopping self from only being a mind consciousness system.

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