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252. Self Forgiveness on UnWholeliness

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I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to live and align myself to the Law of the Physical that Governs who we are/ what we are as a complete, perfect awareness as Law and instead, having followed through with laws that have been created by/ through the mind that does not have any regard for the physical, but only use it as a resource for its own functioning and survival, which is how and why we have led us to the current problem in this world/ reality, because we have followed the mind-made laws instead of having observed the physical and aligned ourselves to it/ as part of it, as an equal-system of perfect symbiotic relationships.

Nature and Symbiosis

When left to operate naturally, the plant and animal world exist in a symbiotic relationship with each other. Symbiosis is, in essence, a giving and receiving – a form of value exchange. When all parts of nature are allowed to exist in a symbiotic way – they together exist as a massive and complex life-support system, which human beings are meant to be a part of.

A profit-driven system has altered how we view and participate in nature, where we have started to take more than we require and virtually stopped giving back, hereby disrupting the balancing effect nature requires in order to be able to perform its function as a symbiotic life-support system.

source: equalmoney.org

Text quoted in Bernard Poolman’s blog Creation’s Journey To Life  Day 252*

“The Law of the Physical that Governs the Physical – is Complete, Perfect, Awareness as Law. Thus, it Functions Equally for All in Every Way. Originally the Earth was a Planet of Sound, which means: Wholeness, which Inherently Existed as All the Laws of Wholeness.”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to disregard the laws of the physical out of ignorance, wherein I adopted the way of conceiving laws and regulations based on self interest, based on a monetary system that hasn’t functioned at the best interest of all – disregarding the basic functions that have enabled fauna and flora and this entire ecosystem as the Earth to continue existing, which is the ability to freely get/ obtain the resources that are required to live, and that it is us as human beings that have violated such rules in the name of personal gain and self interest as greed, which means we violated the laws of the physical and as such, are facing the consequences of having denied equal access to all our equals in this world to have a dignified living condition.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to follow through with what was placed as ‘advancements’ and ‘progress’ in our reality, wherein I accepted things as ‘they are’ and believed that there was people behind such decisions ensuring they would be best for all and taking care they would not cause damage/ harm, without realizing that the moment that we created profit/ gain as a form of superiority above other living forms, we created the greatest violation to the physical laws, which is the violation of what is Here, regardless of any mind thinking about it.


I forgive myself that I ever accepted and allowed myself to ponder the mind as a greater form of intelligence over any other life form, without realizing that the Mind’s basic functioning is to precisely regard itself as ‘more’ than any other species, which is one of the violations of the Law of the Physical that implies all life forms, all bodies of existence should be equally regarded as Life and embodying such living right in a giving and receiving symbiotic relationship as part of the same organism.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to through existing as a mind consciousness system, exist only as self interest that I have believed is who I am and as such, surpassing the law of my being that is Equality and Oneness and only gave head and regard to the thoughts, feelings, emotions, internal conversations as myself, as what is the reality of myself while the world can function without a single being having to think about the world in itself.


“With the Introduction of the Mind to Exploit Disharmony for Self-Interest, Wholeness Constituted the Laws necessary to Return it to Harmony Inevitably.
Awareness as Wholeness do not Direct, as it Is the Directive Principle through which Those that Live, Equal and One as the Law of Wholeness – would Constitute an Equal and One Reality that will be Harmonious. And Those, that Function in Separation to the Law of Wholeness, which is the Law of Physics – would then Wholly become the Manifestation of their Unholiness, Equal and One.”


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to disregard and impose a mind’s desires, wants and needs upon the Directive Principle of the whole, which invariably leads to disharmony as the harm that we have created through the creation of money as the weapon of abuse  – without realizing that now that we are aware of the source of all our disease/ problems, we have also the key to solve the problems, create solutions and embody such solutions as my directive principle that must be reinstalled as my ability to discern at all times that which is best for all and live it, become it – Within this


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ever serve the god of the mind as energy, as the abuse of the physical in itself, which is everything that I have defined as my personality and individual configuration that exists ‘different’ to everyone else apparently, without realizing that in such differentiation and individuality, we stopped working and functioning as a collective and became separated through all forms of ideology, dogma, religions, politics, personalities, races and languages as a form to remain divided and only looking after those that are ‘similar’ to us, surpassing the basic fundamental equality that we all exist as, which is our physical body that we all have and exists in an equal and one manner.


