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Day 2 – Running out of Oil

‘Running out of oil’ is another way of explaining the entire depletion and extinction of the ‘fuels’ that keep this entire reality running as the world system that We have made ourselves dependent on, in the form of fuels/ energy, which is using the Earth’s resources to maintain our electric bubble. All of this done and established within a single acceptance and allowance of separation from ourselves to exist  as energy mind consciousness systems, as thoughts, feelings and emotions that generate experiences that we have called ‘life.’  The moment that we created a belief about being separate from life itself, we abdicated our ‘who we are’ to be run by and and through a system that operates by energy extracted from the physical reality- this Earth – and transformed into energy that fueled an ‘experience’ that we all sought to get to: heaven – but never ever questioned what is it that we were actually using/ abusing in order to create a ‘fulfilling lifestyle’ on Earth.

We diminished ourselves to being power generators, living in a reality wherein we became dependent on energy extracted from the physical – that is ourselves – in order to fuel a delusion of what ‘living’ is and ‘would be’ once we were dead.

This is a Long story that you can research about throughout the Desteni material and the current series walked by the designers/ creators of ourselves and this entire existence. Fascinating stuff, if I had not listened and studied that, I would not have been able to realize that: this entire world system is a mint reflection of what we accepted and allowed ourselves to become: mind consciousness systems generating fuel to power our ‘dreams’ of happiness and ‘infinite satisfaction.’

I saw this ‘work of art’ done by a Mexican artist that created the outline of this country with bike-chains as a cogwheel mechanism hanging on a white wall, while having oil all over as the ‘lubricant’ to keep the entire mechanism going. The oil was also dripping down creating a puddle on the floor. The outline of the country was upside down, which means that the oil was ‘dripping to the north’ part of the country – that’s an obvious connotation about this entire oil-economy-driven reality and the ‘powers’ that are currently seeping the oil to ‘the north’ – however whenever we look at this reality as a running-on-oil reality, we can see that it works exactly the same way as our mind. This allows us to stop seeing ‘the problem’ outside of ourselves and actually bring it back to self.

>We feel, think and get emotional to create the same ‘oil’ as the energy that the mind requires to keep functioning and in that, we are certainly no different to our entire economic system that is currently ‘going dry,’ which is how consciousness works as well. So, when we realize what stopping participation in the mind implies and how that will reflect in our world system, it will be quite interesting to see how dependent on energy we have been to keep our own ‘heaven’ running. This implies that we are all responsible for this current accepted and allowed ludicrous reality that is thriving on abuse and exploitation of the same life essence that we are all equally existent as/ made of.  We abuse our very physical to keep our own mental-realities going.

So – a practical suggestion that is ‘walkable’/applicable at the moment is to see if there are any fears that may come up when realizing: What will actually happen if/when oil runs out? Do I fear losing something? Do I fear having to go through a particular situation with regards to such scenario? Do I experience any other emotion about it? And within that, we can simply make sure that we do not create and hold unnecessary reactions as fears, worry, concern and preoccupation within our mind, without giving it proper direction -which means writing it out, applying self forgiveness and establishing some common sense to stop all ‘fear of loss.’

So: taking it back to self is: will I go into ‘panic’ if the world system currently crashes? How can I assist and support myself for that? What is it that I fear losing the most? And walking from there, one point at a time.’

At the moment there is some primary Self-Forgiveness to walk here as the initial acceptance to create this current system that have made ourselves dependent on as our very own abdication of life to live through an energetic mind system.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as a mind mechanism that ‘runs on energy’ which is what I accepted and allowed myself to exist and define myself as, wherein ‘living’ became equated to fueling a machine in separation of myself, instead of being the expression that is ‘who I am’ as one and equal to what is here, which doesn’t require ‘fuel’ to exist, but simply Is and exists.

I realize that the creation of this existence as an energy generating/dependent machine implies a lot more than what I can currently ‘perceive’ with my own eyes. However, I do see that the current dependency that we have created upon natural resources to ‘run our reality,’ is stemming from the very nature of the world system that we have enslaved ourselves to and made dependent upon the illusion/ belief system that Money within this current world system represents.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create any future projection of ‘fear of running out of oil,’ as the meaning of stopping an entire world system that depends upon it, without realizing that I am the one that has abdicated our very own self-sustainable, consistent and constant expression as and of life to a system and a reality that functions on energy in separation of ourselves.

