2012 Destonians Take Over the World: The New Culture of LIFE

Tools like the internet as social media, video sharing communities and a general movement of ‘expression’ have been part of our current society with one single purpose: shaping/ molding/ creating a society that is kept well-bound to a system wherein we all learn from a very young age that: everything has a price, everything must be sold, everything you do/ express/ create must be part of a market that can be then valued according to a set of divine-laws that we never even get to fully ‘understand’ because they are simply NOT based on Common sense.


Within our current process of seeing ‘the collective unconscious’ manifested as the World Wide Web, we are facing the truth of humanity at a click of a mouse, we are able to access the brutality, the nastiness, the gloriously heaven pictures of a fantastic spiritual world wherein all forms of love and light blind the eyes of those that neglect the animal abuse, human abuse as videos of people hitting each other, torture, rape, all types of paraphilias, vanity that is sold everywhere, all self-improvement sites linked to making everyone just another obedient drone that is able to buy, consume and appear to be happy for a camera that will serve as an instrument to propagate a false idea of what ‘Life’ is. We have essentially corrupted inventions to perpetuate a state of slumber to keep just ‘buying,’ building our nice ego-personalities and aspire to become ‘number one’ in this world.

All of this is happening at an impressive speed wherein we forget what the hell it is that is actually happening in this world.  What about those billions that have no idea that there is such a thing as Internet? How about all the kids that spend their days working as slaves without having a fucking idea of what their extraction/ manufacturing job will ‘work like/ be-like/ taste like’ once the product is finished?  Millions are absolutely ostracized from our techno-era wherein tweeting and being on Facebook have become ‘the way’ of living  out digitalized personas wherein we’ve become merely ‘ideas’ of ourselves as “being living.”


One can only take a look at what the daily ‘trends’ are on twitter to realize: we are living in an absolute dimensional shift from reality, thinking about fame, fortune, our relationships, literal bullshit, celebrities, spitefulness, protesting, and arguing for our limitations while the actual matters in this world are side-viewed and often considered as ‘negative messages’ that a very few dare to see/ watch/ hear.


We have created the system as the image and likeness of that eternal ‘carelessness,’ the ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude that has prevailed as a general starting point of allowing oneself to be absorbed by entertainment, by all things that sound comfortable enough to not have to ‘think’ about it. How many times have I heard people saying that they don’t like watching anything that ‘makes them think’ – which I have understood implies documentaries/ films that may change your current perspective on life, because that would imply change and that triggers fears and questions that I am sure everyone has asked themselves, yet we’ve left that moment just ‘escape out of the window’ because We Know that in such moments, we are able to see that everything that we are doing is actually a lie that is not supporting ourselves or anyone for that matter.

The majority of the people wants to just tune-in and ‘plug-out’ of reality while being immersed in a movie, in a stream of consciousness as a program that repeats itself using the same lingo that others around the world can relate to and use to keep each other within the same bounds of ‘entertainment,’ of nice images, nice ‘ideals’ and ‘role models’ that show us that Money, Fame, Glory is ‘the way to make it’ in this world.


I ponder, how long will that remain so? What will these people do when all the money is gone, or all the resources that had made that ‘life is a fantasy land’ type of ideal a ‘reality’ only for some. Every time that I read what’s ‘going on’ on Twitter and whenever I get to see what is going on around other people’s Facebook pages, we are able to get our reality check  to see what is occupying one’s world/mind/ day/ moment – it is usually everything else but actual common sense or any self-supportive material that reveals the world we live in.


We are here as Destonians and we are already a Network of People around the world using the Internet as our main platform  wherein we share our commitment and dedication to expose the reality we  live in, beginning with sharing/ exposing ourselves in common sense. We don’t only ‘complain’ about how this system is, because we realize that we have created it/ we are ‘it’ and as such, we take Self Responsibility for it. 


We understand the practicality, benefits and potential that tools like the internet have; in fact I would not be able to be sitting here writing these words if I didn’t have the money and education to do so. I am part of the human beings that have realized that I am in a position in which I can make a difference by using the tools and resources I have within common sense and directed to create/ write/ speak/ expose material as words/ images/ sounds that are in the best interest of AL Life. We just have to make them available to everyone and using them within common sense, using the ‘wise ways’ of a system that would only care to make money and provide equal access to that which is already HERE and can be used for human empowerment in Equality.


We are re-starting our starting point in this world as humanity, and this is the time wherein we create an awareness/ space in the internet about the ability we have to Use the Tools in Common Sense, become the glitch in the system that doesn’t use Facebook within its initial purpose to gossip and date people or even talk shit about others; instead we use it to relate, link  and get to know people that have always felt the same way we all, Destonians, once did: not wanting to participate in the usual bullshit of this world yet kind of accepting it because there were ‘no other options,’ never realizing we could create them. So, we’re here: creating an entire New Culture of Life that is speaking up common sense from most of the corners of the world, standing as equals within one single principle: What’s Best for ALL Life. Within this, we are changing the rules, slowly but surely, of how Social Networks are used and can be used if we all see that there is a definitive change/ transformation to create in this world.


