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282. What do Spirituality and War have in Common?

When one speaks about the truth of ourselves which is describing the reality we live in/witness every day and use basic facts like children being maimed and have their limbs blown off by bombs because of a war that was founded upon a seemingly ‘positive thing’ such as ‘eradicating terrorism’ –or whatever the final reason is kept to be – and justifying it with things like defending a nation from external evil, this explanation is then received as a radically Negative message. However this comes from people that would rather pray or indulge in 24/7 with Positive thinking and mass distractions – or mass destruction by seeking personal satisfaction and pursuit of happiness, hooked on so many ubiquitous drugs that have lead people to bankruptcy, losing all their functional relationships, ending up living in tents and cars managing to panhandle just to maintain an addiction.

What’s all of this? an indication of fear: fear of facing ourselves as the mind that we are and have become, that’s what generates crisis: allowing our indecision and irresponsibility to build up to such an extent that we get angry at the world instead of facing ourselves first and this is the origin of protests/rebellion, and its counter part where people would rather seek for peace of mind through attracting all the positive to your life while fearing to see this reality of ourselves that’s becoming to hard to overlook. It’s like running away from ourselves, really.


Why would we require positivity/ spirituality movements/ new age exist? Because the negative is what has always prevailed in our society, no matter what –that should already be an indication of how that which is ‘effortless’ such as seeking for our personal benefit, our self interest and competing to ‘win’ at all times seems like a natural instinct for the majority of beings, isn’t it? Hence when such desire is not fulfilled because of the physical reality as our world demonstrating to us our creation as the direct outflow of irrational thinking manifested as our world-system, we turn to love and light and positivity to hide from it, because we can’t just  bear the fact that we are in fact our own worst nightmare and enemy. And yes, this is what creates Fear, the Fear to face ourselves as what we have become.

People would rather pray for the ‘fallen ones’ in war before questioning why does war even exist in the first place, what is ‘in it’ for us to accept war as part of a country’s ‘defense tactics’ justified by the law of ‘an eye for an eye’ as retaliation to purify one’s “honor – this is the principle of war: masking real evil with noble intentions, creating deliberate occupations that are not meant to ‘fight terror’ but rather get a country’s ‘black gold’ that happens to be the motor of our current unsustainable lifestyle that we seek to improve through obtaining more money and more positive thinking – full circle of consumerism sanctified as holy freedom rights.




You drop out and tune in to the TV god that promotes several ways to free yourself, like buying lots of stuff you don’t really need, informing yourself about histories being told by those that would want to keep a certain order of this world and many spawns of religion in the form of spirituality programs and new age thinking that’s fed on a constant basis for massive indoctrination, supporting the surrendering to the here now moment of people that will feel like they’ve finally won a battle against the mind! Yet this is the perfect drug in fact, one so addictive that is hard to refuse and even harder to quit because it is not even considered as something harmful and detrimental to one’s common sensical reasoning and sanity: love, light, beautiful pictures and stories that keep us well contained in a parallel reality where no actual facts exist, where all the ‘ugliness’ of the world is covered up and justified with further things like god being wise and knowing why he would make some deliberately people left to suffer, and not even dare to question god’s word even if it means that we would be forever damned to see others starve while those with money can be thankful for our joyous lucky ride in life. Not a care, not a dare about how their system is being created, legalized and implemented by a set of deliberate flawed laws wherein people have not yet realized the actual contract one is endowed with from the moment of birth: to be a slave  to a corporation called nation that competes with other corporations/nations to make the most profit in this corporate-driven world – citizens are no longer humans with ‘god given rights’ but  employees with limited access to food, water, shelter,  drugs and weapons supplied to keep everyone feeling like there’s some freedom and liberty, feeling all happy and self righteous. with a moment of ‘entertainment’ while feeling safe at home. Hell yeah.


How have we come to accept our world as is and how have we come to invest our time, effort and resources  to disguise the massive totalitarian control that’s taking place. The charismatic leader is, unfortunately, not going to be someone like the usual fascist clichés imposing fear through  energetic personalities, but quite the opposite: it won’t be one single person, it won’t be perceived as ‘negative’ and it won’t seem angry – it is an ideology, it spreads like a feel-good drug that is easily indulged to by your own acceptance and allowance of thoughts that lead you to experiences that make you feel ‘good’ inside your mind and it will be presented as the ultimate remedy for a troubled angry hopeless human mind: Positivity. And yes, unfortunately in can only work if you have enough money to feed yourself to use up that energy to generate all the positive thoughts that we are so ignorant about in terms of what are the effects thinking and imagining create in this world – and not outside, as that is once again, our truth – but in the inside as in consuming our own living flesh to power up our own new-clear mind plant that we run inadvertently without ever pondering what the effects are of the words in our reality as building blocks of our creation.


