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2012 Death and Destruction

To me 2012 was a year of ‘The End’ and I was once an acrid believer that something would happen in 2012. I would  get an energetic kick out of speaking about ‘the apocalypse,’ ‘the end of the world’ and all possible outcomes wherein I mostly wanted everything to be wiped out, it would make […]

245. Sublimity and Ecstatic Self Experiences

  When looking at the sublime and the end of the world relationship, there’s more of a physical  effect of the energy as an experience that I would participate in wherein the usual ‘setting’ was me listening to some music and painting that which I would get an entire energetic kick out of, finding my […]

243. The Sublime and the End of the World

While listening to the Doomsday Activist Life Review, I realized that I had precisely gone for the exhilaration and experience of having a certain moment wherein ‘something’ had to happen in this world  as an ultimate doomsday scenario/ Armageddon type of event, because there were just ‘too many points converging into the same day’ that […]

Day 33: Land Lover

Wanting to change the world, claiming to ‘love life’ is a usual personality suit to avoid having to deal with looking at the first change and ‘love’ that we have always missed within ourselves: ourselves I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ever proclaim that I ‘loved the world,’ wherein this […]

Appetite for Self Destruction anyone?

So!  I’ll start from now and then go a bit backwards on yesterday and so forth..  I just had a ‘chat’ with my mother which is the type of communication we ‘have’ while I’m here apart from them. It usually goes like her asking me to come online as she’s online and then we go […]

605. What can I learn about myself in natural disasters?

What I experienced the past month was a literal shaking of my foundation, of all that I took for granted, of everything that I believed would be there ‘forever’ and suddenly see the constant changes that can be triggered in our lives sometimes in a literal shocking and destructive manner. I have dwelled with sorrow […]

410. What we Miss in the Infowar Mentality

There are times wherein there is a perception of there being ‘a lot going on in the world’ based on the information/news that we get all around the world in our media outlets wherein there’s this massive created awareness of events/situations unfolding as ‘news’ which lately relate more and more about wars, attacks, political confrontations […]

407. The Mind as Mankind’s Fall

Continuation to: 406. ‘The Fall’ in Process   The original nature of man as ‘fallen’ can be understood as that origin and starting point of our existence as the manifestation of the separation of Self as one and equal. This is about that primordial separation from which we have come a long, long way up […]