No More Psychology in an Equal Money System

Psychology is part of the mental health industry, which means that, just as anything else in this reality, we have made of our understanding of the mind another business that is requiring human subjects with apparently ‘incurable’ traits accepted as ‘human nature’ that must be periodically ‘treated’ in a continuous attempt to stop such conditions.

Within its current conformation, psychology has failed to support the human being to take self responsibility for any ‘mental disorder’ that must be realized as self-created; instead it is taken as a subject of study to create more theories wherein all the aspects and context of what generates such ‘disorder’ is accepted as ‘real’ and ‘unchangeable.’ This means accepting thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires, wants as ‘who we are’ which are the building blocks of any ‘mental dysfunction.’ That’s how psychologists have secured a constant clientele because of us human beings deeming ourselves as ‘flawed’ and requiring ‘professional support’ to correct it – that is, those who can afford it.

Instead of psychology being a separate study that relatively few take on as a profession to make money, it will be part of the integral education and understanding of what it is that we are creating ourselves as in relation to our mind. Therefore psychologists will cease to exist within the context they do now, as everyone is able to take self-responsibility for their own experiences through a process of investigating how we created such experience in full detail, rather than trying to find ways to ‘cope with it’ in our day to day living.

Psychology enforces the victimization of the human as being ‘incapable’ of supporting themselves while requiring people with such credentials to give you some ‘support’ for it. Abdication of Self Responsibility has been a constant factor in our reality, which is how the concept of ‘god’ was created in the first place – therefore we realize that there is no cure other than supporting and directing ourselves in ways that have never existed before which is:  living as equals = working, living, thinking and doing that which is best for all.


No More Human Drama- Equal Money System

This is part of what we are walking as Desteni and the Desteni I Process wherein we are supporting ourselves and each other to become our own ‘psychologists’ within the basic principle of getting to know ourselves. These same tools will become part of the basic human education. Equal understanding and application = best for all outcome.

We begin with taking self responsibility as our mind and walking a process of Self-Forgiveness in Self Honesty to give ourselves a blank slate to script ourselves to live in effective ways. We realize we don’t require any form of medication but self-direction and self will to correct our actions, thoughts, and spoken words in every moment. Within this we no longer accept ‘human nature’/ human behavior as something ‘unchangeable’ and instead we instate ourselves as the creators and directors of our reality.

Once we step outside of our personal troubles, we start seeing the greater picture where we see a reality that requires physical solutions to stop physical suffering – our ‘problems’ are then put into perspective once that we become aware of the reality we have neglected while being caught up in the mindwebs of our experiences.


In the Equal Money System the key is Self-Support in Self Honesty to live in effective ways to coexist in harmony. That’s in essence what psychology will become as part of the support necessary to adjust ourselves to an Equality System. This implies stopping all forms of inner conflict to focus on doing and directing our reality to a best-for-all outcome – which would imply then actually living and stopping the dwelling inside our minds within the belief that ‘there is something wrong with us.’

Specific support and assistance will be provided for anyone experiencing and/or presenting specific cases of mental instability that may lead them to harm themselves or others. This is the necessary rehabilitation that each person will have to take on as part of their self-responsibility within an Equality System. Each case will be walked  to the point where we can make sure that the person is able to coexist effectively in society.  A buddy-system will be available so that we can all check upon each others’ application and support whenever it is necessary. This way we won’t be requiring to ‘go to the psychologist’ every time that we are facing some difficulty in our inner experience. We will become a network of self-support as we will all understand and live by the same principles = equality in action.


Money won’t be a cause of inner conflict that is created out of lack or fear of loss which certainly affects our stability within everything we do. We will have enough time and supportive networks to assist people to support themselves with the tools to walk the process of self correction. This will be much simpler than it is now because there will be no pressure over ‘time = money,’ and there will be no need to fear losing relationships that existed only as financial pillars or any other form of current limitation because each one will be supported to live. There will be plenty of time to support ourselves wherein self expression will be a key point to transcend our past limitations that stood as the reflection of a system of abuse and limitation.

For now, we can only expose psychology for the false solution it has been in this reality in spite of the multiple theories and ideas that have served only to glorify people’s egos and pockets, without having any relevant or consistent effect to generate solutions for the human mind. There is no quick fix to this either, we have to literally program ourselves into being humans that consider each other as equals and exist in ways that are supportive for all beings in this world – and we are already walking the main task that has been disregarded all this time.


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