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2008/04/12 The first self honesty record on pc world typed

2008/04/13 Back from family reunion

2008/04/14 Another Monday

2008/04/15 It’s just one of those days

2008/04/16 Cookie-dough Theory

2008/04/16 Enjoy writting

2008/04/16 The day I got the tree of life interview

2008/04/18 self doubts

2008/04/19 One Month

2008/04/20 Day Zero

2008/04/21 Still pain in the head!

2008/04/22 about pootry

2008/04/23 Refractions

2008/04/23 from 7 months ago

2008/04/24 Death and art

2008/04/25 Bird learns to fly

2008/04/26 blast from the past

2008/04/27 Expectatives -tentatives- temptations= expell temptations

2008/04/28 What do I see?

2008/04/29 much music

2008/04/30 fear of loss?

2008/05/01 No working day – and drunks party above me

2008/05/02 back again

2008/05/03 Rattling the cages of the caged

2008/05/04 …thick bloody day

2008/05/05 Landing on Earth

2008/05/06 My insecurities

2008/05/07 The shape of things to come

2008/05/07 how do I experience myself?

2008/05/08 I move I dance

2008/05/08 remembering the catcher in the rye

2008/05/09 Enjoying painting

2008/05/10 mothermatrix day

2008/05/11 long time no-seeing l’via

2008/05/12 what is the expectancy

2008/05/13 city stress

2008/05/14 pain-ting struggle

2008/05/15 The golden age of grotesque

2008/05/16 like a tattoo I no longer like

2008/05/17 attract I on

2008/05/18 Understanding self expression

2008/05/19 2 months no weed

2008/05/20 cloudy day

2008/05/21 On I own

2008/05/22 I once went nuts – yes

2008/05/23 saw dead

2008/05/24 Salida – Exit (there’s no ESC from ourselves)

2008/05/24 Riding bike and the sky

2008/05/25 ride the sky

2008/05/25 4 give nest

2008/05/25 Self forgiveness part two sunday

2008/05/25 self forgiveness adjectives

2008/05/25 day scripted through self forgiveness

2008/05/26 SF sleeping and pope

2008/05/28 vlog : judgements & fears

2008/05/28 music art musicians artists expressions SF

2008/05/28 no more judgements

2008/05/29 the way the cookie crumbles

2008/05/29 I am beyond definitions

2008/05/30 Religious stuff just pooping out!

2008/05/31 Dare!: cut hair off!

2008/05/31 Hair is gone

2008/06/01 update to may 30th music post

2008/06/02 ended painting curse

2008/06/03 no expectations please

2008/06/04 I AM – whole sentence

2008/06/05 all will be known

2008/06/06 Clarity today

2008/06/06 here

2008/06/08 CONcert

2008/06/08 In days like these, but 5 years ago….

2008/06/09 Misery loves company

2008/06/09 When all that you wish for eventually comes true

2008/06/10 solution to pain

2008/06/10 getting done with them. . .

2008/06/11 Experiences… different topics

2008/06/12 Now left side – femenine world

2008/06/12 It is too late now

2008/06/13 coming back “home”

2008/06/14 my life goes blank

2008/06/15n (H) elena

2008/06/15 father may tricks day

2008/06/16 raging in house

2008/06/17 doubtful, yes mind is a fuick

2008/06/18 Buried alive

2008/06/19 the Beat nick

2008/06/19 It’s been 3 months now!

2008/06/20 temptations

2008/06/21 the movie of my life

2008/06/22 shedding the skin

2008/06/23 horroris vacui

2008/06/24 put myself to sleep

2008/06/24 frustration

2008/06/25 my first unpaid job

2008/06/25 Cloudiness

2008/06/25 memories and pictures

2008/06/26 foood sf

2008/06/26 Grateful

2008/06/27 Personal realization does not exist

2008/06/28 Lo que te choca, te checa

2008/06/29 Fear fear fear

2008/06/30 walter

2008/07/01 SF …. what comes around this time?

2008/07/01 Past paper flies

2008/07/02 excuse

2008/07/03 More stuff from the hard disk

2008/07/04 Buckets of cold water

2008/07/05 mothermatrixdemon

2008/07/06 sunday

2008/07/07 Slip into Sleep

2008/07/08 Clarity

2008/07/09 Little bit closer to freedom

2008/07/10 Never stop stopping

2008/07/11 Rebelling – Revealing

2008/07/12 writing= reflection

2008/07/13 not defining today

2008/07/14 schooldead

2008/07/15 release – realize

2008/07/16 More past shite –

2008/07/17 Express as Self

2008/07/18 painted today

2008/07/19 For four months now

2008/07/20 In front of your eyes

2008/07/21 wo men’s true hate

2008/07/22 in the moment

2008/07/22 No Rush

2008/07/23 pattern recogniton sf

2008/07/23 pattern recogniton

2008/07/24 could this be pms?

2008/07/24 dinosaurs

2008/07/25 Memento – stop the suffering

2008/07/26 polar ties

2008/07/27 dissolving – the solving

2008/07/28 Pur pose

2008/07/29 photo memory

2008/07/30 Mellon collie

2008/07/31 see the sea

2008/08/01 erased fears

2008/08/02 crash test dummies

2008/08/03 photo illusion

2008/08/04 Sly test

2008/08/05 Cellphone’s dead

2008/08/05 hARTante

2008/08/05 Along the waves

2008/08/06 sf on school role

2008/08/06 relationships revised

2008/08/07 too pushy?