I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to realize that the inherent Evil as human nature, as the reverse of life that the mind represents, is the source of the current consequences that we are facing as humanity, wherein our un-wholeliness as the separation we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as, is leading us/ we are leading ourselves to a point of potential annihilation due to having ignored the Law of the Physical as the perfection of equality and oneness – and instead, dared to create perfection standards that can only function within the mind’s drive for perfection for its own benefit individually, but never collectively.


I realize that the ‘battle’ we embody as our own physical body with the mind system and all its parts and platforms, represents the ultimate challenge wherein we are having to tame the individual energetic forces that would only seek for individual self interest and instead, deliberately become/ embody the Law of the Physical in all ways as an actual living form – this implies that the process I’m walking is the deliberate decision to be and become a living form that is able to coexist with other living forms as equals – and that, must be taken to a practical living system that must be man made in order to ensure we all abide to this Law of the Physical and never again experience the need to abuse within a mental disorder that leads us to want to be ‘more’ than others’ through abusing the physical for our individual self interest/ benefit.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to violate the laws of the physical in the name of my own self interest, due to a con-formism according to what I would see in reality, and within that, accept my condition of abuser and accepting and allowing to see such abuse as progress, as success and ‘superior’ to other life forms.


Inevitably, thus – the Disharmony would Cancel itself Out and the Physical will Return to Harmony. Therefore the Physical do not Act as a Teacher. But Those that Function – using or abusing the Laws: May Learn from it and Change Themselves. Or End-Up in the Chains they Created themselves. It is thus Perfection as a Teacher-Environment. And thus Produce Either Complete, Perfect, Awareness – or Eradicate whatever Cause Disharmony. Within this, Time is Irrelevant.


I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to realize that the purpose of Life is to learn how to Live in Equality/ coexisting with all other life forms and as such, this implies seeing the current ignorance we have all lived as and determine myself to become part of the solution and practically and physically embody that living change from living only as a mind of self interest and greed, to a physical living form that coexists with all other living forms in actual harmony.


I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to actually honor the ability to be alive and become aware of what we’ve become and have the tools and solutions to change what we have become, which is then be able to decide to live the decision to become a living-physical form that coexists with all others as equals, sharing responsibilities and also being able to receive in equality, as this is what is the actual gift of life, being able to coexist in perfect harmony with all other life forms as equals.



Thus, Realise the Gift of Physical Awareness – so that you may Become Aware. Or by your Own Hand, through Abusing the Laws of Perfection – you Will Exterminate Yourself.


I forgive myself that I hadn’t accepted and allowed myself to realize the gift of Physical Awareness and had deemed it as a curse, which is only me as the mind being deliberately placing ignorance as bliss instead of recognizing our physical awareness as the ability to recognize ourselves and as such decide to live according to the perfect ways in which we can coexist if we all come to the realization that it is only in Equality that we can thrive as species that are part of a greater ecosystem that must not be abused for the sake of our personal endeavors as humanity thriving in self interest, but learn how to implement rules and regulations that ensure life is lived according to the Law of the Physical.


I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to fully realize the extent of abuse that we’ve imposed the sheer moment that we continue living as individual mind-sets seeking any form of self interest whenever we only care about ourselves as individuals and disregard all living life forms that are equally here and being disregarded in the name of the mind’s self interest as who and what we all have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become.


I commit myself to align my life, my being and the entirety of who I am to the Law of the Physical, which is ensuring that everything that I use my body/ mind/ voice for is to act, do, speak in the name of what is best for all, and that anything less from this is certainly only abuse, which I commit myself to point out and direct every time that it is here as part of my awareness, and that is how awareness becomes the living-tool in order to realize, see and understand how we have gotten ourselves to this point, how to correct every single point of neglect, abuse, separation and as such, live the principle of self-responsibility as myself, as I realize that I cannot ignore the awareness of what is here and the immediate necessity to align myself to the directive principle of the Physical here.



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This word has come up twice in different contexts and for one part I got to correct the fact that it’s not a verb in English but an adjective, so a quality of being instead of the action of being adequate.

See the origin of this word:

Latin adaequat-, adaequare ‘make equal to’, from ad- ‘to’ + aequus ‘equal’.

It’s weird that it’s not a verb, but we’ll stick then to our verb ‘equalize’ which is a more direct way of saying the same thing. In spanish it is a verb,  so it’s cool to know that ‘adecuar’ comes from ‘make equal to’ as it is adding (or it’s opposite subtracting in some cases) that which will create equality.

