Human Greed: a Dolphin’s Nightmare


The very fact that we have to kill animals in order to nurture ourselves is already enough to bare as human beings due to our nutritional requirements. This can be a subject of debate, yet I speak for myself when I’ve faced consequences for not eating meat and having stepped into the vegetarian selfimmaculate idea of me not being responsible for any of the animal slaughter atrocious acts if I stopped eating meat. This is obviously NOT the solution for all of the aspects that are tied into the current network of abuse that we’ve created as our world.

The point that’s usually not considered and actually neglected in all ways is how by the single fact of us using money, of us existing in this world and accepting the system the way it is currently, we’re ALL Responsible for everything that exist here.

I watched the documentary The Cove yesterday and I have to say that I knew about the dolphins’ killings only on a superficial way as I actually had perceived that it was only a sybarite type of preference in Japan. It is not, and the conditions in which these killings are far more hideous than I would’ve considered or ever imagined in terms of all the aspects that must be colluded in order for this to exist.

Dolphins will STOP Being Killed because of GREED in the Equal Money System

I encourage you to watch the documentary to SEE for yourself and the point that is left as final act is how any social change must be individually endorsed which resonates with the points that I’ll share here.

If we look at the driving-force for these blatant acts, we’ll see that it is nothing but GREED once again and all possible disregard to animals being sentient beings. I mean, the very fact that I have to be writing about this seems completely ridiculous as THIS should’ve been understood by now but it’s fucking obvious to see that it is NOT and that the desire for money and the greed of the human overrides any possible consideration for life and common sense obviously. As an example, I suggest that any  being that supports PETA or any other congregation to stop animal abuse should re-consider their starting point and look at themselves first to see how it is not only about ‘not eating meat’ that’ll make them ‘good’ and ‘guiltless’ – and instead dare to see  how each one individually still participate and is part of this world system that implies all is linked and intertwined through the very money we use, hence we’re ALL Responsible for this. Suggestion is then to expose the point but also become part of a practical solution to this problem which I’ll explain later here.

It is horrible to become a witness of that which we can live our lives without knowing of if these type of documentaries didn’t exist; now that we are able to become aware of what’s being conducted by the hands of fellow human beings in the world, we can only direct any possible anger and hatred that may come when watching these images and continue our effort to bring about a system in this world that will entail a complete and total reform to everything that is here and currently being abused by the single desire for money.

There’s also the exposure of the entertainment industry being the point that has lead to the captivity of many dolphins around the world, trading them like assets because of human’s desires to be around a dolphin and pretending that they’re having fun while existing in a confined water container when they are obviously meant to be in the ocean. The single point of captivity for any being in ways that are not suitable for them is something to ponder as well, how this exist for the sake of ‘our entertainment’ and ‘our delight’ never placing ourselves in the shoes of another, in this case in actually realizing what dolphins or any other animal such as animals in circuses have to endure just for the sake of  human’s entertainment that creates great profit. See how when we pay to see this, we disregard anything that may go on behind the scenes. This is how we’ve staged our own abuse, sugar coating it and selling it – no one would really do this for the sake of their good hearts obviously. Time to ponder where and how we are supporting this – look at circuses, look at pornography and how your enjoyment is based upon someone’s need for money as well. 

See all of the accumulation of individual minds and desires to create the drive and currently accepted and allowed ability to make millions a year in an industry that’s being protected by governments and ‘indirectly’ demanded by all people that consume it as well. Consumers don’t even know what they’re eating yet, the point of responsibility within everyone lies within the fact that that we’ve accepted and allowed the continuation of a monetary system based on profit, based on greed, based on corruption and all possible squeeze of ‘the most’ regardless of who or what has to be killed/ abused in order to accomplish the ultimate ‘success’ – and for that, we’re all responsible because such points are existent in all individuals in one way or another as any form of superiority or inferiority toward something/someone which eventually manifest and create all the current actions and business that lead to nothing else but satisfying these inherent ‘human nature treats’.

The awareness point is to expose this, to make this be seen by as many people as possible so that we can start seeing what we are accepting and allowing to exist in this world, to see beyond our limited scope of nice reality wherein we wouldn’t have probably known about this if it wasn’t for the internet. It is through reflecting upon the actions perpetuated by fellow human beings wherein we can realize that the most immediate action is allowing ourselves to Forgive Ourselves, literally to lay down a layer of ground and making sure that we root  ourselves in common sense within this. Retaliation and vengeful thinking toward other beings is still self judgment.

We all must stop, we cannot continue reacting upon others’ actions as that will only continue the ball game of self abuse as all abuse is always self abuse within the realization that, we’re all one and equal. Hence, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself the continuation of this reality as an economic system of greed, of power, of control and any disregard to all living beings just because of fulfilling my own desires and needs, regardless of who or what must be killed, abused, violated and corrupted to do so.

I stop the existence of myself as a separate being of this reality that could possibly still believe that such hideous acts,  that any animal slaughter and abuse, that any disregard to fellow suffering living beings has ‘anything to do with me’ just because of how we’ve secluded and confined ourselves in our own little flasks where everything is apparently fine.

By the single fact of being a breathing-shitting-eating being in this world that holds money in the pocket, you/ I / We are responsible, no matter what.

And thus, the only point that we see to STOP these type of atrocities not only in Japan or to stop this obvious macabre acts inflicted upon animals or any other living being for that matter, but to STOP the actual system of GREED and POWER which exist at an individual level within each human being. It is within the individual that the process of realizing what we’ve become must begin, and when you do so and realize how you/we are also responsible for this, join the Equal Money System drive to establish a System of Equal Life for ALL through giving equal access to resources and where all people that are currently being driven by GREED and committing these crimes against life will only get their scoop to feed themselves and nothing more, because ‘wanting more’ is the single thing that leads to create all possible ways to Greed.

Become part of of a group of practivism and not only activism – stopping protesting about these actions but leading the way to create a new way of coexisting with all beings on Earth. It is possible if we all dare to first face what we’ve probably neglected to acknowledge exist in ourselves as well. This is a process for ALL Life to be Equalized and the Equal Money System becomes the single way to make this a reality.

The change begins within ourselves.

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