Addictions in the Equal Money System

A  question has arisen with regards to the implementation of the Equal Money System and the misuse of the resources given through/ as credits/ money to obtain alcohol, legal/ illegal drugs and any other means that are mostly expenses related to the continuation of a human being’s ‘fix’.





The Money-Factor in Drug Consumption

This is a rather extensive point to debunk and I’ve been quite interested in looking at the different scenarios in which drugs are consumed. There is in fact no such great determining factor that can indicate a ‘measure point’ to do drugs or not. 

Economical disparity is not a factor as such – the only point that can change between the rich and the poor within drug consumption is the way and the quality of drugs that they can afford. The way to get them will vary from prescription by a so-called ‘doctor’, the black market, through dealing/working in drug traffic, prostitution/ other related abusive activities that often involve drugs and all the gaps in the middle from a school mate, down to your local paint shop as well as living in the place where the  drugs are grown/created. Proof is how countries like Afghanistan have an extensive amount of people being hooked on heroin while being one of the world’s biggest sellers of such drug. Then we have the cheapest of the cheap which are all kinds of glues and inhaled toxic paint such as we shared some months ago on how these kids from Rumania on the documentary Children Underground are mostly living out in the streets as they can get high and ‘roam free’ from their parents.

As another example, several people working on the streets in this country – for example street jugglers and windshield cleaners – are living day by day making enough to sniff glue, thinner or cement and get high all day, it lessens the pain. ( You can read further on this here: “Huffing makes me Forget My Tummy Aches”)

We don’t even have to explain the broad possibilities that extensive amounts of money open up for rich people that are into drugs. It’s like disneyland everyday for them in their junky never-land world.

Whether poor or rich, money holds the key to get the fix. There is ultimately a question to be asked: how will the life of such people change the moment that they are no longer marginalized within the system? How will the life of people change the moment that their money can’t buy any alcohol anymore simply because: it won’t be available?



The psychological aspect

Adicta, yoWe can see that an addiction is a ‘complex’ network of circumstances that are self created – directly or ‘indirectly’- as the series of acceptances and allowances within and without as ‘our reality’, existing as a hideout to not face ourselves within it,  generating a single – or multiple – points of addiction.

Hence addictions are nothing else but a physical and/or mental dependency to a substance, something (I’ll add someone as well) as a coping mechanism to fulfill an illusion/ delusion of being now ‘satisfied’ and ‘at peace’ within ourselves. Nothing else but a state of mind certainly, a state of mind that is generated and influenced by our external reality as a constant inner-outer feedback machine that lives in a constant requirement to be ‘feeling alive’ – Repeat: ‘feeling’- alive.

We might seem to mimic the system, but it’s in essence a constant in and out perspective wherein our inner experience manifests our reality and our reality then becomes as the memory-hold to remind us to exist and recreate such self-impending doom.  This reality is the way it is because of being tainted by the current money system.


Through the blogs and mostly vlogs on points like weed consumption, I’ve gotten similar and consistent feedback upon the use of weed. Read the following feedback:


Weed, to me anyway, isn’t something i use to escape reality or anythin like that.

I use booze to? do that. occasionally. The truth about reality is that it can be very stressful. As well as fuckin borin. Shitty Job, shitty day etc. But if you have a smoke to look forward to at the end of the day, these worries literally go up in smoke. Each to their own i guess. Some people drink after work. Some people smoke. Some people play x box. Every one has something to take their mind off things.

– TheFunktipus1 via YouTube

He is in essence describing the nature of this  escapism mechanism – even if denied at first by our contributor here – wherein the state of this reality is the main reason why someone resorts to drugs.

