Anger towards Authority


Whenever there’s someone in such a position of being the master/father/patriarch/boss/leader/president/chief and any other position – regardless of it being male/female – that entails a ‘superiority’ connotation,  there must be someone that will be the slave/ son/ follower/ subordinate/ employee/ worker/ civilian/ tribe who are regular people that are distinguished from the other side due to one single thing: power which determines their position – nowadays this translates to Money.

This is another point in relation to Anger that was revealed  towards people that stand as such accepted and allowed ‘Points of Authority’.

So, prepotence is what I can see I have been mostly irritated by throughout my life which is the arrogance with which one carries oneself when knowing that ‘we are powerful/ we are on top’.  Though, when looking at why it bothers me so much is because of standing in a polarity of rejecting/desiring such position at the same time.  There is a fine line that divides self-assurance from indulgence in arrogance.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create anger towards authority wherein I am standing as the point that allows inferiority, subordination and submission to exist without realizing that I am only reacting to that which I haven’t realized is existent within me as part of the ‘human nature’ that seeks power, recognition and being able to have ‘power’ over others as an experience.

Power plays such a big role in our lives – we can just take a few definitions from the many existent in the dictionary:

1    the ability to do something or act in a particular way.
2    the capacity to influence the behaviour of others, the emotions, or the course of events.

3    a right or authority given or delegated to a person or body. Political authority or control.

5    physical strength or force.

So, power within the context of our current reality wherein Equality is non existent represents the imposition of certain rules/ conditions upon others. So anger is triggered when such power is imposed on to others as a form to subjugate, dominate and exert ‘their free will’ and ‘free choice’ regardless of who they can be harming or influencing on the way – in essence disregarding the principle of Oneness and Equality focused on a best for all outcome.


We can see this pattern from the basic unit of society which is the family that we’re all born into – whether father/mother or any other care-taker –  to the greater forms of organization such as nations with governments and virtually anything wherein hierarchy exists which is the entire world system.


Now, the anger triggered within a child that is abused by their own parents/relatives causes  anger that is suppressed and  feared to exert due to the power/dominion that the parent/relative represents and has in relation to the child. Hence consequences or further harm is feared if one exerts such anger or complain – this is how anger is brewed as that impotence to speak up to stop the abuse. These feelings and emotions are then swallowed yet kept and fed throughout the child’s life until there are ways to exert it out on to themselves or others in their world. This is how we can see particular personalities existing in this world with a common background of family abuse which is then perpetuated through forms of self abuse and expanded on to others which in essence serves as a valve of escape to all the suppressed anger created and experienced on their early childhood years. This doesn’t create any actual change within the person, it only fuels and perpetuates the same patterns of abuse without realizing that all forms of abuse must simply be stopped.


Same point goes on with slaves within a certain regime. We’ve known throughout history how slaves revolt against those in power at certain times wherein the oppression becomes so much to bare resulting in armed movements wherein violence or vile-ends are used to meet an apparent independence or “freedom” from the oppressors. This obviously doesn’t create an actual change as history has proven already – coincidentally it was Mexico’s “Independence day” and it’s funny that people still want to celebrate while they’re only being sold alcohol and food to create a fake sense of ‘regaining power and sovereignty’ – lol it’s obvious bullshit, but that’s not the topic here. It’s just one of the thousands of tangible examples on how such type of anger-driven revolutions don’t work. Just take a look at Egypt and Libya and what they’re living at the moment: only violence and further abuse.


The anger brewed against ‘the boss’ is usually the quiet type because your direct survival is dependent on it – it’s commonly accepted to have some type of aversion towards ‘your boss’ and within this, we have been socially accepting not only these type of unequal work relationships to exist, but the acceptance of such anger, contempt and even hatred towards ‘the boss’ as a form of vindicating the subordinate position that is ruled by the amount of money earned.


The anger towards the teacher that is only placed in such a position to indoctrinate without even realizing what they’re actually teaching the children and how the entire education system stands as the basic taming-action to be part of this world and perpetuate the current system as it is with no ability to think outside the box- within this it’s not to blame the teaches as they were ‘taught’ about how to teach as well – yet there’s always the ability of each human being to dare to question the accepted system and dare to challenge the status quo. Though there are teachers that may exert their position of authority leaving an indelible mark within the psyche of the child that will then learn how to oppose and loath the authority due to having been imposed knowledge and information that was then realized kept the entire system in place, or ridiculed ourselves in a given moment within this creating an ever-lasting insecurity that a child could develop through their school years. Whenever we disregard the consequences of our actions, we become the perpetrators of our own demise. Yet, the teach is also myself, I’ve accepted and allowed this to exist.

Money is the determining factor that influences these relationships of power – hence such unequal positions are only accepted due to the ability to decide on someone’s money support.


So,  the son/daughter, rebel/civilian, employee/worker/ student develop a sense of being powerless to change their situation. This grows roots in frustration, anger, hatred, dissatisfaction, envy, jealousy and anything else that could possibly play out an eventual debunking of the person/people in power. We know the results of this are mostly breeding more violence – hence the immediate requirement is Stopping participating in our minds within such accepted and allowed inferiority-character without realizing that we’ve accepted and allowed  the ‘super powerful’ to exist by us accepting the current hierarchies in the system without questioning them., by using the current money and accepting it as actual ‘value’ we are keeping the entire system in place. One needs the other – without slaves there are no masters  – without parents there are no sons, but equal beings being taken care of, without bosses there are no subordinates.

So within the context of Anger, we can understand how it would only be common for us to experience one or all of these points throughout our life of which we have to simply stop because the consequences of this harbored anger can only be devastating and disastrous for ourselves as all forms of self abuse or towards others – see a side note of terrorists, school shootings, your regular mad man that becomes possessed and goes out in a raping and stealing binge or anything else that could be considered as non-violent yet still self-abusive which becomes then part of ‘who we are’ as a product of the current society that then seeks ‘revenge’ towards it without ever realizing that such anger against ‘the system’/ ‘against authorities’ is towards ourselves as the cry out when we finally realize that this has all been self-created and exerted towards ourselves. All abuse is always self abuse.

This is the same that goes on with someone that has been rejected or simply loathed those that occupy the ‘mainstream’ or ‘higher positions’ in a school, in a football team, in a society, etc.  If we look at the constant factor that determines this relationships of power we can see it’s all about Money.

So, once again, supporting an Equal Money System is the way to ensure that all hierarchies are placed on equal terms – see how there’s no need to ‘fight them’ but simply equalize – as simple as that and such equalization process begins with ourselves.

september  16th, 2011


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