Will Prostitutes be Free in an Equal System?


Prostitution Ends with Equal Money System

Will Prostitutes be Free in an Equal System?
Prostitutes will be Free, yes. Free from having to work within the exchange of sexual services for money to make a living in this world. This means giving an end to one of the oldest professions throughout human history that have been linked to other various abusive conducts and lucrative businesses in society such as human trafficking, sexual slavery, sexual exploitation and trafficking of children, assault, ‘passionate crimes,’ drug-dealing and illegal immigration amongst other recent additions and ‘developments’ such as sex tourism.

Aside from the monetary aspect, we can see how Inequality between genders is also part of how such imposition can be created toward women within a generally male-dominant society, which has also been linked to the abusive definition that women have endured as the ‘weak/feeble sex’ that has been reduced to a sex-object position rather than that of an equal human being.

The fact that men have had to resort to pay for sexual favors – and that women have had to cover such ‘requirement’ in the form of monetary transaction – reveals to what extent sexuality has been exploited in this society, leading it to become a highly profitable and taboo business based on an expression that should be equally lived as an integral aspect of being a human living being.


Part of the less visible forms of violence and violation of any possible ‘human right’ includes selling women into fixed marriages to preserve bloodlines,trading women for cows in some cultures, selling women around the world while perpetuating relationships of abuse and dependence with those that manage them – either male or female in such cases. Another one is sex trafficking or ‘sex slavery’, which often becomes a point of no return for women that resort to, or are forced to become a part of, criminal organizations that are created due to the gigantic profit such activity represents. It’s been said that this business has outgrown drug trafficking itself – that says a lot about what must be dealt with at the individual level in terms of the requirement for sexual satisfaction and how money can ‘buy it all.’



Part of the most shocking aspect nowadays is the fact that it’s not only women who are the ones selling themselves for profit, but young girls and boys form part of this hideous business in a forced manner. We’ve accepted and allowed sex to become such a driving force in this world that we have accepted and allowed this ‘profession’ as part of the ‘human nature,’ hence we’re all responsible.

Throughout history, abandoned children have often been raised as prostitutes and it’s common to have heard stories of people selling their children due to not being able to give them a dignified life, having given them away to people that would later trade them in the slave market where they are usually led into child prostitution, which is escalating in numbers in countries already established within which such sex-tourism takes place. Needless to say, the country I live in has become one of them, unfortunately, and the governor of the state I was born in practiced such hideous acts with the whole country knowing about it, yet nothing was done due to the position of power this character held. It’s clear how this is all linked to power schemes that are highly profitable. This is not something ‘new’ at all – in the past, people in ‘powerful positions’ have also been able to choose ‘courtesans’ and escorts to perform the same tasks a contemporary prostitute does – probably the innovation is using young women or children for it – It’s become a ‘secret’ ‘known’ to everyone and must be stopped at all cost.


The UN estimates that approximately 80% of human trafficking is due to prostitution, and it’s still a growing business. From this, it’s clear to see the lack of human integrity that exists within this industry, as there has never been actual consideration for an overall reform to benefit everyone in the world. This includes the prostitutes who have been called ‘criminals’ due to their last-resort job being illegal in some countries, which augments the tendency to have violations to human integrity as well as general abuse go unnoticed due to the justice system being unable to regulate something that’s not yet legal. How come no one dares to question ‘Why’ such ‘profession’ has to exist in the first place?

There is also another form of prostitution where money isn’t directly involved in the beginning. It starts in the so-called ‘sex tourism’ where a native seduces a tourist – often from a country positioned superior to the native’s – establishing a sentimental link with the ‘buyer/ lover’ who then uses this bondage to be able to leave their native country for the tourist’s. In essence, immigration with the proper ‘legal benefits’ has become part of the motivation for people to seek better living conditions through such softened forms of prostitution.

It is quite a retrograde measure, actually, that even though it’s been one of the oldest jobs in the world, it’s still not accepted as legal in many countries, while it is only partially accepted in others, yet illegal in terms of the rest of the activities that are involved with the entire sex-industry of prostitution: from advertising, drug dealing, slave trade, brothels, public trade and illegal immigration.

Part of that has also led to the current problems around the world in terms of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) of which prostitutes are also a critical subject of infection, despite the preventive regulations that may be conducted in some countries. The nature of how such diseases occur will be understood once we are able to see how we create and manifest what exists in this world as a point of support that allows us to see what type of conduct we’re accepting as ‘normal.’


While money runs the world, sex is the parallel driving force as well as the main impulse that any human being experiences at a physical level, which then becomes part of the ‘basic needs’ that are required to be covered within the creation of an Equal World. Prostitution is the one activity/profession that links both sex and money in one – therefore, Equal Money will represent the end of the money-trade, and what remains will be women who are actually supported while being able to live without having to seek for such means of survival. They will also be able to choose a partner with whom to engage into a proper and established relationship where sexuality will never be sold again, while living sexuality as an integral development of physical expression in self trust that will not be tainted by any power-game and/or forced imposition as it currently exists.

Along with ending such violent and criminal activities involved with prostitution, we’ll continue to investigate the psychological aspect that leads men to seek for sex outside of marriage/ relationship or pay for sex as a way out of having to establish proper relationships with another human being based on mutual consent and agreement without any ‘money’ in between. This is so to effectively prevent such patterns from continuing as part of the habitual ways that men specifically  may often engage in to satisfy sexual needs.


Prostitution is also a synonym of the largest slave trade in history, and the only reason why it might decrease in some countries is due to the availability of non-commercial and non-marital sex in so-called ‘open minded societies,’ while nevertheless morphing into further societal malfunctions and irresponsible patterns such as ‘one night stands’ that also fail to measure the consequences of such pervasive activities in our current society.

We’ve discussed how sexuality must become part of the basic education for every human being, beginning with the most physical aspects at an early age wherein sexuality will never be a taboo again, or be equated to something impure or prohibited as something that cannot be openly discussed. We’ve already seen the result of what happens when something is prohibited, banned and turned into a ‘mystery.’ When proper information and education is suppressed in this area, it deviates into conduct that is often led to create all types of paraphilias linked to violence against women, including power-fixes such as murder relating to psychological self-abusive patterns wherein certain traumas are linked to a self-believed dysfunction that is created and developed due to this apparent inability to express and live an open and clear sexuality within their world, as well as other life experiences that will be walked through with each person as part of the self support that will be available for everyone through a process of self forgiveness and self correction.


We cannot really talk about an equal world without looking at this growing business wherein it’s become one of the ‘easiest’ ways for women to support themselves, and often their children as well, while they should be supported by the system they live in.


Therefore, part of the process of self-realization in an Equal Money System is to see how we’ve accepted these professions to exist based solely on money, along with the satisfaction of a physical aspect that should be lived as self-expression, rather than as a criminal activity that one has to pay for.

If we subtract money from the equation and add the proper information/ education on sexuality and how it can be an actual key to live in the physical world, then what will remain is simply an understanding within human beings of how to establish proper conditions to explore and develop their sexuality. All power games and abuse linked to physical encounters will cease to exist.


Edited by Scott Cook – thanks.

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