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283. Private Property and Equal Money Capitalism

For context read: Day 180: The Word ‘Capitalism’ in ‘Equal Money Capitalism Redefined


Within the Equal Money movement, we have now taken on the point of redefining capitalism from its original principles and adjusting its main principles to function according to the ideal they were meant to be/ create but didn’t get quite there due to lacking the equal distribution of the profit made through the paradigm of capitalizing resources/ land and people’s labor within an equal and one best for all condition. Thus Equal Money Capitalism means placing at everyone’s reach the ever elusive carrot on the stick that we have been born and conditioned to pursue through striving and competing against each other with no certainty that such ‘wealthy-healthy’ achievement could be a reality for all. It is thus a proposal to ensure that such proposed well-being and economic stability is ensured to all living beings equally, where each head is counted as a rights holder to obtain equal amount of resources/ goods/ services that are currently only available for a minority in this world that has access to money, which includes me and you reading this blog.


To begin with, I’ll explore a very basic definition of capitalism, dissect each part that composes it and present it within the triad of problem, solution and rewards/ benefits that can give us a better perspective on how we are practically redefining these capitalist agreements to a best for all principle.


Capitalism is an economic system that is based on private ownership of capital goods and the means of production, and the creation of goods and services for profit.[1][2] Elements central to capitalism include capital accumulation, competitive markets, and a price system.[3]

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitalism


Private Ownership

Within the past research I have done blogs on the Delusion of Ownership and, it is so since we certainly do not own any part of this Earth and we cannot die and take it with us as part of our ‘property,’ the moment we die, the body remains here on Earth, returns to dust to feed various organisms will feed other life forms and allow the continuation of the life-cycle. This is the same principle that must be considered when thinking about ‘ownership’/ private property as it is currently understood. Thus we will be redefining each component to ensure that the definition we have stands within the consideration of the alignment of all the factors that can in fact generate a common well being in our reality.



  • The reason why private property exists is in order to capitalize it, which means making more money out of what you buy to make it your own through selling it, growing it – in case of lands for cultivation purposes, renting it, using it to manufacture products that will generate profit, such as owning land and machinery that can produce food that can be sold and as such, ensuring your income just by having it registered as your property.

An example is when people currently buy land at a cheap price in some peripheral area next to a city – after some years and the expansion of the city reaches such before isolated territory that was sold for a cheap price, but now the value of such land escalates, which makes the person that originally bought such land  be able to capitalize their original investment, and this are considered ‘smart investments’ that involve a risk factor as any other form of investment that fluctuates not according to an organic growth in equality within the environment, but instead all hat’s taken into consideration is: profit and economic growth that brings in more investment to the area.

This generates several conditions that become a point of stability for all parties involved:

  •   People buy lands hoping to make great money in a future to come, however if such expected future does not match the ideal estimation of how much such property will be worth in a certain period of years, chances are that such investment was futile and as such, money is wasted with no profit gotten back at all

Within this we can see that the physical territory remains the same, the only thing that changed is the value imposed according to it now being part of a developed-area wherein the localization of such lands can become a suitable place to build a supermarket, for example, and as such the person that owns such lands has the ability to sell them multiple times more expensive than the original cost due to the convenient location it has become.  This capitalization of the original investment on the land is only possible within our current value-system/ pricing system that is not determined by a physical laws that would be space in this case, but instead, the  price escalates according to  all the other market forces that will influence how much your property is ‘worth’ now or how much it depreciates in a worst case scenario for the original investor.

  • The environment is not taken into consideration within such expected growth, wherein most of the cities that turn to industrial centers develop massive social, health and economic problems in spite of the massive production that may go on, this is because of all the profit being obtained only by a few beings instead of benefitting the city/ community equally and in accordance to the success that leads to the expansion of a certain city.

Currently we see the opposite: big cities tend to go into poverty because the profit obtained that leads to expansion is not directly given to the employees and all other sectors involved in such production, but instead used up to own more lands and continue expanding through capitalizing it.


  • – Within the legal shield of private property, people, places, animals and resources are exploited within industries/ activities that make money. People that already have substantial amounts of money seek for further capitalization of their wealth through investing in new land and machinery to obtain, for example, water from a certain area’s natural resources – however this is done in a furtive manner wherein it is a literal invasion that takes place, yet it is justified according to ‘having the right to exploit the resources due to owning the land that contains them’ – this is been permitted wherein corporations have been systematically looking for water springs to buy the land with the water source, bottle the water and sell it to the people, while such water should be equally distributed as a living-right to the locals and any other location that would be lacking  water for natural-precarious reasons.

– This rule of owning the resources in your property enhances selfishness in the human being wherein he/she would rather find ways to distribute the water to others through selling it, instead of setting up systems that could distribute the water equally to the entire area.


  • – People claiming intellectual property through copyright can get to make more money from filing copyright claim than any actual investment made or profit earned from selling such intellectual property,  this becomes thus a greedy-game wherein any form of expression, for example a piece of music that gets remixed by another artist and if such permission is not granted, the owner of the song can sue the other artist for using the audio without permission.

