This word has come up twice in different contexts and for one part I got to correct the fact that it’s not a verb in English but an adjective, so a quality of being instead of the action of being adequate.

See the origin of this word:

Latin adaequat-, adaequare ‘make equal to’, from ad- ‘to’ + aequus ‘equal’.

It’s weird that it’s not a verb, but we’ll stick then to our verb ‘equalize’ which is a more direct way of saying the same thing. In spanish it is a verb,  so it’s cool to know that ‘adecuar’ comes from ‘make equal to’ as it is adding (or it’s opposite subtracting in some cases) that which will create equality.

Whenever we get to ‘feel inadequate’ what are we in fact saying? I am Not Equal, I am accepting and allowing myself to perceive myself as being ‘flawed’ wherein a ‘flaw’ can only exist in separation of who I am as Equality as Life, it can only exist as a self-created belief of who I am in the mind to remain as that point of limitation. It’s fucked up when it even becomes ‘our c®ap’, as ‘our thing’, ‘our flaw’ in some kind of reversed pride for it as if such point of separation was something that we could use as a justification to not take self responsibility or in some cases also victimize ourselves as not being able to transcend our own limits.

The experience of ‘feeling inadequate’ is then taken on through various forms of self abuse, separation and belittlement as not being capable to do something, having something inherently ‘wrong’ and the only thing that can possibly exist as such is knowledge and information that we’ve layered upon ourselves as  ourselves wherein we end up losing the sense of physicality, getting ourselves lost in our own creation while in fact we’re just equally Here.

That’s what we’re here to stop as we realize we have created this merry-go-round of beliefs that keep us circling in the same spot, and instead we can get out of the maze by writing ourselves, by seeing in specificity how I’ve created myself within and as this, how I have built my own caps and flaws at the level of an idea that I then live out believing is ‘who I am’. For that Self Forgiveness is the tool and it’s the way we take Self Responsibility for our creation.


What I’ve seen is that it almost becomes an automated way of ‘excusing ourselves’ within any situation, like ‘oh no I’m not good enough for that’, ‘I cannot possibly conceive myself being that’ or ‘I’ve always had this fucked up way of being’ – or ‘I’ve never been good at this or that’. These and many other similar statements are self limitations that we can certainly direct ourselves to correct and walk through in Equality, within realizing that if someone else can do it, we can stand one and equal to that as part of a learning process, an application process wherein we walk first writing out our limitations, then we forgive ourselves to acknowledge our creation and then we’re ready to walk through the necessary corrective application in the real world.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe myself to be inadequate for taking particular tasks in this world wherein I had perceived myself as having a ‘weakness’ to express myself and in that realizing that I simply can direct myself to create of such apparent ‘weakness’ a point to practically work upon to equalize myself to. In this being and accepting myself as adequate to perform a particular task in my world once that I’ve let go of such self created limitation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think, believe or perceive that I was ‘inherently flawed’ and inept to perform such task because of having accepted a single belief of me as ‘not being good enough’/ ‘not being good at it’, creating myself according to these beliefs wherein I didn’t see and realize that I am the creator of all my limitations.

Self responsibility for our inherently flawed belief systems is such a cool thing to do as we have many ‘duh!’ moments when realizing ‘I actually did this to myself so I can actually create the solution as well!’ or ‘Why is it that I never even tried it before?’  – and the ultimate ‘Why is it that I’ve been hearing to the voice in my head at all?’

This way whenever we ‘feel’ we have to create a remark about our limitations, we’ll be able to Spot-it-out and Stop us from expressing it as ‘who we are’ in the moment and in that, walk through any self created limitation to then input the correction as saying ‘I am here directing myself to do that as I realize I can stand one and equal to that which I had perceived I couldn’t do before’ – or ‘I direct myself to embrace this aspect/part of myself which I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to be and become one and equal to due to the accepted ideas of being ‘flawed’ as a self-belief that I had held as ‘who I am’.


From here we’ve opened the window of opportunity for us to physically walk through the correction and dare to see what’s ‘on our plate’ as we’ve opened up the possibility of self-creation: be/become that which you see is best for all, that which will enable you to be adequate as Life, as the reality that I am here wherein I become aware that I create my own limitations, that I can stop them and that I am equally capable of walking a process of learning, applying and living the correction as myself.

Within that I stop ‘banning’ myself from my expression or limiting my own ability to stand equal to and one with anyone else whom I’ve perceived as separate from me, yet seen as something I’d like to get to be like because of the qualities they represent which I see are cool and can benefit all. This is also how equalizing ourselves will lead to self perfection, as we can stand equal and one to everything that we see is effective, is best for all and functions within common sense.


We have to also look at how it is that Money has  determined our experience in this world wherein such inability to stand equal to something has been part of the restrictions that we’ve created within this current system. Thus creating adequate conditions for all will enable us to have no excuse left for self limitation, and will only have to work with that which we have to sort out within ourselves as all of the beliefs and ideas explained above. That way we create an adequate world within and without to get over our invisible fears and flaws and stick to the physical reality.

Self support in this is very cool and we can all do that through sharing our writings and giving feedback that will allow us to see that which we probably haven’t seen for ourselves before, this is what the Desteni Forum is for.



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