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Some Deep-shit to bring afloat

If you want to reach a state of bliss, then go beyond your ego and the internal dialogue. Make a decision to relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved, and the need to judge. Those are the three things the ego is doing all the time. (So) It’s very important to be aware of them every time they come up.”
~Deepak Chopra

If – then – so

Thanks for confirming our preprogrammed reality, Deepak! Using fuzzy logic is definitely accurate if we want to continue perpetuating ourselves in a reality motivated only by a sense of ulterior pleasure that is, apparently, that which we must conquer if we want to be in an ever-lasting dazzlement as the ultimate quest in life.
So, get rid of any sense of self-motivation as self-realization of being self responsible for everything that is here as our own creation and directing yourself accordingly – listen to Chopra as he places the attractive solution to kill your ego to ‘reach a state of bliss’ I mean, what else could drive a human being to stop the inherent addictive habit of thinking? Only thinking of a blissful glazing experience where I don’t ‘think’ and I’m this empty vessel shining in full view. Wow
The reason why such statement is bullshit is because it is promoting an elusive state of being that functions like candy to kids that have been taught that candy is the reward for doing something ‘good’ in this world. Then, stopping the mind just in a literal ‘shut-the-fuck-up’ attitude creates nothing else but further separation that can only lead the being to completely deny themselves ‘as’ those thoughts, as the actual creator of such ego-treats wherein the actual understanding of self-creation is deliberately overlooked. Within this premise, it won’t matter whatever ‘I think’ because I can simply ‘shut it off’ and shove it under the carpet while gaining one step closer to the virtual paradise-heaven like experience.

Okay, so, you shut off your thoughts and any desire/ need to create any sense of ego recognition BUT motivate that through wanting to reach an experience that can only be relevant for you as an Ego, how paradoxical mr. Chopra.

The point is that this person knows what SELLS WELL in spirituality, which is following the long-lasting desire for ‘heaven’ and a more decent life experience other than what the usual mortal-mode allows us to do so. This lies obviously within the ultimate ‘wanna be god’ experience that can only be relevant to the individual as the mind, as feelings and emotions which is what this guy is attempting to ‘warn you about’ as in  ‘be aware of them’ without even considering any best for all or consideration of the entire world or even life for that matter within such blissful promotion of any deceptive kind of “self-help” that people buy nowadays.

I’ve had some people asking me if ‘I know Chopra’ whenever I speak about what we do at Desteni – I sincerely don’t need to know much about someone once I see what a single statement of them is promoting as ‘self help’ or ‘life philosophy’ which in this case is quite clear it’s nothing else but a revamp of the old ‘heavenly experience’ promoted by christianity – or any simile in the rest of this world’s cults-religions. That sells well, self responsibility and self honesty don’t. Yet it’s what must be done and lived in this world for any actual change.

So, reaching a ‘state of bliss’ is a glowing mindfuck that can only be relevant to you as an individual experience of the mind without actually caring to see how such experience is self-created, powered by your own thoughtful-batteries which in itself, contradicts the rest of the argument Deepak gives in order to ‘stop your ego/ stop your mind’ without even caring to look at the context of this world, this reality that we’ve created as a casino wherein everyone wants to WIN/WIN all the time and nevermind about the world problems that are created in-fact by such long-lasting desires to be bliss-fool.

We obviously don’t support this type of bullshit that promotes abdication of self responsibility, ignorance of man to know himself and the determination of seeking something ‘outside’ of yourself as a mental experience that keeps everyone trapped in a single cycle of buy-your-peace, buy-your-happiness becoming blind to see what is actually being created by each one of us in and as this world that’s actually run by nothing else than money.

Time to debunk Chopra and any other ‘self-help guru’ that fails to see Equality as Life, Common Sense and the requirement for an overall change in the system if we do want to do something that betters our lives in this world, not just ‘for me’ but for ALL Equally.


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Writing for the sake of grounding myself as this is how I have walked through any point that I would have considered earth-shattering throughout my life and walking of this process.

Tranquility – I used to define and associate this word as the opposite of being in a loud place like a city with many people – you know, the usual images of the zen garden having only the buzzing of insects as background, having no major external disturbance and instead a nice fluffy environment I could simply sit and drift away in some mental-created state of ‘tranquility’, the type of ‘drifting off with the sea’ which I would experience when staring at it for a long period of time whenever I had the chance to do so.