By personal experience, I can say that I can relate to a certain aspect of it – yet it doesn’t matter if you don’t necessarily  live in a ‘shitty situation either’, we can allow our minds to create our own mental-jail wherein the state of the world becomes an ‘overwhelming experience’ that we can’t apparently ‘cope with’, and thus end up resorting into something like an addiction wherein one can at least be ‘at ease’ and existing within a chemical experience of bliss while the world falls apart. Just another way of playing the lightworker, seeing ‘the bright side’ in our reality as a chemically induced experience while abdicating self responsibility to actually dare to face ourselves, face our reality and dare to become part of a solution.

Part of this feedback is also seeing how none of the people that have commented in such videos has dared themselves to stop within the starting point of taking self responsibility. Everyone mostly defends their position as a ‘last bit of happiness’ they can get in this world.

I know what it’s like – but we cannot possibly continue like that, we’ve got to see what we ‘re actually accepting and allowing while believing we are ‘not hurting anyone’ through such self-abusive traits.

We are all responsible for ‘the truth of this reality’ which is the truth of each one as well – we’ve abdicated our responsibility to a few greedy we’ve voted to place ‘on top’ while the rest consumes the life away through drugs, food, entertainment, videogames, sex, detrimental relationships and anything else that can serve as an outlet to neglect the individual facing of our own truth: facing the relationships we’ve formed towards something/ someone in separation of ourselves to fulfill a certain idea and create an experience – which is always at a mind level – that exists as an energetic dependency that we bound ourselves to within the desire to ‘feel’ and ‘experience’ something other than the ‘stale bitter reality’ that is currently here as OUR reality.

Then what is it that’s created at the ‘low-dry’ end of this? Depression, boredom, anxiety, sadness – all of them are nothing but an indication that the sugar rush is over and thus, one is then seeking the next ride as the next drug, the next activity, the next date, the next drink, the next line, the next pill to be ‘feeling something’  – all of this enhanced by a constant impulse of buying—feeling–“living”—enjoying–‘doing it’ and ‘drinking—taking—it—all’ supported by and through the constant bombardment of advertisement on the streets, on media, in the internet, everywhere. We’ve built our self-sustainable fuckup within this current jail wherein we make sure we remind ourselves to get our next fix SOON.

We cannot possibly continue like this.


Addictions while in the Basic Income Grant Phase

Déjalo atrás


As we’ve explained, there will be an interim phase between capitalism/ our current world  and the Equal Money System which will be the Basic Income Grant – will have links at the end of this entry to read other Equal Money blogs on it .

Within this phase we’ll see how it will be to have money that will be able to be spent in our current capitalist society wherein there will still be alcohol and drugs at one’s disposal, and thus here it will be a real trial-testing ground for all of us by seeing how we will spend  such money.

We will basically have the ability to either use that money to buy actual food and pay for the basic services or be seen by the eyes of addicted people as suitable to be spent on drugs and continue being hooked on certain addictions without taking any self responsibility. It will be a decision that will have to be taken in Self Honesty by each person, and it will most likely be a point that will only be ‘understood’ through time and probably unpleasant experiences – that are at all times unnecessary yet necessary to face at the same time,  to ‘learn’ how we cannot continue abusing ourselves if we are being supported unconditionally.

See, this is the point wherein the previously explored point of ‘the psychological aspect’ will start being exposed and thus walked as part of each one’s realization wherein one will no longer have to be bound to such a miserable existence, bound to a shitty job wherein people have become used to just waiting for the minutes to pass to get on to the next fix – in whichever form it might be.

Within this – just as you have your training diapers – I’d suggest to not give ‘paper money’ per se but food stamps and some type of checks that can only be used to pay for basic services and food – even though ways of corrupting this will still be available, yet some might be actually willing to walk the necessary process of detox through getting used to being supported and thus, use money to get out of drugs and embrace self-support as a new way of living along with seeing and realizing that: everyone is being equally supported as well.

This will be the limbo-test for all of humanity, not only within the realm of handling ‘drugs’ and ‘addictions’, but within the decision making process of how we spend money and how our usual personality traits change once that we are no longer spiting each other within this world, but start realizing that we are in fact able and capable of living and co-existing in a system wherein we are being unconditionally supported to live. I’d call this the re-birth process wherein the actual point of Equality is blooming yet barely showing the button that’s getting ready to open up to life. That’s the process here.