2008/08/08 hero in

2008/08/08 smart ass

2008/08/09 past/present conditioning

2008/08/10 enjoy last day

2008/08/11 for the moment

2008/08/12 big city gets me

2008/08/13 the fearful

2008/08/14 back to ride

2008/08/15 vains in vein

2008/08/16 Nostalgia

2008/08/17 Another blast from the past

2008/08/18 art sy

2008/08/19 back to enschool

2008/08/20 Separation

2008/08/21 holden in the rye

2008/08/22 moka’s unsolved mystery

2008/08/23 sunrise – sunset

2008/08/24 Masks off

2008/08/25 Rant

2008/08/26 Rants

2008/08/27 Is table again.

2008/08/28 future and white light crap

2008/08/29 A 7 second smile

2008/08/29 Past still haunts you

2008/08/30 still reacting ….

2008/08/31 any given day

2008/09/01 two and two

2008/09/02 Inevitably facing

2008/09/03 direction

2008/09/04 how to dismantle this bomb?

2008/09/05 Stellet Licht

2008/09/06 store

2008/09/07 no clouds today

2008/09/08 memoires

2008/09/09 Mayas and light

2008/09/10 Physical : marduk, draconians = us

2008/09/11 gentlemen

2008/09/12 fried day

2008/09/13 going by

2008/09/14 I’ve seen it all

2008/09/15 Infused fears

2008/09/16 It can only last for so long

2008/09/17 aftermath

2008/09/18 A rising

2008/09/19 6 months clear

2008/09/20 180 degree

2008/09/21 taken

2008/09/22 just BEing

2008/09/23 a little bit…

2008/09/24 peu- rfect

2008/09/25 Infinity scab

2008/09/26 memories: part one hundred and one

2008/09/27 V!!!

2008/09/28 day -the aid

2008/09/29 holding back

2008/09/30 Group conformity – death

2008/10/01 Taking off the mask

2008/10/02 life: a style? lol

2008/10/03 half anger

2008/10/04 day sucked

2008/10/05 Trust -the rust

2008/10/05 Part #120 all that could’ve been and never was

2008/10/05 stop! and watch october moon

2008/10/06 Half anger 2 : becoming whole

2008/10/07 Money

2008/10/07 Waking life – dreams

2008/10/08 Holding on to life

2008/10/09 THe object of desire

2008/10/10 The Obvious

2008/10/11 Broken Status Quo

2008/10/12 more on breaking status quo

2008/10/12 old fiends

2008/10/13 More memo

2008/10/14 Opening eyes

2008/10/15 Recognizing arrow glance

2008/10/16 Protection

2008/10/17 until sunday

2008/10/19 concert aftermath

2008/10/19 7 months
2008/10/20 exploring sel interest

2008/10/22 Jacks in the boxes

2008/10/23 What MONEY meant in my world

2008/10/23 Fucking cool

2008/10/24 Arrived Too Late

2008/10/25 Blindness

2008/10/26 Cómo la falta de dinero afecta la vida de una persona?

2008/10/26 time change

2008/10/28 Money on mo

2008/10/29 crayons

2008/10/31 Hollow Inn

2008/11/01 the spiderwebs

2008/11/02 price tags

2008/11/05 facing time

2008/11/07 O beeehh y

2008/11/08 tricks

2008/11/09 how much do I cost?

2008/11/11 Idle

2008/11/13 Socialism in the 21st century? 

2008/11/15 trash festival

2008/11/17 oh pee kneel on

2008/11/20 perfectionism sucks

2008/11/21 indi vidu hellity

2008/11/23 Thinking Memories

2008/11/24 Tantalizing

2008/11/25 Everybody Knows

2008/11/26 A year(n) a-go

2008/11/28 dream of being sick

2008/11/30 Fear no more

2008/12/01 Around my neck

2008/12/02 Indiference

2008/12/03 Interaction

2008/12/09 School’s over!

2008/12/10 To communicate words of awareness

2008/12/11 the pilgrims are blind

2008/12/12 preetty clean clothes

2008/12/13 Thoughts that divide and fuck up

2008/12/14 Wake up

2008/12/15 On the radio

2008/12/16 Bitter

2008/12/17 Meetings

2008/12/19 Knitting the sweater

2008/12/20 The Last Breath

2008/12/21 Communication within common sense

2008/12/22 Flattering

2008/12/23 The fabric of sensations

2008/12/25 merrylie xxxmas

2008/12/25 Updated slideshow

2008/12/25 no subject

2008/12/26 Fantastic planet

2008/12/28 Videogames as ‘life’

2008/12/29 Resystemance 2008/12/29

2008/12/31 Fall 2008 Drawings

2008/12/31 The Closure

2009/01/01 Ingrained stuff

2009/01/02 Self Forgiveness For M.

2009/01/02 Death is not the end

2009/01/04 sound

2009/01/05 “Life” in the city

2009/01/06 being a stub

2009/01/09 characters out

2009/01/11 The illusion of confusion

2009/01/12 See through

2009/01/13 Bringing awareness of life

2009/01/15 eternal cycles of fuckedupness on “love”

2009/01/17 Ways of having Fun

2009/01/18 Careful with what you wish for!

2009/01/20 Spending time with another

2009/01/23 being with a ‘friend’

2009/01/24 Stand up! no one else will do it for you

2009/01/25 The Principle is Here

2009/01/26 Opinions on poetry – stop yourself inthe moment

2009/01/28 Into the Wild

2009/01/28 SF

2009/01/29 ONE year

2009/01/30 Weariness

2009/01/31 A bit Lost

2009/02/02 overwhelming

2009/02/03 remain here

2009/02/04 The idea of me through childhood -school – self acceptance

2009/02/06 Reading old diary

2009/02/06 SF on forgotten past

2009/02/08 Stopping inside

2009/02/10 Regular outgoing days

2009/02/12 Puzzle analogy

2009/02/13 To stop further illusions

2009/02/14 A door opened

2009/02/16 More on the same stuff

2009/02/20 Me-emo ries, obsessions and stopping tea and kids stuff

2009/02/21 Dreams as a WCO: worm can opener

2009/02/22 Self Forgivness: worm can opener

2009/02/23 Exploring emotions – attacked

2009/02/25 What are we doing to ourselves?

