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How ludicrous it is to exist in this world?

It just ‘amazes’ me that we’ve come this far and it seems we’re ‘pushing the envelope’ more and more every day-  yet this is not to be understood within the ‘positive connotation’ that one would usually ‘hope to hear’.


See, I wake up and turn on the news to see a world that’s going on wars, stock markets falling, CNN claiming to have a project for ‘freedom’ finding ‘heroes’ next to news on political gossip , world leaders vamping on to colonize countries under the banner of ‘freedom supporters’ – what the fuck – along with news on devastating events such as the unstoppable hunger that millions in one single country are going through, population with massive mental disorders and your regular news on looting, stealing, robbing and any other trigger-pulling that leads to further deaths.


Through all of this, by actually understanding the implications of the world as ourselves, we can only breathe and stop our own reactions – yes and realize that this is only a part of what we’ll be facing as humanity as part of this process wherein we are finally ‘meeting our maker’ which is nothing else and nothing more but ourselves – fully and completely, no masks around and no fucking around in terms of getting to see the full-fledged reality we’ve accepted as ‘who we are’.


This obviously can’t possibly bring or create any sense of love and joy, we cannot just ‘resist’ the ongoing problems, that’d be just cowardice to face what we’ve become, what we’ve created while disregarding life as who and what we really are.  Yet we can dive into self pity and misery either. It’s all a matter of stopping.


Everyone wants ‘their truth’ to be  ‘THE truth’, all truths that are promulgated are based on knowledge hence useless as they don’t encourage you to see yourself as your own creator as the truth that stands as yourself, ‘on your nose’ as we say here – yet always seeking outside of ourselves for ‘something’/ ‘someone’ to come and ‘save us’ because we’ve been apparently ‘too weak to do it alone’. Those times are over – and we are making sure we don’t hope or wish for ‘things to get better’ as that would be equal in delusion.


Accepting what’s to come is not a matter of complacency but a matter of understanding the process, our creation, our current stance within this world and our role as catalysts that push for self-revelation, for self-honesty which is nothing pretty or beautiful – this is how and why the Desteni message was utterly criticized and eventually banned, due to being perceived as ‘harsh’ within a world like this wherein it’s apparently too ‘sad’ to think of some thousands killed in some terrorist attack yet allowing a budget for over 10 years of maintaining an ongoing war with an apparent sense of revenge – how loathsome yet, this is existent in all of us.


It seems ‘harsh’ to read that someone could actually ‘harbor’ self-hatred yet we can only criticize that if we’re not willing to look at it within ourselves first. Denying it would only be suppressing a part that’s existent in each one of us and that’s leading us to kill, abuse and steal from one another – these are the signs of the times where the ‘divinity of man’ calls out to be judged for what it’s become: nothing but greedy fuckers and mouthfools of empty words.


We’ve tried so hard to keep up the image of humanity with all sorts of gadgets on top of ourselves with all claims of evolution that has served us only to find ways to kill each other with more efficiency, to steal and torture with less hassle, to manipulate and deceive with pretty pictures – and dare to call this progress.


We can’t even process and actually comprehend the implications of what we are being bombarded with as information that can simply give us an ‘update’ of how far we’ve gotten in terms of disregarding each other as equals. This is not a cool and blissful image that we wanted to  make up of our Self Realization – yet it is all HERE manifesting and emerging for us  to face – no backdoor left.


Who am I within this? I cannot continue existing as a preprogrammed robot that fears and gets depressed at the sight of the world – I cannot be +1 to the misery, suffering and chronically depressed people in this world- though battling such experience can be equally unsustainable –


The way to actually STOP both poles is through Self Forgiveness, to disengage completely from playing any ‘role’ and instead see the facts and events for what they are as I realize that it makes no sense to become another actor within this play – the moment we allow ourselves to be affected by it we can only say that we are playing our part in this entire collective mind possession that we’ve all been living in, detached from being physical breathing-walking bodies and instead ‘fighting for being a Lie’.


