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218. Revolting Is Not the Way to Change–Education Is


War Against Ourselves: Revolting means your are Part of the Problem, causing more ‘Harm’ than any form of actual change with ‘good intentions.’ The road to hell is paved with them, isn’t it? It’s easier to oppose than taking Self Responsibility. The obvious functioning of our society as a polarized system of good and bad defined as forces that can be currently counted and defined by money is the point missed within this all – and where does money originate from? An individual and collective agreement of this world being run by a force that has never been equalized to the benefit of all. Hence trying to ‘change the system’ without understanding, is only accelerating self-destruction than being any form of actual aid/ support to stop the massive obliteration we’re committing upon life on a daily basis as the result of our egotistic trips to become either the ‘saviors/ revolutionaries’ or the ones that take most of the cake – anyhow, we’ve all walked in both pairs of shoes.


We can only create characters that oppose the system out of ignorance OR deliberate neglect to take responsibility for ourselves as this world system. How can any Real Change stem from denying the cause and origin of the problem being existent within us, within our very own participation? Opposing the world system, the monetary system without understanding the representation of our very own human physical body configuration externalized as our current society through what we are now witnessing as the massively scavenging force of ‘Capitalism’ and creating further attempts to mitigate the problem with concepts like ‘Communism,’ but Never focusing on that which generates the problem in the first place: The Human Being.


Marshall McLuhan not only was right in terms of how we’ve externalized our internal functioning of the mind as our current media, but essentially the entirety of how our mind functions is and has become the world system today – unless this is realized, we’ll continue playing characters that oppose and at the same time, propitiate the necessary opposition in order to generate the current world system wherein we have several protests, wars, revolutions around the world Asking for Change – but, has anyone really for a moment stopped to wonder Who and What we are essentially revolting against? If we are all one and equal then, is it that we are maybe not seeing, realizing and understanding that that which we are fighting and complaining about invariably exists within Us as well?


This is what must be understood in Self-Honesty: playing characters that pretend to change the world or save the world is another egotistical act as I’ve exposed here, and one of absolute comfort as it’s best to blame and judge and retaliate against ‘others,’ than taking Self Responsibility – and this is what we are here to expose, share in order to Educate ourselves about that which has never been taught in our schools or in our families, not to say our general environments in this current world system:  we can only change the world if we Live an understanding of how we function as our minds, as our physical bodies, to what extent everything we do, say and act upon creates a consequence not only for ourselves, but as the totality of who and what we are as humanity, as the world.


That is a process of Self-Education and through our blogs within the 7 Year Journey To Life, the Eqafe interviews, the Desteni material as well as the Desteni Forum and the Equal Money System, we are presenting our personal processes stepping out of the Mind Characters and taking responsibility for everything we had blatantly neglected thus far: how we are in fact the very creators of our world and there’s nothing or no one to blame or fight against, it is about creating solutions and stopping our individual brainwashing that has caused more separation and opposition than any form of real living awareness.



The Revolutionary Character:

Self Commitments (Part 1)

I commit myself to educate myself and share with others what I’ve realized in relation to how we’ve become the result of the environmental conditions that we’ve been exposed to as our current world system, wherein if we are born in capitalism = we’ll support the obtaining of wealth, power as money equating success and fear everything that opposes such ‘well being’ ideal; and similarly, if I had been born in a communist country, I would be hating the capitalists and create a sense of superiority based on what I would then be indoctrinated with to believe that communism is ‘the savior and the key in this world’ – all of it based in nothing else but two polarities that in no way have in fact Supported Life to be LIVED in Equality – and this is what must be absolutely clear within this: We as the Equal Money System proposal have No direct precedent in this world as there has been No world-system in the past that has been the absolute materialization of the realization of what supporting All Living Beings Equally implies – within this


I commit myself to expose how anyone that is thus fearing Equality as Life by the mere fact of it being linked to any previous form of government or social organization, must understand the history of humanity as a perfectly planned enslavement system with no actual change in the entirety of humanity to the benefit of All, because all changes had only been envisioned at the level of countries/ races/ cultures in the past and Never before taken to a global scale wherein No countries, No Races, No languages, No Cultures, No Religions stand as a barrier to implement a common sensical System that works on physical terms and the essential basis of physical requirements to live, to satisfy in order to be able to be a functional living race along with the rest of the species/ living beings that are equally here in this world, our reality.  Therefore