Hence we go back to square 1: why would we require wars to get someone else’s resources through violent (vile-ends) means if we could instead establish a world system wherein resources are equally given and received?

Power requires abuse and the means to obtain it have been justified –we’ve done the same when seeking spirituality/ benevolence and our ‘prosperity’ that is composed and formed by a plethora of articles and services made and given by people that have no option but to work in such demeaning jobs with no other alternative.


In terms of war, it should be absolute common sensical reasoning that you cannot fight fire with fire and fighting terror with war is just that –would this prove that the level of intelligence and critical reasoning has been deliberately lowered in order to maintain an entire world driven by money, being busy seeking happiness through money that buys the sex, booze, drugs and a self-righteous superior position to ensure that there are always those that are enslaved to maintain the ‘life of the fortunate riches’ that are, at the same time, also consumed as an entertainment product that is bought/paid by those that live such menial lives that seek for a bit of ‘escapism’ from the dread of working to die and what do you get? TV and the most trivial entertainment that ensures people remain in this endless loop of barely making a living and using the little free time left to run the well known course of the seeking-for-something loop of god, sex, money, drugs, partying, remaining in isolation or openly hating each other to create excuses outside of ourselves as points to blame or get easily annoyed by, to then justify the personal desire for ‘inner peace’ through positivity or retaliation through war or killing your noisy neighbor.

  This is how the inner-demons are fought with light/love/positivity, not realizing that light also runs its course and cannot be sustained forever, just like ourselves in this world: what’s the point in going through an entire lifetime of endless battles within and without of ourselves? Is this what we are here for? I would say this is what we have created ourselves to exist for, which is different: we decide at all times what we do and how we live.


The inherent self-experience that we believe we just can’t get rid of-hence turning to love and spirituality as a cure, is definitively addictive pattern based on the lack of understanding how our mind works/operates, because just like the analogy of dark and light: the dark does not require batteries to exist, and the light does and as such, just like our oil that’s keeping our current ‘lifestyles’ in place, it will also come to a dead end in a not so far away future that’s already here.


What will run out first? Oil or Hope? I would like Hope to be the answer to this question, so that practical living measures are taken immediately and stop the inaction,  because we are in fact aware of what we are generating and perpetuating every single day and we realize one thing: we know the problem because we are it, we just haven’t realized to what urgency a solution is required to be in place so that we can all stop battling ourselves inside seeking for some comfort in the light that lead us to wage wars to  power/ sustain such light/positive/  progressive self experience, which is what we are currently seeing as all the beautiful pictures of what a wonderful lifestyle we can have if we just dare ourselves to dream and think positive. Nevermind the millions abroad fighting for a war they believe is a ‘higher purpose’ for a godly-blessed nation, nevermind those that work as slaves to produce such wonderful life.


Investigate Desteni to understand the inherent fear that we seek to mask and cope with by seeking spirituality, the same way that in fear we created money to create control and abuse – Equal Money Capitalism is the proposal to finally stop the massive destruction and abuse that is imposed when granting each other’s ‘rights’ in the name of self defense, because there will be nothing to ‘defend ourselves from,’ because fear will be understood and stopped within the understanding that we can only exist in fear when disregarding all parts of ourselves as equals.

This is a practical common sensical solution that will stop people from hoping and praying and instead use the available support to develop a real sense of physical living of cooperation and mutual regard in equality. No more will the sugar-fueled addiction of spirituality and love armed with righteous guns exist. Will this be a hard one to ‘give up’ here? Will common sense prevail after all?

Let’s find out – I dare you


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Spiritual Money


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I Finally Understand…

Birth Life – Not War

Imagine yourself as a kid that turns on the TV and the channel’s CNN – you see a bunch of huge cars with people holding  large guns, breaking into homes, shouting, yelling in some language that you can’t even understand, lighting up cars, breaking windows on streets, shouting, running through streets…

You see fellow kids on the screen, they’re dead on the street, a woman next to her daughter sobbing for her daughter, she’s got blood all over… how would you react? Is this the world that we want children to be born into? You see people talking back and forth yet no one seems to see the obvious: JUST STOP KILLING EACH OTHER!!