2009/02/27 recognizing

2009/02/28 Breath is creator

2009/03/02 (no title)

2009/03/04 Bossy

2009/03/05 Shackled with food chain

2009/03/07 Casualties

2009/03/09 One expression

2009/03/10 unfolding

2009/03/12 Writing

2009/03/16 Check out the song

2009/03/17 In its right place

2009/03/19 another a year ago

2009/03/22 Unpleasant Mirrors

2009/03/25 Influence

2009/03/27 frustration/anger/sadness

2009/03/28 Self standing up

2009/03/30 family branch

2009/04/03 Fleeing

2009/04/06 no reaction – past encounter

2009/04/11 (no title)

2009/04/12 The thoughts I chose myself to be and become

2009/04/13 a Low

2009/04/14 Notes on Ego – The creation of my mask

2009/04/16 good and evil – only a system construct

2009/04/18 Perspectives, welcome

2009/04/19 on fam

2009/04/19 On sister, more on family – resentment, begrudge, etc.

2009/04/20 Self Forgiveness

2009/04/21 common fears

2009/04/22 Life essence, Life presence Here

2009/04/24 No school – virus threat

2009/04/28 on the experience around here – nature standing up

2009/04/28 My own creation

2009/04/30 frost rational

2009/05/08 dead bird

2009/05/11 The Building – the delusion

2009/05/12 Remembering Dreams

2009/05/14 Changing plans

2009/05/17 On demo-crazy

2009/05/22 on the physical

2009/06/03 hooking on the physical

2009/06/06 The original pain

2009/07/01 One Month

2009/07/02 Self Forgiveness on dream

2009/07/04 To see the inevitability of Facing Self is to see the Beginning of the End –

2009/07/09 Apprehensive and the Food Stuff

2009/08/04 Must All Test It!

2009/09/14 No More Limitation = Money as Life

2009/09/26 In-Action

2009/09/27 Self Righteousness

2009/09/27 The Pit of my Own Crehated Shelve

2009/12/06 Victimization

2009/12/07 Money = Self Support

2010/01/04 Raw writing

2010/02/14 Being the Participant – Stopping being an Observer

2010/03/26 Equal Value within Human Beings

2010/06/15 Back in the Matrix and Agreement Feedback

2010/06/16 Programming Matters – Zoom back camera!

2010/06/17 Drugs on War and War on Drugs

2010/06/17 Breath Walking, Activism and Art rants

2010/06/18 Accelerating the Process of Death

2010/06/19 Support for Shaving your Head and Sharing to the World

2010/06/22 Pointer on Self Movement

2010/06/25 Loftiness and Braving

2010/06/27 Experience of ‘stillness’

2010/06/29 Dream Realization on How I keep others enslaved through ‘idea’ of themselves

2010/07/01 Rant on the World –

2010/07/02 Con-solidated

2010/07/03 Words as Mirrors

2010/07/04 Going up to the sur-face: quicker.

2010/07/05 electioneering

2010/07/06 Laws and lows in ‘Life’

2010/07/08 Equal Money = Breath Orgasm

2010/07/09 Social Equality Networking

2010/07/09 Liberation

2010/07/10 The smell of decay

2010/07/12 Anger – out of control

2010/07/13 Children are Here as Life

2010/07/14 Vlog

+2010/07/14 Equal Money System?

2010/07/15 Death knocks at the door with No Money to behold

2010/07/16 To Vlog or Not to Vlog – There is No Choice

+2010/07/17 No more Limitation! Money as Life

2010/07/18 one vote at a time

2010/07/19 Let-GO of this World

2010/07/19 Associates & Co.

2010/07/22 More on children

2010/07/23 Self Porn Support for Everyone

2010/07/26 Getting new place to stay

2010/07/26 at the end

2010/07/27 This-cowardice – discouragement – dis-may: this-may assist

2010/07/28 Feel-Low-So-Fee

2010/07/30 On the Hype topics

2010/07/31 Humbleness

2010/08/02 band-aid children’s reading campaign

2010/08/03 Glib

2010/08/04 ‘Natural’

2010/08/06 Transport-action

2010/08/07 Liberation

2010/08/08 Equal Money For DUMMIES

2010/08/11 Devoid of the void

2010/08/17 Oficially back in school

2010/08/19 Waking up in the name of Equality

2010/08/19 Sharing day

2010/09/21 Up to date

2010/09/26 Apathy

2010/09/26 Past pre-tensions of who i wanted to be faced

2010/09/27 Co-incidences

2010/09/27 Deadening

2010/09/29 Responsibility when living in groups – feedback in action

2010/09/30 World Rant – news, truths, blues and fools

2010/10/01 The remnants of past-tenses

2010/10/04 Dealing with rich people

2010/10/04 Crowds, comments, reactions, walking

2010/10/06 Vlog day – and inspiration

2010/10/07 Quick note on con-dictioned thought structure

2010/10/08 Follow up on ‘Con-dictioned Thought Structure’

2010/10/12 Re-minders of not to judge others

2010/10/13 On ‘The Middle Road’ – Me-die-crisis

2010/10/13 Manifiesto Insominio – Despierta

2010/10/15 Pouring myself out.

2010/10/17 Appetite for Self Destruction anyone?