I commit myself to create a point of common sense in my personal living at all times which implies that I cannot in any way form a judgment, an opposition, an experience toward another human being at the level of emotions or feelings that would lead me to create my own personal definition opposing to ‘others’ which is the essence of the revolutionary/ opposition character, wherein I had thought that through opposing and exposing the system I could make a change, without realizing that as long as we expose and identify the problems of the system but do Not contribute to an actual solution, we remain only as part of the problem and Not the solution –


I commit myself to share how the solution is thus not a magical formula that can be implemented to suddenly work and get to a point of equality in this world – no –  I paraphrase Bernard Poolman when he said that No system will change the world unless the Human Being Change, and that is also part of what must be realized within the Implementation of the Equal Money System, it won’t be an instant solution for humanity – it will alleviate the level of suffering, pressure and stress that everyone is living in due to the survival-mode we’ve existed as due to accepting and allowing our current systems to function the way they do. Thus, it will be a basic point of support that will allow human beings to have the necessary time to get Real Self-Education and Understanding of Reality at a level that we have never done before as humanity, because we had lived essentially as a perfect enslavement system/ plan with no ability to see beyond our own preferences and purposes in life that would only be based on the perpetuation of the same system of opposed forces with no common sense. 


I commit myself thus to be part of the people in this world that commit for Life, to be part of the platform of support for all beings that are willing to Stand up and Take Self Responsibility, not only for what is perceived as ‘personal benefit,’ but within the understanding that once that you are Aware of the problem, you cannot just keep it to yourself and be ‘fine’ within you after you’ve gotten to a point of self-stability. One thus realizes the basic factor that was always missed within any form of change/ revolution in society: No One is Free Until ALL Is Free – and that is the ultimate definition of Freedom that I commit myself to live as, within a principled living wherein I am no longer directed by personal ideals and beliefs of ‘who’ as a revolutionary character can be and become, but instead work, live and function as an Equal within this social organism that we must take responsibility for individually and collectively.


I commit myself to expose and educate myself and others to see how there is no ‘them’ that we can oppose and create further antagonism toward, which is the basis of the revolutionary/opposing/antagonist character that I had cultivated as myself, but that we can only create a solution if we consider and regard All beings  as equally responsible and equally capable of establishing a solution. 


Within this all, I see, realize and understand that communism is just another boogie-man that is opposed within the environment that I grew up in as a capitalist society that was conditioned to fear anything that would be related to ‘equality’ or ‘socialism’ without really being informed of what an actual socialism or communism would entail, which has never existed in humanity. And as such, realizing as well how we have to absolutely get past of any previous conceptions of what ‘Change’ entailed in this world system through revolutions, protests, opposition, coup d’états and any other form of revenge toward a system that we have All been equally participating in, and that we have All collectively agreed upon and continue to support the moment that we believe there is something to oppose, fight against, retaliate or create further wars to ‘change’ them/ others in any way. That is the basic platform that any so-called ‘revolutionary character’ must understand:


We will get Nowhere if we continue fighting against each other no matter how much in your consciousness you may see others as ‘the evil’ and ‘the bad guys’ – unless you understand to the T how this reality is created and how we are all equally participants, you’ll keep playing the necessary opposition upon which this entire system is based upon, never realizing that even the opposition was necessary to upgrade the same system over and over again – and the proof is that there has never been any actual Change in Reality toward the betterment of all beings’ lives in this world, but only further wars, destruction, to further retrograde outflows that have prevented us all from realizing one single thing: We won’t ever thrive unless it is through establishing a System that recognizes all individuals as Equals.


I suggest investigating the solution we are proposing as an outflow and realization of all of this process of seeing how solutions can only exist if we stop playing our individual characters that support the division and opposition between men, and instead focus on the common sensical aspects that we require to work on, in order to support one another to step out of and stop participating in the self-enslavement personalities that we’ve become either seeking positivity, power and success or seeking revenge, hating, blaming, judging which are the basic aspects that we’ve all played in one way or another, creating the obvious polarity that is existent within this world at the moment, wherein there are wars simply because of characters opposing each other’s self definition that can only exist as knowledge and information, and Never have considered Common Sense as What’s Best for All as living-flesh organisms that Live in the same World.



