“What about the Nuclear Arms and Nuclear Energy ?”


Why do arms exist in the first place? To kill people, to fight people, to dominate and subjugate. Now, Nuclear Arms is just an upgraded version of any other way of creating a ‘lethal threat’ to whomever they are intended to be  used with. These wars/ fights against something or someone are created for the sake of ta ta ra rá: Money!

So, we can see now how within the Equal Money System there will be NO need to create wars or invest millions on ‘nuclear weapons of mass destruction’ if we realize that we’ve only been fighting against ourselves to gain power and control over other ‘ME’s’ in the name of our current God named MONEY.

Nuclear Energy was another attempt to create extensive amounts of energy in apparent ‘renewable’/ sustainable and less-polluting ways – right. We have seen how they lead to major catastrophes and how even if it’s proven to be effective in terms of generating the ‘desired’ amounts of energy, we’d have to take a look first at why we are requiring such an extensive amount of energy, what is it that we are actually supporting within the current system perpetuating ways to never be ‘satisfied’ with a certain quantity of something and thus, seek was for further “development” such as seeking for new sources of energy. That’s not the way to continue going  and we’ve spoken/ written how within the Equal Money System there will be an extensive energy-reduction as the demand for it will decrease once all industries that were creating products only for the sake profit with no actual need for them to live, will cease to exist.

This entails going through a process of transformation and adaptation in which we will certainly develop ways to ensure we use the necessary sources of energy to create and sustain a system that will be life-supportive.

What we’re facing currently is an ever increasing energy demand according to satisfying the ‘needs’ of the people  which are mostly impulsed by and through the same system we’re currently living in which is capitalism and can only ‘survive’ if we exist in a constant consumerist status. That will stop and with that, a great relief will emerge in terms of the general production required to maintain and live in this world.

See how it’s this same drive to ‘seek energy resources’ that is creating the current wars so in fact, all nuclear activity has to do with this unquenchable thirst of humans to ‘get more energy’ – curiously enough that’s how our mind works – hence the need to understand how we as individuals operate at the thought and action level to see how we create and externalize such inherent nature as ‘the system’s nature’. There is much more than just a basic trading system implied as the Equal Money System.

Seeking alternative resources will only violate the Earth further – we rather stop our desires to ‘progress’ within these current standards that are only based on consumerism at the expense of exploiting living beings and the Earth itself.

We first stop and first take self responsibility what’s already created – then, we’ll walk to see what types of energy will be non-hazardous and best for all as well as able to be distributed to everyone equally.

So, most certainly NO Nukes in any way whatsoever as they represent a great threat to all living forms.


Educate yourself with more FAQ’s on the Equal Money System http://desteni.co.za/intro-forum/viewforum.php?f=41

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