Then further news come in, you see images of cities with rivers instead of pavement, you see people crying and looking worried while seeing their coach stream down the street, people’s homes just taken away by a gigantic flow of water – is this what we want kids to see?

Changing the channel you see images of famous people, squandering their millions on clothes and cars and shit they don’t really require to live – people barely wearing any clothes singing to songs, some others having ‘great fun’ while they go around the world – what’s wrong with this picture? How to go on as a kid seeing both images coming through the screen, both reflecting part of our bipolar reality.

Is this the world that we want to leave to the kids? to Ourselves?




We’re destroying children’s ability to remain pure and have that sparkle of life that’s now being diverted to begin their quest to become massive consumers of sugar as candies and toys which then become clothes, cars and any other shit that is taught to them will make them ‘happy’. We’ve become the worst dictators as we ‘teach’/educate and indoctrinate kids to mold into the shapes and ways of this corrupt and abusive world. How have we dared to disregard LIFE when being a co-creator of this world?


We can only forgive ourselves for this and ensure we STOP no matter what.

We don’t require to be parents to actually realize that we have to create a world wherein kids don’t have to be staring at ‘life’ through switching channels in the remote control. Kids cannot possibly continue seeing the death and destruction that man is STILL till this day brewing for the sake of MONEY.


This is one of the main concerns I’ve had, a reason why I don’t plan nor want to bring a child into this world – yet, I have a newly born in my family, my sister’s baby whom I call ‘Baby Fukushima’ because she was born on march 11th this year when the earthquake in Japan took place – and my other sister is also pregnant and bringing a boy into this world at the end of this year… man, I only sigh upon this, I cannot say anything else because it’s obvious how this goes.


I read a hilarious note in the school’s newspaper today: ‘fertility amongst teenage women on the rise’’ – it’s obvious that it’s NOT about fertility but people not using any form of birth control, probably because of money, lack of education and worst cases: due to religious beliefs of ‘I’ll have as many kids as god wants me to have’ – some others even consider it a ‘human right’ to have children regardless of the actual conditions that someone could have to be able to support another being and provide a dignified life.


When I was a pre-teen, I started realizing how the world worked and I always wanted a change – I realized that to change this it’d be like uprooting the old tree and simply planting a new one – that seems impractical to do at this stage and the only point we can do is simply work with ourselves, to make sure that we at least continue ‘at least’ continue living with a new way of considering each other, with a full determination to STOP this madness that’s currently going on in this world.


It’s in moments like these where the world doesn’t seem to make any sense that we can only make sure we ground ourselves as breath – here – this is what I am – and I’ve only got moment to moment to continue directing myself, ensuring I don’t become part of the madness but I instead embrace and literally amalgamate myself as the only certainty that I have, breath as myself here to walk through anything that may come our way.


From here we can only ensure that we establish a way to support people financially so that we can then focus on education and proper support networks to support others to realize that there is another way of living in this world – for all equally. There IS a way – it only isn’t  here yet, we’ve got to create it and this is simply that which I have given to myself as ‘’the point’ to live for and by in  my existence – I do this for myself in the recognition of what and who I really am – I don’t allow myself to be daunted by the images I see – I breath and I remain as here is what I am.


What we’re facing is nothing else but manifested consequences of our disregard for one another and Life – we can only walk in humbleness as Life is directing now –


I realize I began this entry talking about kids – and I’ll end it the same way: We once were those kids that got educated by those that came before us who also didn’t know anything else but the ways that they got taught by their parents and so forth – no one’s to blame, instead we take Self Responsibility.

We are now those ‘grown ups’ that have the ability to change the reality that kids will be seeing around them, the reality that will be seen through TV and computer screens – we cannot allow ourselves to continue with this old world – we’ve got to become the stand to make a final STOP from history repeating and not only create a ‘new picture’ for all of us to see, but a complete new way of existing, now living-life for real instead of living in a complete simulated reality where all pictures have taken the place of importance while disregarding and being completely alienated from realizing who we are as Life.