Isn’t it insane to see what we’ve become at a mind level? Lol yes there’s a pun intended there and we can only laugh about it – that’s something cool to do actually as only through allowing ourselves to laugh at ourselves can we realize what we can be participating in in any given moment.


Isn’t it insane how someone can still claim to be ‘not-equal to another human being’ or anything else for that matter? That’s the type of answers and encounters we have on the net, people just being completely detached from anything real – and so we ask: how could anyone be real if everything we’ve believed ourselves to be exists at a knowledge level? Come on! how could giving up your knowledge mindful life be any difficult? yet it is! at least for us walking this process we can see and realize how it takes quite great consistency and constancy to walk ourselves in Self Honesty – it obviously won’t come easy yet we are walking it and exposing it because it’s not ‘our nature’ to be so, it’s not the ‘genuine us’ to care for one another’ nor is it fully ‘understandable’ to not question ‘what life is’ –

We’ve never lived and all I ‘know’ is that I’m here and willing myself to be a living being – that’ll certainly NOT be anything else that I’ve defined as ‘living’ in the past – all the desires, wishes experiences, emotions and feelings that I’d rejoice in – lol juicing my mind till the last drop to create a sense of satisfaction – that is no more, at least not even in trying to ‘engage in it’ – it doesn’t last because: I can’t fool myself – lol.


The I that I’ve become as the mind requires a purpose for existing – that ‘I ‘gets excited and thrilled about new adventures which die out quite quick now, and so what we’re left with is nothing else but ourselves, only being able to trust our breath as everything else is able to come and go in one single blow.


Now this is actually what is living in simplicity, not requiring to feed ourselves as experiences or any other type of ‘alternate reality’ which is how we’ve defined ourselves as before : nothing else but experience-machines that require to be entertained and amused all the time – abuzz – and within that constant craving within which we’ve become the greedy, hateful, depressive fuckers around the world, just to ‘at least’ be experiencing something, as if that was ‘real’ and an indication of ‘being alive’ – this all must go.


Within our thirst to consume, within our desire to ‘exist’, within our wants and needs to posses, we’ve missed ourselves all the way.


It is only here at this moment that we can actually for the first time cut the bullshit that we’ve built around ourselves as this colorful aura  created for the sake of deceiving ourselves and others within the pretense of possibly being able to be ‘more’ than another, or being ‘less’ than another, or being ‘good’ and ‘bad’ without having been able to understand our preconditioning as mind systems – what a joke we’ve lived and it’s only fair and necessary to STOP now that we see and understand. Stepping aside from the character to become a care-taker of ourselves and of the world as ourselves. To care for the very first time


It’s fascinating because my mind went ‘oh there you go, had to end the whole thing in something ‘positive’ – but it’s not, it’s simply letting go of the chain of thoughts that I experienced through the past days as a result of events in my reality that is this world and within myself as the digestive process of what we are seeing currently as ourselves and around us. Tending to take everything ‘too seriously’ is part of the experiences to stop as myself – being to ‘weary’ about reality


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to resort in weariness whenever I see myself being ‘overwhelmed’ by information and events that I’m consuming as words and knowledge that aren’t ‘here’ as myself in my physical body – I stop participating in such inner turmoil that is in fact invisible.


The energetic eye – the energetic I must go within this because I cannot continue defining me and limiting me and allowing me to wallow in these minor experiences that – even if they don’t last as long as before – I can still see and realize that is accepting a type of diminishment, a possession wherein I tamper my ability to LIVE.


I wake up everyday to ensure that I contribute to support myself, to support others to the extent that I’m currently able to and to make sure that I am part of stopping the bullshit that we’ve enslaved ourselves as in this reality- to face our creation

That’s the way to walk HERE.

Speaking the points as we see them is only the sane way of walking through this world  – silencing myself is not the way to realize equality here – not yet.


Thanks for reading – if you made it till this line –




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