I realize that I can only create consequences that are Not best for all when life is disregarded as who I really am. Thus, I see that by having created a monetary system in the name of self-interest within the desire for power, control and greed, I abdicated my own ability to direct and express myself, here as one and equal to what Is and has always been here, and instead allowed myself as this reality to function in the nature of a battery system that requires energy to continue going, energy that is extracted in the name of ‘power’ as money.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to abuse the resources that are existent on this Earth in the name of money, in the name of powering a system that I created, accepted and allowed myself to be dependent on energy to exist – and within that, giving up my ability to stand equal and one to what is here, which would imply not requiring energy to exist as in having to consume to ‘remain alive.’


We tend to see this reality as something ‘separate’ from ourselves, we tend to judge the ‘world system’ and the current mechanisms we are utilizing to ‘power’ our existence as something ‘outside’ and ‘beyond ourselves’– however, we are actually living out the same processes as our own mind. What does that imply? That the source and cause for all the current crisis and problems in the world must not be considered/ looked at from the perspective of something ‘beyond ourselves’ without actually realizing that: all and everything that exists as our current world system has its starting point ourselves, within our own mind.

Therefore I realize that any fear, experience or potential ‘experience’ when facing the consequences of our own disregard toward this reality as ourselves, is  the outflow of the events that have my own mind, each one’s mind as starting point. Thus, instead of looking at the manifested consequences and ‘my potential experience’ within it, I stop and I breathe to realize that the point that must be corrected to begin with, is my self-abdication to live through a mind-system that works and functions to create energy as experiences that I have become addicted to, as the constant and continuous thinking processes that keeps the idea of myself alive.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that the ‘energy crisis’ is some rich person’s ‘fault’ which is and would be only neglecting myself as the starting point of the problem, as having accepted and allowed the current world system to exist ‘as is’ and having seen the solution as ‘outside’ of myself/ out of reach, without realizing that we are all equally participants within this current world system. For that, we are all required to take equal participation to stand as the solutions required.

I realize that whenever I am going into an experience within my mind due to ‘fearing’ the outflow and consequences in the near/ far future of what we have created and manifested in this world, I am not supporting myself/ this reality in any way to stop the very same system I am complaining and fearing about. I instead direct myself to become the point that stops at all times any and all experiences stemming from facing the reality that I have created for myself and everyone equally here.

I realize that the current way that I am ‘keeping myself alive’ as fears, as future projections, as limitations that are existent in our world as the ‘greater systems,’ are in fact stemming from my very own abdication to exist as a mind consciousness system, as a mind that thrives on experiences generated by my own participation within thoughts, feelings and emotions that create enough friction to power my own existence as a mind, as this reality.

I commit myself to stop all reactions as fears, future projections, preoccupation and worry about our future within a potential scenario of energy-depletion such as ‘running out of oil’ and instead, support myself to stop my own mind-participation in such unnecessary mind processes that generate the same energy that is keeping this entire system in a state of ‘fear,’ which prevents us from realizing that: we can actually create solutions if we direct ourselves to stand together As the solutions required in this world, beginning with stopping all unnecessary participation in our own mind.

I commit myself to be the point that stops existing as an automated system that functions as a constant energy-charging machine, as a surrogate of ‘life’ which is my own mind, the mind that I have separated myself from and that I am here to commit myself to stand one and equal to, to reintegrate myself as all parts that I have separated myself from. This means, I stop participating in thoughts, feelings and emotions that have been the very cause to create the primordial separation of ourselves from what is Here and has always been here, which is life as the ever constant substance that we are actually able and capable of stand one and equal to, as it is who we really are.

I commit myself to be the point that stops any reaction to and when seeing the manifested consequences of an overall disregard of our reality – this means, stopping fueling my own mind with fears, judgments, complains, blame and/or mental suffering when projecting the potential scenarios that we face. I walk myself to prepare myself to face the eventual outcomes that we have created and generated within our reality.

I commit myself to stand as a point of stability which means, allowing myself to walk through the manifested consequences breathing, here, physically moving and directing myself within the consideration of what’s best for all in any given moment.

This way, we ensure that we are all aware of having to face our reality, our creation and that no mind-experience is required to walk through it.

I commit myself to stop any future projections that are unnecessary to create a point of worry and concern about – I instead direct myself to continue walking a process of stopping participating in the same points that limit ourselves from realizing: we are the solution if we become the point that stops existing as a limited system of energetic experiences generated by our own mind.

I commit myself to walk this process of stopping even the slightest fear and movement when hearing about ‘oil peak’/ energy resources being depleted, as I understand the process that we are walking Here as a mirror of our initial acceptance and allowance of abdicating life and ‘living’ through and as a system of energy.

For more, visit the thread at the Forum for further support and assistance on how to walk this process of writing ourselves to establish a point of self-responsibility through committing ourselves to be and become the solution that we require in this world.

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