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Madly in Anger

It is only after I have allowed myself to be possessed with anger that I realize the extent and damage done and inflicted on myself at all levels – +1 to the anger in this world, +1 to someone probably living out the thoughts in my head of violence as the vile-ends imagined and played out in my mind against another.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to allow such anger to possess me entirely to the extent wherein pictures, images and further ways of exerting the anger on to another are created instead of stopping myself in the moment and realizing that it’s not about the other being ‘triggering anger in me’ but it’s me exerting and playing out the anger that has been existent within/as me suppressed, dormant and only waiting for the moment to ‘arrive’ for it to show/reveal its true colors and face.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to harm myself while being madly in anger at a mind and physical level –  I cannot see the direct consequence of my thoughts and I am sure that If I could I would never do it again. If we create our reality according to our thoughts, self-creation is currently the obvious direct result of what we allow to exist within our minds.


We’ve all definitely got to forgive ourselves extensively so that we can cover all the gaps wherein self-abuse hides.

Okay, I won’t go into the details of how  all of this developed – and as much as I was quite angry at the moment, I simply realized I had to write it all out because entire patterns/playouts as mind reasoning, thoughts and justifications around anger that many human beings are living/ have lived out – including myself to a certain extent – revealed to me as I walked through such hours of mental-hell projected and exerted towards another human being, in real life, face to face.


So, I had the ability to in such moment when realizing that I had to write this out, I simply took out my laptop and started self forgiveness with the point that had shocked me the most as part of my mind – from there, the rest developed.

I decided to let the exact description of such points out as they were still ‘raging’ through my head – man, reading such words it’s a literal realization: I can only forgive myself for this and ensure that I do not allow myself to desire this happening to anyone not to experience it as reality nor to think in a similar vein anymore.

The exact nature of the thoughts won’t be shared for the sake of publishing purposes. The actions that such thoughts would lead to in an accumulation effect are those similar to the thoughts behind war itself –


Part of my process was first acknowledging and recognizing that I had suppressed anger – didn’t know why or how though. I could see I get easily ignited with points, and today I realized that it’s a pattern playing out from my father, easily ignited and remaining playing the same tape over a period of time, seemingly incapable of stopping/letting go. That’s how I experienced myself and this time it was clear as I was aware of being breathing but not-breathing here as self – meaning being aware of the possession, being aware of breathing but not really willing myself to stop it. I allowed it to go through the entire cycle from which I can say I’ve gone through in a couple of hours.

To sum it up, anger towards people that perceive themselves as ‘powerful’ hence declaring ‘they can do whatever they want’ implying ‘I have all the money to do whatever I want, manipulate anything/anyone necessary to do so/ I don’t give a shit about affecting others on the way of fulfilling my desires, wants and needs’.

This creates the sense of ‘powerlessness’, the idea that if I speak I will be executed by such person ‘metaphorically speaking here’ – though when translated to for example a boss firing his employee without any actual reason to do so but just because ‘he can’ / has the power at hand to do so, creates that inability of the employee to complain or ask for reasons as such decisions are only ego-preference based ‘because I want to’/ ‘because I can’ – hence what’s created is this anger that seeks revenge = wars in the making – this is at a personal level

At a greater picture level/scale, wars are brewed in similar ways which has been proven as the current so-called “revolutions”conducted by the ‘rebels’/ the oppressed-ones get into ‘power’ and they simply don’t know how to control but through following the exact same way that their previous ‘leadership’ was doing/ conducting to establish order – hence no change is made, the dictatorship only changes its name, same shit – no actual self-change as humans.

The point that differs is the idea of self that both the ‘rebels’ and the ‘leaders’ had and believed as sufficient reasons to fight wars for – all ego, all separation magnified at the power of a hand grenade.

Another example I saw here was spitefulness as even after explaining the reasons why doing something in an enclosed environment wherein others aren’t considered is simply not acceptable, the same action is done now from the starting point of throwing a tantrum/ challenging ego/ challenging the authority. This being got really pissed of at me to say the least and I got angry but it was quite an interesting anger as it wasn’t energy churning inside me, but mostly all these thoughts and images and pictures – the real demon I can be showed its face in full detail.