Another memory is how my mother would tell me ‘tranquila, serena’ which she’d word whenever I’d go into any of my usual hissy fits and rage for anything in my world that I would vehemently react to spewing words that could somehow depict the amount of disgust and/or hatred I had towards something/ someone outside of myself. Actually no, I didn’t ‘hate’, I have always deemed that word as ‘too much’ for me to handle so it was mostly a general angst that I would then get patted on my back to be ‘at ease’, like snapping out of any given tantrum and being treated like a mentally deranged person that gets calmed down by being patted on the back – that’s how I would experience the ‘then’ tranquility experience, like that sedated effect that comes after we’ve unleashed hundreds of tears of sadness or anger.

Tranquility was always then a reaction-experience ‘after the storm’ as the necessary pole that would place an ‘end’ to any of the usual turmoil experienced – a sense of ‘everything is now fine in the outside world, there’s nothing ‘bothering’ me, I am at ease, I am tranquil now’ yet, it was always only an experience, a mentally created state for the sake of calming my waters down.

Tranquility also brings the song ‘stone in focus’ and how I used to repeat the same track ad nauseam hoping to find some sense of transcendence after numbing myself with such hypnotic sounds. That sense of ‘losing myself’ just as any other false tranquility that weed would give me, when I was able to remain staring at the ceiling for long periods of countless time, listening to equally mind droning music that seemed to have no beginning and no end.

Tranquility as being alone in my house, as having no neighbor-sounds coming at all, that sense of being finally living in a perfect world where I can hear my own heartbeat and breathing.

Tranquility as having enough money on my pockets throughout my life so that I wouldn’t’ have to worry about getting something to eat the next day. That false sense of tranquility that money can give to only a few compared to the vast majority that’s living in such a struggle for this sense of ‘financial tranquility’.

All of these definitions – and probably many more hidden in the backtracks of the overrated life experience – are associated with what I had understood ‘Tranquility’ to be. Though they were nothing but counter acts, self-created mindfucks of having specific sounds, pictures, people or the lack thereof around me to create a sense of ‘peace’ which is also what I sought through meditation and any other practice in ‘stilling the mind’ as in shutting up a never-ending thinking machine without ever even considering that I had to actually face myself as such mind, that I just didn’t have to ‘stop it’ and ‘shut id off’ but instead had to walk an actual point of Self Correction.

The correction with regards to this word now is how I can define tranquility as every moment that I am here breathing, stopping any thoughts and remaining attentive as the focus necessary to be stopping and redirecting ourselves every time.

This implies having no time-lag of any memory, picture or idea in my mind that could stir my waters into any direction up there in the mind as yet another experience. Instead of making of tranquility a separate ‘act’ that would be encouraged and self-created/ impulsed as a ‘need’ or ‘necessary outflow’ out of having experienced the opposite – such as anger, sadness or any other emotional outburst for that matter –  I now walk the process of embracing tranquility as that simplicity of being here as the physical body, ensuring I face myself as my mind watching the thoughts go by, self forgiving and ensuring I do not participate on them.

I write myself and voice myself as self forgiveness to stop any delusions that may be occupying my mind and thus I’m able to remain here as breath, walking, directing and within that, actual tranquility exists –  I make sure I am self directive instead of being only a prey to my own mind, being hunted/haunted by my own beliefs, ideas, preferences that I then face to see how it is simply a matter of realizing the program, stopping the thoughts linked to that to stand and focus on what’s actually here as the breathing-walking-living reality as self.

This is how tranquility is not some externally created moment with nice pictures all around to build and sell the entire package, but instead I make sure I realize tranquility as myself as nothing moving inside me and remaining just here, self directive, aware as my physical body –  breathing.


Common-Sensical Communication–not Egotistical

How I have and I’m walking this point is first of all slowing myself down and not rushing to participate ‘as the mind’ which ‘wants to be in all’ for the sake of that recognition point from others as the confirmation of me-as-mind existing here. Then I see that whatever I am going to say is here as the moment within the starting point of common sense and within the context of what’s being communicated – this is the actual moment of ‘decision making’ wherein we can either go and choose to express knowledge and info for the sake of keeping ourselves in our ‘safe boundaries’ or we actually state what is here which might not always resonate as ‘acceptable’ within the bounds of our current reality which is ‘where we wanna go’ if we are here to challenge the accepted ways of the world wherein supremacy is given to thoughts that keep the same old system in place.