2010/10/20 In consonance with Abuse of Power & Authority

2010/10/25 Electrical currents – near death experience –lol

2010/10/28 Communication – actually

2010/10/29 speaking- communicating

2010/10/31 Fool-Feeling Dreams 29/ Octubre/2010

2010/10/31 Past platonic-relationship 30 october 2010

2010/11/02 I had a dream and revolutionary-art

2010/11/03 Assumptions using the excuse ‘Everything’s been said already’

2010/11/07 Self Acceptance – Life is a System Currently

2010/11/07 Sharing Self Realizations upon Walking Process

2010/11/09 Perspective on Education – Current System and Prospected Equality System

2010/11/09 Process Support on ‘Anxiety’

2010/11/10 On Art and Current experience

2010/11/16 Work: an approach within the prospective Equality System

2010/11/19 I can’t own my time and Equality cystic points

2010/12/02 Some anxiety from:

2010/12/06 Realize the Matters of the Matter that Matters

2010/12/08 Update on Practical-Living: The Reunion

2010/12/12 Equal Money System – No more Hierarchies, No more Pyramids, No more X-Mess Trees

2010/12/14 writing out separation

2010/12/20 x-mess times

2010/12/31 $ell-ebrate a New Year ! but don’t look at starving children!

2011/01/09 Directing Writing

2011/01/10 one year of having a shaved head

2011/01/11 on art-direction and some common sense points on gunmen

2011/01/12 Re-visiting the Relationship Construct

2011/01/13 We Stand for Life– Madness and Self Abuse Must be Stopped in All Ways

2011/01/13 Lieght and Lawve

2011/01/14 Vlog feedback and the restaurant setting

2011/01/15 ‘Oh, but I’m only a Human (Failure)’

2011/01/16 Man know thyself as a system

2011/01/17 Drug Trafficking, Energy Addictions and Ego: All-In-One

2011/01/18 Transcending Fear of Animals at the Farm

2011/01/19 Personality suits that can’t fit anymore

2011/01/21 Seeing ourselves in others

2011/01/22 W(h)inning and Losing Game in Education and Patience for Processors

2011/01/23 Energizer-Relationships

2011/01/24 Relationships and Addictions

2011/01/25 Thinking Reality is Not Being HERE

2011/01/25 Newborn in Equality–No More Crimes Against Life

2011/01/27 Purifying words: Vulnerable
2011/01/28 First quote on Zeitgeist
2011/01/29 “Drop your money! Be a Revolting-Slave!”

2011/01/30 Understand Yourself to Change Self – Dissing is Not the Option

2011/01/30 Street Fury: Is this the Solution?

2011/01/31 Paradise Cities are Not the Solution

2011/02/01 Self-Discipline and Physical Consequences

2011/02/02 “Paradise Cities are Not the Solution”–1. Feedback Received”

2011/02/02 “Paradise Cities are Not the Solution”–2. Feedback Received”

2011/02/02 walking through school

2011/02/03 Self Responsibility & Benefits

2011/02/06 The Mind is Not the Enemy

2011/02/07 Revisiting the old to take self responsibility for my creation.

2011/02/08 Orderly Control– Self-Exposure for Self Correction

2011/02/10 Stopping participation in the cravings of the mind

2011/02/11 Robbing the Hood

2011/02/12 Comments in Real Life

2011/02/13 Resisting and Spiting the System is Futile

2011/02/14 Nature of the System and Human Conditioning

2011/02/14 Wives For Sale? Traditions Turned into Business

2011/02/16 Self-Limiting Though Patterns around Money

2011/02/16 40 Year-old Life expectancy in Guerrero, México

2011/02/16 44 Millions in the World added to Poverty rates Food Prices getting high in Developed Countries

2011/02/17 Your MONEY is Determined at BIRTH

2011/02/18 Breaking the ‘Awkward’ Silent-moments

2011/02/18 The Absurdity of the current Money System

2011/02/19 Re-form the Monetary System !

2011/02/19 Patience– the mommy of all virtues

2011/02/20 Equal Money System Says:

2011/02/21 Being HERE is not being in the ‘Now’

2011/02/21 Photo Scam? WHO CARES!!

2011/02/23 Weep-on US with Drugs and Golden Bullets

2011/02/24 Watching Human Rights? That Just.Isn’t the Solution!

2011/02/24 Family of 8 takes Poison to Solve their Money-Problem

2011/02/25 Millionaire’s Passion Crime Exposed

2011/02/26 Family Money Problems Cause Bullying

2011/02/28 Getting angry when directing others

2011/02/28 High Underemployment rates in Times of Crisis

2011/02/28 Deaths by Work Overload in a Profit-Driven World

2011/03/02 ‘Adopt-a-Terrorist For Prayer!’

2011/03/02 The 10 Most Expensive Elementary Schools in México

2011/03/03 Equal Money System Is Monetary RE-FORM

2011/03/03 8 Military Soldiers Caught with 1 Ton of Cocaine

2011/03/04 All-Co-Hole-ism till 5 AM from Today

2011/03/26 Having to ‘Defend Myself’ = Defending Ego

2011/03/06 Protesters of Bullfights Get Bullied by Police

2011/03/06 The Design of Hunger

2011/03/07 27 Million Slaves Exist Amongst Us

2011/03/09 Population, Sexism and Money

2011/03/10 11 World-Millionaires in a Third World Country

2011/03/11 Childbirth in an Equal Money System

2011/03/14 Deputy Uses Public Treasury to Sponsor His own family’s Art Exhibition.

2011/03/15 Poor Education ensures Poverty

2011/03/17 God is Money: Pray for Japan

2011/03/18 “Huffing makes me Forget My Tummy Aches”

2011/03/19 Water: ¿Human Right or Asset?

