2012 Why was I able to Hear Desteni?

Getting to Desteni and having my curiosity about the most intricate ‘questions’ at an existential level clarified and resolved with such ease and immediacy, lead me to be now curious about what would become of this life once that we had those answers that had occupied our minds for entire lifetimes as human beings. What would we now do with our reality now that it had been exposed as the perfect enslavement plan that we had complied to in an equal desire to ‘experience life on Earth’? Now that there are no more ‘locks’ to this, the ‘quest’ simplified itself. What remained was the simplicity of myself having to face my reality beginning with debunking ‘my precious’ as the ego/ personality idea of myself  that I had devoted my life to construct/ develop at some point in means of being ultimately accepted and recognized within my narrow perception of ‘the world’ wherein everyone just sought to be happy and live a comfortable li(f)e.

The moment that I realized I had to face myself, my reaction was that of resignation, resistance and even sadness within the perception that giving up my desires and dreams was like committing suicide while being alive and becoming a robot, which is a common initial judgment based on our usual understanding of ‘stopping the mind’ as becoming nothing else but a breathing sack of muscles and bones. This statement I have realized to be the first point that I had neglected throughout my life while seeking some spiritual self-worth in some ‘ethereal’ version of me, this was neglecting myself as the physical body that I am.

This was the most obvious yet shocking aspect that I had to start forgiving myself for as it was within this basic denial that my entire perception of the world became an elusive alternate reality wherein I wouldn’t have to be ‘carrying myself’ physically, wherein I would be able to ‘leave this mortal coil’ and exist forever in some fluffy space. I was wrong, I had to go backwards and forgive myself for having accepted and allowed myself to consider me as only a ‘vessel’ which was mostly an idea that I took out of convenience from some spiritual books and new age paraphernalia. This is how I started seeing that I had chosen to ‘believe’ in things that would support my initial starting point of wanting to escape from myself, from this reality and not having to face it in any way as myself.

Realizing that this entire world was in essence ‘in reverse’ was shocking. Discovering that the light and love that we tend to seek was linked to the very perpetual enslavement of humanity within this enclosed systematic reality became a powerful – and almost instant – detonator to my incipient beliefs in spiritual realms and my preference in believing in a ‘better experience’ in the afterlife.

Once that I was able to get rid of my beliefs as I went studying the material, directing myself to watch videos, documentaries, shock-videos, conspiracy theories, explanations on the monetary system as well as any other social-problem, I was able to replace my then interest for the occult, the spiritual, the non-tangible realms of mindfucks that I had indulged myself in for quite some time, to start looking at the harsh reality that is here, being lived everyday in this world.

Watching this material was the bucket of cold water that I required to realize how much I had neglected while existing in my own little cocoon of lovely ideas to make this world seem a ‘nice place’ in a superficial way. I realized the extent of self-talk that I had imprinted on me to project a complacent image to be liked, to be accepted in order to fit within a society while suppressing the actual ‘existential woe’ that I hadn’t allowed myself to face as myself. Seeing the world through videos, documentaries allowed me to once again become interested in creating a change at a social level, which is something that I had ditched out to step into a more ‘spiritual transformation’ which is when I was went a bit deep into the rabbit hole without being able to find substantial solutions.

Why I was able to hear Desteni is because I realized that no other living principle, doctrine, philosophy or set of ‘beliefs’ had ever considered the most obvious fact of us being One and Equal as Life and be able to take this realization into a practical and applicable manner such as the tools of Self Forgiveness, Self Honesty, Writing ourselves to freedom from the starting point of supporting ourselves to step out of that self reclusion from HERE, stepping out of our own mind-bubble and integrating ourselves to live HERE physically breathing, physically aware of how other living beings are experiencing themselves here on Earth, how it is that our man-made systems have harmed and abused life in the name of greed and power within an anthropocentric idea of this world belonging to ‘us,’ the so-called rational species. All of this information lead me to step down from my self-proclaimed ideals of grandeur and desires for ‘attaining’ something in separation of myself. It’s been a process of walking in humbleness, deliberately stopping any form of ideals to fulfill in the name of my personal interest. I am instead becoming aware of common sense as a living principle that’s best for all in equality, which has allowed me to see how the possibility of change exists in everyone if we Will ourselves live it/ do it.

The moment I saw the effectiveness that I was able to create within my life through the application of the tools, I realized how I was dis.covering the actual ‘power’ that had always existed Here as myself, yet always neglected and tampered while seeking some ‘superior knowledge’ to fulfill my egotistic tendencies to ‘know it all’ and be ‘knowledgeable’ in an attempt to control myself, others and my reality.