It’s quite interesting to actually observe how the mind would say ‘this’ or ‘that’ for the sake of puffing up one’s ego in any way, I mean, virtually we get to the point wherein we can assess where does every single commentary as the specific choice of words or how any seemingly ‘fleeting point’ comes-from and the intention behind it, which can enhance our entire self-definition as the mind instead of simply communicating within common sense here.

So, in the beginning as we go establishing ourselves and defining for and as ourselves what is speaking as self in common sense and what is speaking only as the known ways of the mind, I simply had to stop immediately answering/talking back ‘as usual’ and literally give myself some breathing space-time to see where were such words coming from – was it myself wanting to re-establish myself as ‘what I know’ as a safe-comfortable space as the mind or me supporting common sense as that impartial point that all can relate and see is what’s best for all – which is the type of perspectives that are often disregarded, overlooked or deliberately neglected in our current reality.

Then, as we go seeing the common sense points that can be directed and thus expressed through ourselves in our physical reality, we start communicating ensuring that we are no longer supporting the same systematic ways of existing only as a blabbering ego of knowledge and information, but we become a literal spokesperson of that which is best for all – common sense – once again, not often said or even understood which is  how we’re able to assist and support ourselves/others to see and find the common sense in any given  usual ‘conflict’ or everyday living situation wherein there could be something not seen/ understood when defending or ego, or someone’s interests or anything else that stands as a point of separation. This way we become a point that expresses a solution that is applicable in simplicity, in the moment and enable others to see how easy it is to do that for themselves as well.

This is how we go placing aside the ego every time we tend to only speak as the ‘known safe space’ where no conflict is created between people wherein the usual patting of backs takes place even if each one knows that what’s been communicated is dishonest and not actually supporting anything in such exchange of words.

Then comes the times when we rather ‘keep quiet’ for the sake of remaining ‘safe’ and not having to stand up within ourselves to exert the obvious common sense we see in any given situation, but may fear to express due to any type of mind limitation to not do so.

Fear of conflict is something that leads us to then remain silent as the ‘safe spot’ to remain in where no one can attempt to refute our self-beliefs on ‘how things are’ and ‘how things work’ within our mental schemes. So, daring to confront ourselves through expressing ourselves without the usual drive for ‘wanting to prove oneself right/wrong’ – or the opposite as fear of having our world and idea of self debunked as ‘knowing more/ less’ or any other polarity degradation like that – is actually of great support to see that we only feared speaking out of ‘losing our egos’ which are only mental ideals and creations of ourselves that stand as the safe-zone wherein we’re used to ‘ourselves’.

We tend to then go into seclusion wherein we remain ‘safe’ without seeing that the only thing we can fear losing is when standing as egos fearing losing ourselves as the ego – which is quite ludicrous. We can only react to anything if we are defining ourselves as anything for that matter which is like already taking ‘one side of the coin’ instead of embracing ourselves as both sides.

This is how changing the starting point of sharing ourselves in the moment and walking away from communicating as the ego that seeks to be recognized, approved, praised or valued by others accordingly takes place as we allow ourselves to actually communicate, express in common sense and within doing so start living the words, becoming our own confirmation of that which ‘makes sense’ within the bounds of this reality.

Within embracing ourselves as common sense and walking as that point that communicates and expresses in common sense, there is nothing to lose and instead, we can in fact create an opportunity in real time for other to see things in our reality with a different perspective, one that is often obfuscated by the usual veils of the mind that stand as desire to be right, to ‘know the most, for power/money and a bunch of fears as limitations to not confront ourselves and our own creation.

So, suggestion is to simply allow yourself to not ‘fear’ losing yourself as ‘an idea’ and instead embrace common sense and equality as the point that we live by and thus express and communicate within wherein we can support ourselves and others to see how brainwashed we’ve been to complicate our existence just for the sake of ‘watching each other’s backs’ as personalities/egos, nothing else but a bunch of minds keeping the bubbles intact. Time to burst them at all cost.

Taken from the ongoing self-support thread at the Desteni Forums: http://desteni.co.za/intro-forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=563&p=7360#p7360

Common sense debunks all EGO and stands on its own regardless of ‘who says what’.

Common sense debunks all Ego and stands on its own regardless of who says who

Purifying our words, frying the ego out of it’s own comfortable bubble –

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