2011/03/20 Underage Prostitutes and Drug Addicts: Escaping from misery into oblivion?

2011/03/21 War and Money: Where’s the Crisis?

2011/03/23 Social Enterprise: Business Model from Heaven?

2011/03/25 “Justice System is brought to Justice” – For How Long?

2011/03/27 Monetary Psychosis: Everyone’s Disease in the current Money System

2011/03/29 IQ Tests Determine Human’s Labor Tag

2011/04/04 Corruption the Primary Survival-Condition in an Unequal System

2011/04/09 ‘Going out in the Streets is your Daily Dose of Violence’

2011/04/20 Self-Enslavement as Money and the Mind

2011/04/26 Women that like ‘Bad Boys’

2011/05/02 Sharing Desteni–Three stages of self through others

2011/05/17 What Comes After Greek?

2011/05/20 Is Altruism the Real Evolution?

2011/05/25 57 years of Playboy on your Ipad! Ho-oray for your money!

2011/05/25 South African kids learning Mandarin: Not a trend, but a Future Investment

2011/05/26 Living with Humans that Neglect Life requires Us to Stand Up for it

2011/05/31 School is Over!

2011/06/27 Desteni America Meeting– Being HERE with fellow Destonians

2011/07/26 New Blog

2011/07/26 Self Will: If I don’t move … Nothing Moves

2011/08/05 Leaving Dreams to Live the Dream into Reality

2011/08/06 Wording myself to Worth

2011/08/07 Motive-Action: No reason behind it but Self as Life

2011/08/08 The world just had a ‘tough day’

2011/08/11 We are Here to Stay

2011/08/12 The Breaking Point: how to live it & walk it.

2011/08/14 GOLD Standard is NOT Whats Best For All –

2011/08/15 Freedom: Free from Doom

2011/08/17 Daze & Ground

2011/08/23 Abuzz

2011/08/24 Euthanasia: Evacuate the body that suffers

2011/08/26 Birth Life – Not War

2011/08/30 Selling Yourself to the eyes of the capitalist mind

2011/08/31 Spirituality and Capitalism Make sweet love through Hicks

2011/09/01 For Profit to Exist = Abuse must exist

2011/09/04 ‘Reality-Insight and not Mind-feeling’

2011/09/07 The End is No Quick-Fix

2011/09/10 No Doubts: we’re Not Knowledge

2011/09/11Witnessing: You’re Equally Responsible

2011/09/14 Stopping being self-whacking bubbles

2011/09/15 Madly in Anger

2011/09/19 #OccupyWallStreet : Just Another Buster–No Real Change

2011/09/21 Living at the Desteni Farm–a retrospective

2011/09/21 Obvious witty crap

2011/09/22 The ‘Loathing Politics’ Experience

2011/09/23 Take the System for what it is

2011/09/24 Mind Control Victims–Read all about it!

2011/09/25 Spirit-to-hellity: a Heart-based business

2011/09/26 Self expansion–reinventing yourself as one and equal.

2011/09/28 Anger towards Authority

2011/09/30 Rewards and the gore of Glory

2011/10/03 Personality Costs Money

2011/10/04 From Profit to Best-for-All Production

2011/10/06 And God created ‘His Creation’!

2011/10/07 The Living Walking

2011/10/09 There is No fixing in this game: protesting is not the way–.

2011/10/12 Pessimism

2011/10/13 Equal Money and Communism

2011/10/14 The souldiers

2011/10/16 Subject: Just going to a concert.

2011/10/20 Gadhafi is Dead. Is it all over now?

2011/10/21 Common-Sensical Communication–not Egotistical

2011/10/22 Tranquility 2011/10/24 Some Deep-shit to bring afloat

2011/10/25 “Will Land Owners give up their lands in an Equal Money System?”

2011/10/25 “What about the Nuclear Arms and Nuclear Energy?”

2011/10/26 Life Per-pose: is this how it’s ‘meant to be’?

2011/10/28 “Will Max Keiser still exist in an Equal Money System?”

2011/10/29 Give & Take, Ownership, Possessions in an Equal Money System

2011/10/30 Catharsis

2011/10/31 Straight Trees are Cut First?

2011/11/01 ¿What will be the Currency in an Equal Money System?

2011/11/02 Self Interest

2011/11/02 Bartering is STILL Capitalism

2011/11/03 The ‘Loving’ perspective

2011/11/06 Self-Gratifying Machines

2011/11/07 And Justice for All

2011/11/08 Addictions in the Equal Money System

2011/11/14 Freechoice

2011/11/15 Dysfunctional Minds

2011/11/16 Human Greed: a Dolphin’s Nightmare

2011/11/17 “Will ‘health food’ still exist, like ‘bio-food’?”

2011/11/18 “What is going to happen to Private Corporations and People’s Businesses?”

2011/11/18 Adequate

2011/11/21 Laziness: a product of Capitalism?

2011/11/22 Will Prostitutes be Free in an Equal System?

2011/11/23 On Economy and other magic tricks

2011/11/24 Desteni and Equal Money–WTF?

2011/11/27 Reality TV is NOT Made in Hollywood

2011/11/28 Seeking God is a money-driven scam

2011/11/29 Eugenics is Best for All Life in Equality

2011/11/30 Jingle-bell solutions are Not ‘Best for ALL’

2011/12/01 Equality Must be Created–it’s not there yet.

2011/12/02 The Familiar Nuclear Threat

2011/12/03 No more ‘Bad Luck’ in an Equal Money System

2011/12/05 The ‘Feel Good’ times

2011/12/06 No More Space Junk in an EMS?

