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Lately I’ve gotten feedback in comments from people pointing out the message that I give through vlogs as pessimist and how I lack tolerance. I’ve exposed in a vlog recently “Getting back to the Source = LOTS of Money” how humans will certainly buy spirituality, ‘good news’ and anything that supports the idea of ‘happiness’ or the false belief that ‘we are inherently happy and blissful we just don’t know it’ and within this, enticing people to buy a state of mind through nice words, pictures and ideas that certainly can’t meet the reality that we live in – then we wonder why people go mad and blame anything or anyone instead of looking within ourselves how we’ve polarized ourselves through dissecting, tagging and categorizing this reality in a hierarchical way.

This is how when we present a message that is nothing else but the description of facts and how things function in our society, anything that doesn’t match such optimistic rosy idea of what reality apparently is, is then labeled as negative, pessimistic, intolerant. This is because we’ve already accepted and allowed ourselves to live in the falseness of it as a nice make-believe world that we’re usually presented with either on TV or any media on the streets for that matter – which is obviously linked to capitalism as the ‘buy more and be happy’ type of living credo.


It’s also clear to see how this current system will obviously support the bright side of the brainwashing because that will lead people to equate buying certain products, certain lifestyle to ‘being happy’, being ‘at ease’ – therefore, when we say how buying a personality, buying a god and buying drugs supports the current system of abuse and is in fact Self Abuse, we’re attacked from all fronts – not to mention the discussions on Equal Money wherein everyone goes one step into the future assuring it won’t work – things work awkwardly in reverse here.

I had a YouTube partnership for a short period of time – lol maybe a week or so – short-lived fleeting moment because the first thing I did was place a huge Equal Money System logo – I guess when they saw it or actually listened to my videos they cancelled it. This is obviously because they probably realized I was not an interesting product to invest their money on and I’d place YT’s sponsors ‘at risk’ – so in essence it was quite a slippery move  from YouTube to give me a partnership considering what I mostly speak about is debunking this entire system lol. Then we all now know the rest of the story with Desteni Productions channels so, it’s quite clear and obvious to us how being labeled as ‘negative’ and ‘pessimist’ is part of the survival-system defenses to perpetuate the system of buy-more and be-happy.

When one investigates a bit on the background of the person’s context – meaning the people that immediately tag our message as pessimist/ negative/ intolerant, we usually find profiles filled with gods, extremists, porn/ soft porn promoters, light and lovers, spiritual/ enlightened gurus, hard core christians, hard core capitalists/ communists, trolls and the usual vegetarian/ zeitgeister defending their ideals – to name but a few. 

The point to ponder here is HOW can Equality be ‘pessimist’, how can speaking of ‘what’s best for all’ and exposing the lies we’ve bought in this world be immediately labeled and rejected as negative. I even got to read today in one of my comments that what I was saying could even ‘harm people’s evolution process’ lol I mean, what the fuck! There’s also those that call you retard out of having nothing better to say to exert a point of superiority and hide the actual fear that was triggered under the rug while getting to hear something of what’s being said – not to worry at all on any of the above scenarios, they’re actually cool indicators that the message is tantalizing the inner-depths of their self.

What this also demonstrates and proves is how this is indeed part of what we have accepted and allowed as ourselves – fearing our reality, fearing self realization because that would in essence mean having to take self responsibility, to let go of everything that we’ve been, letting go of any form of value and worth we’ve placed in separation of ourselves, letting go of talking ourselves into ‘positivity’ and ultimately secretly relying  in the nice fluffy idea of god because ‘at least’ we would not feel so ‘alone’  – but all of that can certainly be stopped when we start taking ‘the bull by the horns’ and simplify our reality to this physical tangible reality, wherein I don’t need to assess something as good or bad or positive and negative to move myself. I simply take anything that I have to walk through, apply myself with and live according to immediate common sense practical solutions – this is within the consideration that “life” creates ‘problems’ lol.

Seriously, if there is something that I have walked through is this type of tags that I would use quite a lot myself to see ‘in which waters would I dare to dive myself into’ or not. From the moment of embracing a common sensical way of living in practical physical reality, I’ve let go of many superstitious ideas and beliefs on good and evil, vibes, energies that could ‘affect’ me in one way or another, destiny, predestination, intuition and any forms of mental self talk that I’d take into consideration to assess virtually everything in my world, I mean, it was really unnecessary to go through all of that yet I’d live it out in an almost compulsive manner – all of that has gone through the drain now that I’ve simplified my life to the physical tangible reality, realizing that every mindfuck is just that – and so I  focus on what’s here as myself, stopping thoughts that have no direct reference to what is here – that’s the process being walked.

Within that, there can be no pessimism but only the reality I breathe in the moment, there can be no positivity as I realize there is no self talk that will ‘support me’ other than me actually directing myself to just do it – and that’s how we go educating ourselves to live physically.

Reality which is this world, cannot be neglected and filtered with nice thick layers of caramel anymore,  reality is now bit by bit being exposed for what it is and cannot be denied anymore. Even if we don’t endorse protesting, the fact that people are now opening eyes to realizing the current system is not working for everyone is but a small step that will have to take place at a global level with massive wake up calls to see and LOOK at what we’ve disregarded in this world, now there cannot be anything ‘pessimist’ in that, but actually speaking with ‘the truth’ which is no nice words or picture but the reality that is here, that’s what we’ve become, that is the truth of ourselves.

I don’t like our current truth so I stand up to change the system truth into a living truth that is devoid of abuse, harm and separation from Life.

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We cannot continue as we are now

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