This is the only point we can take on as our vow to Life: to create a world that’s actually best for all –  it’s the least we can do as humanity after all we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to become. When you take into consideration the whole as yourself, you stop worrying about our petty little problems in our mind, we start realizing the actual situations to be faced in reality as part of the challenges that we’ve so meticulously and inanely created for ourselves to face today – this is the process and it’s unfolding as we write and read here.


How I see it is only through taking self responsibility we can vindicate our stance towards that which we’ve disregarded all along as ourselves: Life.


Let’s support life to be birthed from the physical – not further disregard and enslavement as a clone of our past, waging wars for the sake of Money.

If you have kids I suggest to be the living example of a world that is an can be best for all, to stand strong within the realization that who we really are cannot be deadened by others. We stand, walk and breath – and so it is and will be.

¿Una Vida Más? ( One more life?) – 2008


How ludicrous it is to exist in this world?

It just ‘amazes’ me that we’ve come this far and it seems we’re ‘pushing the envelope’ more and more every day-  yet this is not to be understood within the ‘positive connotation’ that one would usually ‘hope to hear’.


See, I wake up and turn on the news to see a world that’s going on wars, stock markets falling, CNN claiming to have a project for ‘freedom’ finding ‘heroes’ next to news on political gossip , world leaders vamping on to colonize countries under the banner of ‘freedom supporters’ – what the fuck – along with news on devastating events such as the unstoppable hunger that millions in one single country are going through, population with massive mental disorders and your regular news on looting, stealing, robbing and any other trigger-pulling that leads to further deaths.


Through all of this, by actually understanding the implications of the world as ourselves, we can only breathe and stop our own reactions – yes and realize that this is only a part of what we’ll be facing as humanity as part of this process wherein we are finally ‘meeting our maker’ which is nothing else and nothing more but ourselves – fully and completely, no masks around and no fucking around in terms of getting to see the full-fledged reality we’ve accepted as ‘who we are’.


This obviously can’t possibly bring or create any sense of love and joy, we cannot just ‘resist’ the ongoing problems, that’d be just cowardice to face what we’ve become, what we’ve created while disregarding life as who and what we really are.  Yet we can dive into self pity and misery either. It’s all a matter of stopping.


Everyone wants ‘their truth’ to be  ‘THE truth’, all truths that are promulgated are based on knowledge hence useless as they don’t encourage you to see yourself as your own creator as the truth that stands as yourself, ‘on your nose’ as we say here – yet always seeking outside of ourselves for ‘something’/ ‘someone’ to come and ‘save us’ because we’ve been apparently ‘too weak to do it alone’. Those times are over – and we are making sure we don’t hope or wish for ‘things to get better’ as that would be equal in delusion.


Accepting what’s to come is not a matter of complacency but a matter of understanding the process, our creation, our current stance within this world and our role as catalysts that push for self-revelation, for self-honesty which is nothing pretty or beautiful – this is how and why the Desteni message was utterly criticized and eventually banned, due to being perceived as ‘harsh’ within a world like this wherein it’s apparently too ‘sad’ to think of some thousands killed in some terrorist attack yet allowing a budget for over 10 years of maintaining an ongoing war with an apparent sense of revenge – how loathsome yet, this is existent in all of us.


It seems ‘harsh’ to read that someone could actually ‘harbor’ self-hatred yet we can only criticize that if we’re not willing to look at it within ourselves first. Denying it would only be suppressing a part that’s existent in each one of us and that’s leading us to kill, abuse and steal from one another – these are the signs of the times where the ‘divinity of man’ calls out to be judged for what it’s become: nothing but greedy fuckers and mouthfools of empty words.


We’ve tried so hard to keep up the image of humanity with all sorts of gadgets on top of ourselves with all claims of evolution that has served us only to find ways to kill each other with more efficiency, to steal and torture with less hassle, to manipulate and deceive with pretty pictures – and dare to call this progress.


We can’t even process and actually comprehend the implications of what we are being bombarded with as information that can simply give us an ‘update’ of how far we’ve gotten in terms of disregarding each other as equals. This is not a cool and blissful image that we wanted to  make up of our Self Realization – yet it is all HERE manifesting and emerging for us  to face – no backdoor left.