Whenever we get to ‘feel inadequate’ what are we in fact saying? I am Not Equal, I am accepting and allowing myself to perceive myself as being ‘flawed’ wherein a ‘flaw’ can only exist in separation of who I am as Equality as Life, it can only exist as a self-created belief of who I am in the mind to remain as that point of limitation. It’s fucked up when it even becomes ‘our c®ap’, as ‘our thing’, ‘our flaw’ in some kind of reversed pride for it as if such point of separation was something that we could use as a justification to not take self responsibility or in some cases also victimize ourselves as not being able to transcend our own limits.

The experience of ‘feeling inadequate’ is then taken on through various forms of self abuse, separation and belittlement as not being capable to do something, having something inherently ‘wrong’ and the only thing that can possibly exist as such is knowledge and information that we’ve layered upon ourselves as  ourselves wherein we end up losing the sense of physicality, getting ourselves lost in our own creation while in fact we’re just equally Here.

That’s what we’re here to stop as we realize we have created this merry-go-round of beliefs that keep us circling in the same spot, and instead we can get out of the maze by writing ourselves, by seeing in specificity how I’ve created myself within and as this, how I have built my own caps and flaws at the level of an idea that I then live out believing is ‘who I am’. For that Self Forgiveness is the tool and it’s the way we take Self Responsibility for our creation.


What I’ve seen is that it almost becomes an automated way of ‘excusing ourselves’ within any situation, like ‘oh no I’m not good enough for that’, ‘I cannot possibly conceive myself being that’ or ‘I’ve always had this fucked up way of being’ – or ‘I’ve never been good at this or that’. These and many other similar statements are self limitations that we can certainly direct ourselves to correct and walk through in Equality, within realizing that if someone else can do it, we can stand one and equal to that as part of a learning process, an application process wherein we walk first writing out our limitations, then we forgive ourselves to acknowledge our creation and then we’re ready to walk through the necessary corrective application in the real world.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe myself to be inadequate for taking particular tasks in this world wherein I had perceived myself as having a ‘weakness’ to express myself and in that realizing that I simply can direct myself to create of such apparent ‘weakness’ a point to practically work upon to equalize myself to. In this being and accepting myself as adequate to perform a particular task in my world once that I’ve let go of such self created limitation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think, believe or perceive that I was ‘inherently flawed’ and inept to perform such task because of having accepted a single belief of me as ‘not being good enough’/ ‘not being good at it’, creating myself according to these beliefs wherein I didn’t see and realize that I am the creator of all my limitations.

Self responsibility for our inherently flawed belief systems is such a cool thing to do as we have many ‘duh!’ moments when realizing ‘I actually did this to myself so I can actually create the solution as well!’ or ‘Why is it that I never even tried it before?’  – and the ultimate ‘Why is it that I’ve been hearing to the voice in my head at all?’

This way whenever we ‘feel’ we have to create a remark about our limitations, we’ll be able to Spot-it-out and Stop us from expressing it as ‘who we are’ in the moment and in that, walk through any self created limitation to then input the correction as saying ‘I am here directing myself to do that as I realize I can stand one and equal to that which I had perceived I couldn’t do before’ – or ‘I direct myself to embrace this aspect/part of myself which I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to be and become one and equal to due to the accepted ideas of being ‘flawed’ as a self-belief that I had held as ‘who I am’.


From here we’ve opened the window of opportunity for us to physically walk through the correction and dare to see what’s ‘on our plate’ as we’ve opened up the possibility of self-creation: be/become that which you see is best for all, that which will enable you to be adequate as Life, as the reality that I am here wherein I become aware that I create my own limitations, that I can stop them and that I am equally capable of walking a process of learning, applying and living the correction as myself.

Within that I stop ‘banning’ myself from my expression or limiting my own ability to stand equal to and one with anyone else whom I’ve perceived as separate from me, yet seen as something I’d like to get to be like because of the qualities they represent which I see are cool and can benefit all. This is also how equalizing ourselves will lead to self perfection, as we can stand equal and one to everything that we see is effective, is best for all and functions within common sense.


We have to also look at how it is that Money has  determined our experience in this world wherein such inability to stand equal to something has been part of the restrictions that we’ve created within this current system. Thus creating adequate conditions for all will enable us to have no excuse left for self limitation, and will only have to work with that which we have to sort out within ourselves as all of the beliefs and ideas explained above. That way we create an adequate world within and without to get over our invisible fears and flaws and stick to the physical reality.

Self support in this is very cool and we can all do that through sharing our writings and giving feedback that will allow us to see that which we probably haven’t seen for ourselves before, this is what the Desteni Forum is for.



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