2011/12/06 No More Plumpy’Nut in an Equal Money System

2011/12/06 Pole-ticks: the uncomfortable truth

2011/12/08 Fluffy-sparkly li(v)es

2011/12/09 No more Sexual Insecurity in an Equal Money System

2011/12/10 Creation and Responsibility

2011/12/13 No More Psychology in an Equal Money System

2011/12/13 Perfectionism is an Inside Job!

2011/12/14 Equality debunks Massification

2011/12/16 Hitchens is dead… and god as well

2011/12/20 Looking at Art–what is going on up there?

2011/12/22 Santa’s Workshop

2011/12/24 Buy your holy-daze–be merry in a crisis mess

2011/12/30 Disposable Lifestyle Must STOP

2011/12/31 We Express no matter what!

January 2012 

2012/01/01 War Stops Here

2012/01/02 Process of Self-Realization: Equality as a group

2012/01/05 World’s best Education is based on Equality

2012/01/08 2012 Death and Destruction

2012/01/09 “Don’t try to get rid of the ego!”

2012/01/10 Hey Nostradamus! – Personality suit exposed

2012/01/12 2012 Paralyzing Human Nature

2012/01/16 2012 The End of the battle Matter vs. Spirit

2012/01/18 2012 The hard and soft veneers

2012/01/19 Life After God

2012/01/22 2012 Desteni I Process & Equal Money System

2012/01/23 2012 The Illusion of this World is our Reality

2012/01/24 Is Inequality only in the Eye of the beholder?

2012/01/26 2012 Self-Religion: The Tower of the Fool

2012/01/27 2012 Destonians Take Over the World: The New Culture of LIFE

2012/01/29 How I was able to Hear Desteni?

2012/01/30 How to Support/ Promote the Equal Money System?

February 2012 

2012/02/02 Reality Check: Sharing Desteni

2012/02/04 2012 Why was I able to Hear Desteni?

2012/02/06 Impatience

2012/02/07 Be-Lame

2012/02/09 2012: 8 Ways to Practically End Suffering

2012/02/11 “The Free World Charter” Review

2012/02/12 2012 What’s your Mark?

2012/02/14 2012 The Unraveling

2012/02/17 2012 Self Acceptance

2012/02/18 2012 Man’s True Nature

2012 Desensitizing: A Culture of Indifference … ifference/

Strike at the Heart of Capital: John Holloway and the veils of theory upon Common Sense … mon-sense/

2012 Life After Death–Interdimensional Portal … al-portal/

2012 Words Are Us … ds-are-us/

Divine Economics: Money or God? … ey-or-god/

2012 R.I.P. God … r-i-p-god/

2012 Self Forgiveness: How-To, Why, What, Where, When? … -who-when/

March 2012 Blogs

2012 Self Forgiveness: How-To, Why, What, Where, When? … -who-when/

Anarchism & Equal Money System … ey-system/

Allegory of the Cave: our excuse to remain as slaves … as-slaves/

Inter-net … inter-net/

Why isn’t Love an Illegal drug? … egal-drug/

2012 The Arbor: to Self-Forgive and Stop the Sins of the Fathers … e-fathers/

2012–Why? … 9/2012why/

2012 Fear of God … ar-of-god/

2012 Stopping judgment–a walking process … g-process/

2012 Hell-o self-creation … -creation/

2012 Meet your maker … our-maker/

‘The Outcast’: self-imposed tag … posed-tag/

2012 Self-Realization without Desteni = unlikely … -unlikely/

2012 Instant Gratification … ification/

2012 Self Honesty as Fear Label … ear-label/

2012 Rotten Apples … en-apples/

2012 Dreamcatchers: Who Imagined this Fuckup? … is-fuckup/

2012 Media and Entertamement: the Mirror of our own Decay … own-decay/

2012 Sculpting in Time: Patience … -patience/

April 2012 Blogs

2012 Sculpting in Time: Patience … -patience/

2012 Death in every breath until life is all that remains … t-remains/

2012 Wake up, Character: Life is not a Play! … ot-a-play/

2012 The Reward World War … world-war/

2012 The Real Shady-side in Humanity … -humanity/

2012 The Living ‘I’ Organism = 1+1 … ganism-11/

2012 Physical Incorporated … orporated/

Day 1 – Clearing Starting Point: Writing … t-writing/

Day 2 – Running out of Oil … ut-of-oil/

Day 3– De-Capital-I-zing Me … i-zing-me/

Day 4–Lugubrious Romantic … -romantic/

Day 5–Judging Self as Words … -as-words/

Day 6- Shame upon Separation … eparation/

Day 7– Deconstructing Sugar … ing-sugar/

Morning in a Process of Self-Honesty World … sty-world/

Day 8: My body is Not an Image … -an-image/

Day 9: Politeness … oliteness/

Day 10: Money and Politeness … oliteness/

Day 11: I.O.U. Life as a Debt System of Power … -of-power/

Day 12: Goodbye Self-Deprecation … precation/

Day 13: The Mind as Self-Creation Buddy … ion-buddy/

Day 14: Keeping Quiet leads to Relationship Failure … p-failure/

Day 15: Adherence: Sticking to Relationships out of Fear of Being alone/ losing a relationship … adherence/

Day 16: Ego-trips of the Heart … the-heart/

Day 17: Dedicated … dedicated/

May 2012

Day 17: Dedicated

Day 18: Self-Interest Sabotage

‘Born Free’–Warfare on your MTV– Day 19

It’s all About the Attitude!