Who am I within this? I cannot continue existing as a preprogrammed robot that fears and gets depressed at the sight of the world – I cannot be +1 to the misery, suffering and chronically depressed people in this world- though battling such experience can be equally unsustainable –


The way to actually STOP both poles is through Self Forgiveness, to disengage completely from playing any ‘role’ and instead see the facts and events for what they are as I realize that it makes no sense to become another actor within this play – the moment we allow ourselves to be affected by it we can only say that we are playing our part in this entire collective mind possession that we’ve all been living in, detached from being physical breathing-walking bodies and instead ‘fighting for being a Lie’.


Isn’t it insane to see what we’ve become at a mind level? Lol yes there’s a pun intended there and we can only laugh about it – that’s something cool to do actually as only through allowing ourselves to laugh at ourselves can we realize what we can be participating in in any given moment.


Isn’t it insane how someone can still claim to be ‘not-equal to another human being’ or anything else for that matter? That’s the type of answers and encounters we have on the net, people just being completely detached from anything real – and so we ask: how could anyone be real if everything we’ve believed ourselves to be exists at a knowledge level? Come on! how could giving up your knowledge mindful life be any difficult? yet it is! at least for us walking this process we can see and realize how it takes quite great consistency and constancy to walk ourselves in Self Honesty – it obviously won’t come easy yet we are walking it and exposing it because it’s not ‘our nature’ to be so, it’s not the ‘genuine us’ to care for one another’ nor is it fully ‘understandable’ to not question ‘what life is’ –

We’ve never lived and all I ‘know’ is that I’m here and willing myself to be a living being – that’ll certainly NOT be anything else that I’ve defined as ‘living’ in the past – all the desires, wishes experiences, emotions and feelings that I’d rejoice in – lol juicing my mind till the last drop to create a sense of satisfaction – that is no more, at least not even in trying to ‘engage in it’ – it doesn’t last because: I can’t fool myself – lol.


The I that I’ve become as the mind requires a purpose for existing – that ‘I ‘gets excited and thrilled about new adventures which die out quite quick now, and so what we’re left with is nothing else but ourselves, only being able to trust our breath as everything else is able to come and go in one single blow.


Now this is actually what is living in simplicity, not requiring to feed ourselves as experiences or any other type of ‘alternate reality’ which is how we’ve defined ourselves as before : nothing else but experience-machines that require to be entertained and amused all the time – abuzz – and within that constant craving within which we’ve become the greedy, hateful, depressive fuckers around the world, just to ‘at least’ be experiencing something, as if that was ‘real’ and an indication of ‘being alive’ – this all must go.


Within our thirst to consume, within our desire to ‘exist’, within our wants and needs to posses, we’ve missed ourselves all the way.


It is only here at this moment that we can actually for the first time cut the bullshit that we’ve built around ourselves as this colorful aura  created for the sake of deceiving ourselves and others within the pretense of possibly being able to be ‘more’ than another, or being ‘less’ than another, or being ‘good’ and ‘bad’ without having been able to understand our preconditioning as mind systems – what a joke we’ve lived and it’s only fair and necessary to STOP now that we see and understand. Stepping aside from the character to become a care-taker of ourselves and of the world as ourselves. To care for the very first time


It’s fascinating because my mind went ‘oh there you go, had to end the whole thing in something ‘positive’ – but it’s not, it’s simply letting go of the chain of thoughts that I experienced through the past days as a result of events in my reality that is this world and within myself as the digestive process of what we are seeing currently as ourselves and around us. Tending to take everything ‘too seriously’ is part of the experiences to stop as myself – being to ‘weary’ about reality


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to resort in weariness whenever I see myself being ‘overwhelmed’ by information and events that I’m consuming as words and knowledge that aren’t ‘here’ as myself in my physical body – I stop participating in such inner turmoil that is in fact invisible.


The energetic eye – the energetic I must go within this because I cannot continue defining me and limiting me and allowing me to wallow in these minor experiences that – even if they don’t last as long as before – I can still see and realize that is accepting a type of diminishment, a possession wherein I tamper my ability to LIVE.


I wake up everyday to ensure that I contribute to support myself, to support others to the extent that I’m currently able to and to make sure that I am part of stopping the bullshit that we’ve enslaved ourselves as in this reality- to face our creation

That’s the way to walk HERE.

Speaking the points as we see them is only the sane way of walking through this world  – silencing myself is not the way to realize equality here – not yet.


Thanks for reading – if you made it till this line –




Bomb mom

Stop All Inner Wars – Face your reality and pave the way to create a better world for those to come.

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