Equal Money System: The End of Addictions?

The person that placed the original query that lead to the creation of this article is from Argentina and he explains how there is a similar point to the Basic Income Grant there, though the ‘problem’ being that such money is Not spent on the basic needs to live, but are rather used to buy any of the points mentioned above.

Landing on this particular question, we have to take into consideration that alcohol will be banned within the Equal Money System as it is already known as the one socially accepted  ‘legal substance’ that causes extensive harm to people that consume it and also affect third parties that can see themselves caught in  such events.  Let’s say: a car speed-chase at night played by drunken people wherein a car crash is produced smashing against another car with people inside that hadn’t drunk a drop of alcohol.

Within the Equal Money System we won’t establish band-aid solutions such as having ‘designated drivers’ as it’s being foolishly promoted currently, which we all know it doesn’t work – but we’ll tackle the point from its root and thus, having no alcohol at all will be the way to go. This is just one single aspect/dimension here of the effects that alcohol have upon this society, there are several of them wherein not only ‘deaths’ are produced, but  also verbal and physical abuse directed to those around the person that consumes alcohol  is also a by-product of such broadly accepted way of ‘relaxing’ and ‘socializing’ or ‘draining the pressure’ from a hard day at work’ – all in all we can see how money once again plays a role to create such detrimental self-accepted conditions within the mind of the human being.

There will be specific support as counseling to deal with these particular remains of people with addictions which can include a  temporary detachment from the social-system if the problem has escalated to a point wherein the person becomes  a walking-threat on two feet toward other members of society.


Similar points will apply to the rest of the drugs of course.  There will be tons of medicines – that are currently being manufactured just as ‘new creations’ at a bakery – that will cease to exist as they’d been proven to only be legal versions of our current street drugs wherein one is only paying for the ‘rights’ and ‘license’ to sell/ buy and consume such fixes by virtue of having the money to do so. It’s been an  all around business that was perceived as a win-win game based in self abuse = it will stop in an Equal Money System.

Another point to consider is that once we live within an Equal Money System, we’ll have more options to live and explore life other than drowning ourselves into a single addiction to ‘Escape Reality’.

If everything and everyone’s meeting their most basic needs, and everyone is no longer limited to a certain life experience due to and because of money restrains, I’m sure that such feeble indulgences like ‘getting high’ won’t be necessary, why being lost in the mind while we have an entire physical world to explore and express and create in? Why creating a mind-job while we  could go visiting other places in the world and actually sharing ourselves with others,  no longer fearing or having to be worrying about the next day at a hellish-job.


Last but not least, within the Equal Money System there will be no physical money thus it will be rather difficult to create money that supports any form of self-abuse  as equal money is endowed to support one’s living-experience and not supporting anything that generates the current self-abuse and crimes that exist around ‘drugs’ just like we have now on the elusive ‘war against drugs’ in this country with nothing else than thousands of death people and countless violent acts as cartels fight each other all the time. Yet still managing to plant weed on massive stadium or 4x stadium size areas with no problem at all.  All of this will simply end as a mental fix, as a physical dependency, as a synonym of ‘big bucks in the making’ – time to see how we are in fact existing as the very machines that keep the system running, there is no way we can continue blaming others for our creation.  Self Responsibility begins Here.

Let’s be honest, there wasn’t a solution to this before the Equal Money System and the Desteni solution was presented Here on Earth, so now that it is, I encourage everyone to give themselves a chance to look at it, as it is the integral and base foundation to the point we’re walking here as the Equal Money System which is nothing else but the realization of a Living Principle made Money as Life on Earth in Equality.

Time to start quitting because the future will hold no addicts, but only equals as Life.


For more on the Basic Income Grant read and watch the vlog shared here

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