Seeing ‘the truth of myself’ became quite a  pain that I had to face as a process of self-liberation that I had not conceived was possible before. We are so used to accept our reality ‘as it is’ without ever questioning it, without ever daring to challenge our own ‘ways’ as quirks, preferences, personality, beliefs, ideals, fears, dreams… as much as it seemed like ‘going through hell’ at times when facing the truth of myself, I can only now recall it as a necessary ‘shock’ for me to take off the ‘nice veneer’ that I was protecting myself with to be able to ‘cope with the world’ yet having to be continually deceiving myself. Stopping self-deception is a constant application yet a very necessary step to establish Self Honesty as who we are in every moment.

Realizing that we are able to actually support ourselves to correct our personalities, our patterns, behaviors, stopping  the unconceivable ‘unchangeable’ quirks and addictions, is something that had never been inculcated in this world because of everything being specifically designed to keep an entire enslavement system in place, wherein everything was specifically set up so that no one would ever realize the actuality of who we really are as life, as equals, as that ‘true power’ that we  are and that we are still in the process of dis-covering and walking it as ourselves. 

It was only through Desteni that I was able to quench my thirst toward attaining knowledge and instead, got spoon-fed with common sense wherein I realized how much I was ‘seeking outside of myself’ while missing the obvious, missing myself as every breath that I am here, existing in full potential to do and act according to what’s best for all, to be that point that stops the sins of the fathers, to be that revolutionary point within the system. To me Desteni had to become something as revolutionary as the idea of the world being round or the discovery of fire – I mean, the fact that it has not gone mainstream is due to us human beings mostly fearing to lose our status quo, regardless of what extensive amounts of self abuse and fear accompany such voluntary permanence in the ‘same old ways,’ just because of fearing to step into the unknown and realize who we really are and what we can be and become if we stand as equals.

Removing this inherent aspect of ‘self importance’ as that extensive and intense self-conscious way of existing has allowed me to walk in  consideration of other beings as myself, of realizing the actual power that self-support to realize equality as who we really are as a key factor to establish the collectiveness that we had lost within a system of survival of the fittest, a system that we had accepted and allowed ourselves to perpetuate in the name of winning and losing, of surviving, of power and control. All of that is able to be walked and self corrected within and through walking this process within the platform and network of support that Desteni is and represents as everyone participating within the application and practical implementation of the necessary changes within ourselves to finally prove to ourselves and the world that we are able to stand up for Life and transform ourselves into beings that care. We are walking the proof of how we can remove all those thick layers of self-diminishment, self judgment, self negligence to dis-cover the truth of ourselves as the full potential to learn how to live as equals and eventually, be HERE in equality and oneness which is the process itself that we walk here in every moment – breath by breath.

Breathing, how much had I neglected this constant and consistent physical confirmation of: I am here, I am part of this reality, living with beings that are also breathing, that are myself and that I require to stop ignoring while only existing up there in my mind.

I have discovered what it is to stand as equals, not to only ‘care’ in self interest of another/ others, but as an actual process of seeing that all is already HERE and I just require myself to direct myself and do what is best for all.

I am now realizing that any and all limitations and fears that we have lived by have been self created locks to prevent us from actually LIVING. I’ve stepped out of having no purpose to live and wandering around in a life of seeking ‘fulfillment’ outside of myself, and realizing that I am in fact able to stop living in fear, stop living as the ideas and limitations of not being able to change ourselves, stopped complying to what I had believed myself to be and dared to see myself, to challenge and stop any beliefs and ideas of ‘who I am’ in order to stand as a living principle that doesn’t require to form a personality to ‘cope with reality,’ but rather becomes a spokesperson for for those that cannot currently speak for themselves.

This has been now a life commitment that I’ve taken on as myself, standing within a group that is inclusive for all that is willing to walk in Equality to establish in a physical reality what we always dreamed of as ‘Heaven on Earth.’ We require to dream no more, we have discovered it is a matter of willing ourselves to live by a principle, to burst our bubbles of self-deception and self-indulgence to then start walking along with others in equality and becoming the change that we want to see in this world. We have stopped pointing fingers at others to instead take Self Responsibility for this world and our entire ‘history of mankind’ which has been only a series of life-negligence that we are here to stop and correct for the rest of our existence.

This is IT – this is the actual grace that we can give ourselves for the first time in our existence and for that, I could not allow myself to overlook this opportunity to finally do what I sought my entire life: changing the world and for that, I had to begin with myself and walk with others doing the same.

Desteni is the single most outrageous bunch of people that you’ll find in this planet, I’m grateful to walk along with humans that care enough for themselves to become a point of support in this world until we are able to stand as equals in fact and finally establish the reality we had only had wild dreams about. We are here, we are walking it – join us in walking the talk of our reality in Equality.

I am here walking a process of self support shared and walked with anyone else that is willing themselves to do the same, to live and walk a process of self perfection to dignify ourselves as life and the life of everyone on Earth.

I am devoted to live and create a system that is able to support all beings in equality.

Walk with us, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.




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