Day 20: Childhood Schooling Years

Day 21: Absorbing Music Media as a Child

Day 23: E-cummulation

Day 24: Supervixen

Day 25: Existential Woes

Day 26: Captive in My Own Cage

Day 27: It’s always only been me

Day 28: I’m Always Right

Day 29: Bite Back for More

Day 30: Artistic Filter

Day 31: Fawning

Day 32: A Dead Honest Confessional

Day 33: Land Lover

Day 34: The Delusion of Ownership

Day 35: Golden Corpses for Sale

Day 36: Vulgar Display of Power

2012 Existential Anguish: Solved

Day 37: The Opium of the People

Day 38: Inconsiderate Blackmail

Day 39: Hypocrisy

Day 40: The You-Diss-All System in Me

Day 41: “Knowledge is Power”

Day 42: Toxic Fun–Drugs as Enslavement

Day 43: Careless

Day 44: The Evil Veil of Me

Day 45: Rejoice when Others Fall

Day 46: Free Choice Godhood

Day 47: Trust in a World of Money-matters

June 2012

Day 48: My Smile is a Rifle + I’m pointing it at you.

Day 49: I Consume Myself – I Worry

Day 50: I Ate Myself Today

Day 51: Tuff Luff –Pregnancy

52: Capitalist Quick-Handy-Brainwash

53: A Clockwork Mindkind–The Evil in Me is the Evil in You

54: God doesn’t play favorites

55: Criminals: The By-product of Rotten-Families

Day 56: Disappointed

Day 57: Fogbound

Day 58: Eternal Spotless Mind

59: Is the Elite the Only Parasite of the Earth?

Day 60: Femme Fatale

61: The Stoned Philosopher

62. ‘I just want to Do Nothing’

63. The Perfect Drug

64. Talents

65. Treacherous System or Original Self-Deception?

66. Holy Fetish: Money as Word of God

67. Money = Function of Abuse

68. Money is a Hegemonic Language

69. Change is in the Meaning of Money

70. ‘Money is My True Desire’

71. Knowledge is $ Power

72. My Career Choice

73. Creative Spirit: I Just want to Paint!

74. “You’ll need to Suffer to make any Real Art”

75. Bursting Dreams to Live Reality

76. Art Saves: My Religion Exposed

July 2012

77. I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

78. Be careful what you wish for

79. “I Feel So Cheated!”

80. Seeking for a Meaningful Li(e)fe

81. ‘We’re all going to die anyways’

82. “WTF was I Thinking?”

83. Finishing what I Started

84. “What are you up to?”

85. Death to the artist–Bearthing Life

86. Ego Trip

87. Tantrum-me

88. The Victim

89. Righteous Victim

90. Nonentity

91. Jocose

92. Thinking = Metaphysics

93. “No need to explain, I got it”

94. In-Sin–Irate: Anger Issues

95. Any Abuse is Always Self-Abuse

96. Words that maketh murder

97. Words as Elitism

98. Words as Mind Control

99. Sentencing Ourselves as Words

1oo. Communication

101. Communication Noise

102: Communication Noise: Parental Communication

103. Being efficient out of Fear!

104. Anger Intimidation in Communication

105. Having a Good Time is defined by MONEY

106. Abundance = Elitist Positive Experience

107. ‘If I don’t get enough attention, I stop sharing myself’

108. ‘Like Father, Like Son’


109. We Hate Love! We Love Hate! A Bipolar Societal Anthem

110.The Mad judging the Crazy
111. ‘Why aren’t you normal?’

113. Who am I within Judging Communication?

114. Being the ‘Supportive Role’ for another’s Character

115. Following our Dreams is Plain Delusional

116. Dreams of Perfect Lives as Mind Control

117. I Think, thus I Fear
118. My Libido – A Denial

119. Oddity: Please, Leave Me Alone

120. ‘I don’t like breaking my routine’

121. Childhood Anti-Social Behavior

122. ‘Is this as good as it gets?’

123. Home Alone: a Loner’s Paradise

124. Who am I within ‘Wanting to be Alone’?

125. An Alternative Pop Culture Child: raised by MTV

126. The Elixir of Entertainment

127. Confessions of a Control Freak

128. Who am I as Control?

129. Will Love and Lighters end up Killing People?

130. Killing the Loved Ones

131. Stop Yourself with Self Forgiveness before You Kill someone

132. EgoMania: Narcissism

133. ‘I Know More than Everyone Else’

134.‘Gotta be On TOP at All Times’

