The Living Walking

This is a cool single point that I enjoyed reading in Viktor’s blog today “Learning by doing” focused primarily on physically moving ourselves and getting things done stopping our constant judge of being right or wrong, learning the how-to’s in this reality through literally just doing it – as simple as that.

Throughout this process I’ve noticed how even simple things like walking down the street are a place to face ourselves – going from the constant chatter of fearing others’ judgments or wanting to portray myself in a certain way to create a certain impression, from going spotting people that I could be ‘attracted’ to,  fearing looking at others going by or sometimes going to the opposite pole of ‘challenging’ them in a certain way – all the chatter has drastically diminished in just a single act of walking down the street.

It’s fascinating how much we would jump into just by having a regular stimuli as being ‘out there’ in the street. This is a point that is not ‘done’ yet at all, what I see now is the thoughts pop up literally yet it is me now deciding not to participate in them which creates the entire difference. These are the moments when I literally physically take a ‘deeper’ breath – nothing out of the ordinary’ though it’s a way of ensuring I am HERE and not somewhere up there creating any form of experience. By doing this I become aware of me going into a mindfuck and so I stop and continue walking.

The moment we go stopping the continuous self judgment at a mind level towards ourselves and projecting it on to others, we start actually grounding ourselves here – because we then see and recognize how a single indulgence in a thought can trigger an entire chain reaction of thoughts, pictures and then get into energetic experiences which means oh oh we’re possessed up there in the mind somewhere.


Within this, it’s much ‘lighter’ to walk as a physical-breathing being than a constant thought-creator machine judging, assessing, labeling everything and everyone around.


Same when we got these seemingly ‘petty’ moments in our day to day living wherein we finish using some dishes or opening a box of cereal, taking the milk out of the fridge and we in a fleeting moment decide to ‘not wash the dish’ even if I’ve finished using it, or decide to not put the milk away, or any other seemingly unimportant point which does imply a single second-decision of either directing the point in the moment or procrastinating it for ‘later’ – sometimes even leaving something without a cap or leaving something lying around I mean, I was a specialist on that and every time I’d see myself going into the pattern of ‘blah, I don’t care’ and throw it around, there’s a single act of not directing myself in the moment or even spitefulness towards others when leaving in a house with other beings. These are actual self-consideration actions wherein we consider what’s makes of our practical living reality something that can be optimized every time that we implement ways within our habits and patterns that can be supportive for ourselves and eventually extending on to others.


I’ve tested this out in the house where I live with other 4 people and after over a year, it’s still quite a pain to see dishes lying around which implies they’ve simply decided to NOT wash them in the moment and leaving them around not only for a few hours but up to several days – so, they might not care about ‘them’ but they aren’t considering the space used for others that also require the sink with free space to wash our dishes. The moment we disregard even the minutest action that may have an impact on others and the whole eventually, that moment we give into spitefulness, procrastination, laziness, judgment, etc. So, this is how within our practical living reality we can go correcting our habitual patterns and seeing if we are in fact considering what’s best for all in the seemingly ‘unimportant’ events. This definitely simplifies our lives and becomes a point of support to walk this physical process wherein it is definitely suggested to have an environment that is being placed in order and cleaned up as we go ‘placing ourselves’ as the mind in order and self forgiving all the shit that we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to perpetuate.


So within this, we become self-reliant beings, we trust ourselves in becoming efficient, dedicated and disciplined to our every moment of being HERE in this physical reality where we live wherein everything I do, say and participate on has that ‘trademark’ of self responsibility, self dedication and ensuring that I live the words that I’ve written myself as the correction that is constantly walked. This is an ongoing process, not to expect getting ‘somewhere’ but HERE becoming more aware of our surroundings and the beings that we affect with our daily actions/words/deeds – this is then how we walk an all encompassing, all embracing process as what’s here. Stopping the mental trips, focusing on the physical and learning how to do it through trial and error until we get it right.


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