Facebook’s platform of ‘What’s on your mind?’ when used in the Destonian style has become an immediate open stage to proclaim to the world ‘What do you see is common sense worthy of sharing with the world?’ And within that, educate each other that we don’t have to ‘stick to the rules’ of what a site was made for. The same applies for YouTube wherein we as Desteni have faced multiple trials and tribulations in terms of being censored, banned, false-flagged, false claiming copyright to take our videos down, removing our partnerships as well as being ‘attacked’ by groups that feel that we are a ‘great threat’ to this world, which we are if such people are the type of persons that get all the benefits from enslaving fellow human beings and get the most of the cake, without giving a fuck about the consequences that such stance is manifesting in this world.


We are a group of individuals infiltrating the net through blogs, vlogs, forums and comments on YouTube that are windows of opportunity to anyone that wants to join us, to stand one and equal to exposing ourselves, the ‘real deal ‘ that we as humans have become, which is not nice or pretty.


This has been a process for us to walk through, to walk enough time individually, asserting ourselves and walking a process of establishing self trust to be able to now speak up and share what we see is common sense = what’s best for all, what’s relevant for the world to know about. We are walking the process of proving to ourselves that common sense is actually undeniable, it is non-debatable, it is what is here and what must be exposed to create enough waves in the ocean to show the world that: There IS another way to this, that the current problem/ crisis we are facing in all aspects as humanity requires to be approached within the starting point of Taking Self Responsibility, it is about allowing ourselves to become part of the voices that stop vanity in this world, that stop supporting the usual bullshit just to be accepted and liked. We’ve come out of our hideouts to stand up and voice that which had never been voiced before.


We are a group because we understand that we would not have been able to walk this all alone – we walk as equals, we are everywhere just by typing ‘Desteni’ and ‘Equal Money System’ on your search engines– see how common sense is shared and exposed by people all over the world and how we are indeed, dedicated to change the way that the internet is being ‘lived.’ We use what is here and we are decided to make the most of it through creating the New Culture of Life: a Culture of Life Support with tools that will enable us to stand as Equals, a visual culture that exposes the atrocities accepted and allowed within this world and directing it within common sense to place the solution to it which is the Equal Money System as the way to give to each other what we want for ourselves.


Become part of the glitch in this current profit-image based system and Stand Up for a Dignified Living, a Dignified way of expressing commons sense, presenting solutions and interacting with others in the world within a new code of behavior that is best for all, to ensure we stop any ideas of life having to be a ‘lifestyle’ – Life’s Style must be Common Sense in all ways.

Wake up, Human, Desteni’s Got You

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Desteni - The Culture of Life in the Internet
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4 responses to “2012 Destonians Take Over the World: The New Culture of LIFE

  • BeiYin

    Marlene, this is the most direct, pointing out the truth about the reality of our social system, that I have read all over the Internet for the last ten years! I wonder how many responses you are receiving from people who have realized for themselves what you are describing. With my writings I am getting rarely any feedback and so I see that I am too far ahead of people’s evolution. So it is good and important for me, to see that there are others who are looking through the fake reality that people are living. Caught in the trap of their so sophisticated developed mindset up to the highest spiritual belief systems, that answers showing up doubts and desperation.
    The difficulty seems to be, pointing out the truth, that nobody wants to know about it, because then people would fall into a void they
    can’t deal with, as they would loose the security of their established personality that needs to defend oneself with all the techniques
    and tricks we know…
    I am trying to give information for those who are ready to get out of their straitjacket of personality and asking questions that are going beyond what the society is offering.
    I have uploaded a draft of an ebook to my Web site, that is directed to such people, but it seems, that there is nobody who is interested. Until now there has been no response or a question. It is pretty clear that spaces like facebook are not the right place to offer this kind of information, as there might be only one out of 100.000 ready for such thing. So after trying at facebook, I have left this silly Internet space.
    Since quite some time I want to make a series of videos. I will let you know, when these are online.
    I would appreciate very much, if you would give me a feedback about my ebook. But I ask you to follow the instruction how to use this book, because it is different than usual books and should not be read like you are used. Please follow the advice in the introduction.

    Click to access key.pdf


  • anton

    awesome thanks for sharing, yes we are a new culture for LIFE from all corners of the earth, we speak as one voice to bring what is best for all. thanks.

  • none

    loved this post and agree with everything you say! but i followed your links and they go to a site for some woman who says she communicates with the dead?? through portholes?? you sound smart, so what a weird thing to link to. doesn’t sound like common sense at all.

    • Marlen

      Hello “none”
      I suggest that if you actually allow yourself to HEAR you’ll see that ‘the woman’ is actually speaking common sense the whole time. If you allow yourself to expand a bit your current perspectives on the world, you’ll see that the material is actually self-supportive. Each one of us have allowed ourselves to do that and have then realized what we are then here writing/ speaking and sharing in common sense. To sum it up: I would not be able to be writing what I write if I hadn’t watched and read the material at desteni.org

      Give yourself a chance.


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