135. ‘The Secret’ CULTivates Narcissists

136. Relax and Just Chill: Everything is Just Fine

137. Who am I within Choosing?

138. Honor Life


139. The Commitment to #Live the #Words I Speak

140. Renewing Vows to Live

141. Making it or Breaking it

142. The Money Security-Bubble

144. Obsessive and Possessive Patterns: My belongings

145. Possessed by my Possessions

146. Fear of Death

147. Hissy Fit: Cleaning Demonic Possession

148. Transcending Anger through Breathing – A Commitment.

149. Meeting my Mirror = My Error

150. Meeting my Mirror = Equalizing the Reflection

151. The Food for Thought is Our Flesh

152. Human Race Embarrassment: Shame on Us

153. Life is Beautiful when You Got Money
154. The Ladder of Success is Self Abuse

155. Are we all Cannibals?

156. Can we be Benevolent in any way?

157. Wishing Well as Self Interest

158. Special Care for Good People

159. To Forgive the Ignorance and Bliss

160. Pious


162. Either Do it or DIE

163. Who am I within Procrastination?

164. Who am I within Procrastination (2)

165. Following Self Interest is In Fact Self Abuse

166. Absinthe-Minded Comfort Zone

167. Postponement Character

168. Thoughts as Self-Created Resistance
169. Imagination as a Distraction to Not Do things

170. Positive Thinking Irresponsibility
171. Self-Talk to be Lazy

172. Creating Excuses instead of Solutions

173. The Shocking Truth of Thinking

174. Sinking in Reactions after Thinking and Not Doing

175. My Sacred Time of the Day
176.Imagining the worst case scenario: Obstacles to Protect Self Interest

177. Imagining Positive Outcomes as Conditions to Move

178. There’s no reason, no explanation, so play the violin

179. Apathy as result of High Expectations

180. Half way done

181. Waiting for the Ideal Moment to Write

182.Feeling-Good will Not Solve the Problems in this World

183. Like and Dislike = Mind Control


185. Anxiety over Time

186.Physical Pains: I Did it to Myself

187. Personal Diversion Tactics to Procrastinate


189. Anger and Irritation upon Procrastination

190. Author of my Consequences

191. Anger and Irritation upon Procrastination– Self Correction

192. The Reasoning behind Procrastination

193. Self Motivation – Self Movement

194. Let the Mask Fall!

195. The Righteousness of Evil

196. The Elitist Evil behind Relationships

197. Friends of Convenience

198. Wealth and Positivity a Synonym of Abuse

199. You Hate the Beautiful People?

200. The Make-Up Reality

201. Friends of Convenience: for a little piece of Heaven

202. Optimism as a Sign of Success

203. The Acceptance of Heaven is the Allowance of Hell
204. Opposing the System: Elitist Act of Irresponsibility

205. Self Interest as an Obstacle to Real Change
206. Self Sabotage Is Self Interest
207. Changing the World in Self Interest

208. Doing Good as Positive Credit-Rewards

209. Successful Living = Capitalist Brainwash

210. Not Having Money Makes You Sad– but Why?

212. Opposing the System= Act of Ignorance: The Revolutionary Character


213. Opinionated Elitism: Intellectual Prickism

214. Creating Awareness is Not Enough–LIVING As It is

215. Red Fears = Capitalist Propaganda

216. Information as Warfare–But do we even Understand Who and What We Are?

217. You Fear Communism? Why would That Be?

218. Revolting Is Not the Way to Change–Education Is

219. Change is an Individual Process

220. Drug Culture: Mad Society as a Lifestyle

221. Insanity as a Fear turned into Fascination

222. Insanity as Libertinage

223. Selling and Buying Culture: Character Role Playing in Society

224. Cultivate Your Personality: Human Egoism gone Mainstream

225. Is Living Life about Getting High?

226. Seeking for a Posi+ive Fix All the Time?

227. Are We Addicted to our Emotions and Feelings?

228. Mental Disorders Hide us From Self Responsibility

229. Not Understanding the Mind leads to Insanity

230. Opposing My Roots

231. I’m Not like all of the Other Girls

232. Being Late Makes you Anxious?

233. Are we Anxious because We Know We Lie All the Time?

234. Feeling Weak Today?

235. Intelligence = Profitable Props for the Ego

236. Perfect Slave with Badges of Honor

237. Living IntelliSense as Life in Equality

238. I KNOW I Can

239. Preventing Failures in Life

240. Inequality in Education: Everyone’s Responsibility

241. The EndGame Show: 2012

242. Overwhelmed by the Abuse upon Life?

243. The Sublime and the End of the World

244. How to Prevent School Shootings

245. Sublimity and Ecstatic Self Experiences

246. Why do we Seek to Escape this World through Emotions?

247. Blindly Following Our Progress

248. Are you Depressed about the End of the World?

249. Can’t stop the Cookie from Crumbling

250. Ignoring the Equilibrium of the Physical is our Doom

251. Does Hope Solve the Matters of the World?

252. Self Forgiveness on UnWholeliness

253. Birth of New Consciousness–Spiritual Spitefulness

254. Beautiful Enslavement and Control

255. Your Life has been a Lie, What is Real Then?

256. Carpe Diem: Live Every Day as if it was the Last Day

257. A Piece of Heaven at the Expense of Life

258. Spiting The System with Drugs

259.Drug Addiction Prevented by Unconditional Living Support

260. Homeless Drug Addicts Sleeping in Graveyards

261. Know Thy Demonic Addicted to Energy Self

262. Why is Nothing Ever Good Enough?

263. The Remedy to Stop Addictions

264. All I Want to do is Feel Good

265. Seeking for the Next Fix: a LIEfstyle

266. The Secret behind Addictions

267. The Greatest Addiction Ever: The Mind

268. Escaping from the Inner-Hell

269.The Inner-Hell creates the Outer-Hell

270. How to Face Consequence and Stop Running Away from it

271. Sacred Art: the Key to Understanding Reality


272. Venerating The Money-God


273. Honoring Life and our Creative Force in Equality


274. Child Drug Addicts


275. Child Addicts: Problem–Solution–Rewards


276. Why Do We LOVE FREE Stuff?


277. Finding it Hard to Accept Rewards


278. Judging what’s Best because not Everyone Can Have it


279. My Ambivalent Relationship with Rewards


280. Austerity is Self Abuse


281.The Benefits of Redefining Rewards in Equality


282. What do Spirituality and War have in Common?


283. Private Property and Equal Money Capitalism


284. Capital Goods and Equal Money Capitalism


285. Who Taught us What We Want in Life?

286. The More Goods we Own, the More Good we Are?


287. You get Happy with your Paycheck?


288. Goods and Equal Money Capitalism


289. Our Lives as Money-Making Machines


290. How to End Slave Servility? Equal Money


291. First Learn to Love thy Thyself


292. Moving through Helplessness within Changing Self and the System


293. Services in Equal Money Capitalism


294. I Want Change and I Want it Now


295. Human Desire: Profitable Drive for Slavery


296. Profit in Equal Money Capitalism


297. Why Are We Never Satisfied?


298. Accumulating Consequence through Capital Accumulation


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