This is quite fascinating, I have had similar thoughts of such vile nature as a kid – me doing that in fact and I suppressed them, saw them as ‘bad’ and ‘mean’ and ‘gore’ and didn’t want to look into it – though, every time that I could access such memory which was mostly I dream – can’t remember really, I was about 7 years old or less – but the image is still vivid and from there I can see that such ‘anger’ is what drives people to kill another human being. It is ‘real’ as a mind possession and it is only after it is done that one can turn back and say, ‘oh fuck, what have I done?’


For a moment I could understand the shooters in schools, the kids that have been abused by parents/relatives for an extended period of time without being able to speak about it, I understood the person that steals/ robs another being and ending the entire act with unnecessary harm to the extent of killing, I understood the people that engage in street fights for the sake of having a valve of escapism to the accumulation of anger towards ‘the world’ for not being equally supported here.

Such thoughts that turn into actions may seem so unfathomable for people at times, yet they are HERE, they are ‘materialized’ on a daily basis and yes, they are all existent in our minds.


This will sound awkward but as much as I wanted to simply get home and never have to see such beings again – apparently within the belief that I can actually get rid of them – I am grateful for having experienced this as well from the perspective of self-revelation. The real demonic thoughts that I am sure can drive anyone to physically inflict harm on to another, to commit crimes crimes , the abusive parent/relative,  same as the ‘mean boss’ that fires people just because he can, the same as shooters in schools, robbers that end up killing their victims, etc. Here is when we Realize the power of Self Forgiveness – this was very clear in the moment for me.


As I was walking through the possession with extensive backchat and having to be sharing the seat of a van with such person, it became clear that exerting such words into reality would’ve created massive consequences, it was already doing so just by few pointers I made. So, I took out my laptop and started writing it all out – I noticed how I went from repressed rage back to stability.


Reading back on it, it’s going from the most vile and self-disgusting judgments upon another into realizing this is all actually me-myself and when realizing that such point of loathing is actually self-loathing: we can only Forgive Ourselves and make sure we stop – there is no other way, there is no other ‘tool’ or ‘remedy’, Self Forgiveness was the key to remain HERE, to expose myself through words while/during the possession – I was just typing it all out, no censor, I wasn’t even looking at the screen, just typing it as speaking.

From the pit of anger to stability here 

Here is where the point of unconditional forgiveness was written out that I share verbatim which came up at the last phases of such anger-rant:

Only through unconditional forgiveness can we be actually willing to forgive ourselves, not before –

We can only remain in that constant grudge against something/someone because we  still try and vindicate the feelings, reactions and further damnation upon others as the accumulation passed on from moment to moment wherein I am existing as a memory – and not here as breath.

Through this, anger is justified in direct proportion to the abuse that was inflicted, without realizing that I am equal and one to the programming that has allowed the abuser and abused to exist. I cannot remain angry at a fucking program, at a mind robot that is abusing himself/herself which is only a reflection of what is existent as myself, as the totality that is here.

Unconditional is not walking as the accumulation of past, present and future projections but simply acting in common sense in the moment, when seeing the point. 

I see and realize, once again, I can only forgive myself to stop this madness of which I am the current source and creator of. 


I will end this post which will be taken-on again to expand on further points that I realized here just placing out how the point of Equality becomes clear as a Self Responsibility within this, how anything, virtually anything that I could’ve judged in a killer, in a criminal, in any abusive person, revealed itself to be part of myself, awaiting dormant as part of the mind – only waiting the trigger to be pulled to show/reveal itself.

To me at this moment it’s like fitting a piece of the puzzle that I had missed before in relation to anger, specifically when being told ‘you’ve got a lot of suppressed anger’ and I simply tried to ‘figure it out’ somehow on ‘what’ could be such anger. Now I see it.

We’re walking the accumulation of ourselves as the mind, as all our lives that are here to be faced and self forgiven. Hence as a corollary on this, none of such thoughts represent who I Really am as Life – this was such a ‘painful’ realization when going out of the anger and seeing how I had literally abused myself and another in my mind – it’s not cool at all, at all – hence it must be stopped, I stop, I have forgiven myself which is how I wasn’t able to simply come home and ‘go to bed’, I had to write this out as this is the point that is currently being the base-foundation for such abuse in this world 

We ‘know’ ‘all Abuse is Self-Abuse’ but when lived and realized this way, one makes the decision to make it as a necessary stigma to re-mind ourselves that stopping is imperative.


It’s fascinating how the point went from being at a boiling point and down to body-temperature.

Thanks for reading.


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