– In this there’s no consideration of the expression in itself being used by another for their own creative purposes, the only thing that is sought is money – in this, we’ve lost the actual regard for expression when it becomes a product that becomes one’s own property, without realizing we cannot own words, sounds, materials or ideas that are considered creative works.


  • Private Property Capitalization: the more one person earns money, the more they buy lands, resources and labor force to expand their wealth, this leads to harsh and tyrannical measures of production that are measured according to making the most profit in the least time in order to earn the most and continue expanding – this expansion not being equally remunerated to those that are enabling it/ creating it, but instead the profit goes to one or few individuals that create such wealth based on the abuse toward the environment, people and all living beings that are used to create such product/ service.




  • Equal Money Capitalism is an economic system that is based on the ability to live and express using what is already here as part of the Earth that can be given equal access to through an agreement to use what you as an individual or collective require to live. Within this, entitlement as personal property can only serve for practical purposes like owning your house, car, computer, clothes, personal objects and that which you acquire for your practical living, no different to how it works now.


  • Private property as a means to capitalize your money is redirected/corrected and aligned to grant personal use of the resources and buying products that enable you to live in dignity within the understanding and realization that we have no right to exploit another being or the resources to make ‘more money,’ within this monopolization of resources and services will cease to exist. The moment we remove profit from the scheme as the ability to get more through claiming private property, what remains is the understanding of cooperation to instead use what is already here in a fair manner wherein we can all co-operate to get the most of certain resources, to improve a certain productive purpose by giving to each other equal-share of the profit for the final production/ service made/ give. 


  • This certainly gives us the opportunity to redefine the value we had imposed onto the land, objects and people, stopping looking at assets and instead looking at physical forces and resources that can be organized and directed to function for everyone equally. This is what must be considered as real evolution and progress: learning how to use what is here to the best of our possibility without claiming a right to own it and exploit it, but instead use it within the consideration of what is best for all parts involved at a short and long term, which includes sustainability.



Benefits and Rewards:

  • – No more risking your money on investments that have no certainty to produce the expected profit through capitalization


  • – No more paying taxes over property or annual fees for owning cars


  • No more envying the properties and wealth of another creating friction and conflict as hidden agendas in deceptive and convenient relationships – at last, real stewardship and cooperation will emerge, because everyone will have equal opportunity to work their way to improve their lives to the utmost potential.


  • – No more privatization from corporations to get legal use to resell the natural resources of your local area


  • – No more endless expensive trials to battle over claiming property or copyright, instead the fair use of the land/ goods will be assessed to ensure no abuse is taking place from either party involved.


  • – The understanding of the principle of using what is here to the best of the possibilities that leads to reducing abuse and indiscriminate exploitation of resources for the sake of money


  • – No more greedy people only looking at the Earth’s resources, animals and people as assets that can be ‘worked on’ to generate profit, this will generate a condition for the human being to re-consider the real value of the Earth’s resources as the actual gift they are as part of this world that we learn to use throughout our lifetime, honoring it as a part of ourselves and as such, sharing with children how to do the same to ensure that no longer the belief of being able to ‘own’ a part of this Earth or another human being is possible.


“We’ve come to believe that our value is dependent on how much we have – because that is how ‘the world’, or rather, the economic system, has treated us: if you don’t have anything, then you’re not considered, you’re not a part of the economy, you’re not supported. And, obviously, if you’re not considered, included or supported, it means you’re not valued. If everyone were valued by the current economic system, then the system would consider, support and include everyone – but this is not the case.” Day 180: The Word ‘Capitalism’ in ‘Equal Money Capitalism’




Will continue with the next terms in our basic definition of capitalism.


No man's land - Equal Money System

“Land will not be “owned” by anyone or anything – it will simply be cared for. Any disputes regarding usage that may arise will be settled in a community meeting where the most practical solution will be found and agreed upon by all the members.”

– Read more on Housing at the Equal Money Wiki 



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Day 33: Land Lover

Wanting to change the world, claiming to ‘love life’ is a usual personality suit to avoid having to deal with looking at the first change and ‘love’ that we have always missed within ourselves: ourselves

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ever proclaim that I ‘loved the world,’ wherein this world was only based on the pictures I would see with my two eyes wherein I tried to always see the positive side of everything, and in this believing that everything always has a ‘positive/ happy ending’ which is part of the hope that remains when looking at this world and realizing that: it was never a pretty picture, it was always what I wanted to believe the world was, which became an elusive desire wherein I sought to attain a state of happiness ‘for the world’ by thinking positive and seeing the bright side of everything, without realizing that I was only deceiving myself and making it all seem ‘better’ than it ever really was.


I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to create a positive experience toward ‘the world’ according to pictures that I would see through eyes which were filtered through a positive view on reality, wherein everything seemed to be ‘heaven sent’ and believing myself to be heaven sent, without ever realizing or even knowing how it all actually operates on a 24/7 self-abuse that I had chosen to not see, because I did not want to ‘make myself feel sad’ about it, without realizing that any experience – positive or negative – is equally supporting the same fuck-up and abuse as I misused the physical matter to sustain my dreams, my hopes, my wishes, my bright-side looking at the world wherein I believed myself to be ‘innocent’ for all the atrocities in the world, never ever considering that I was all, and that all forms of abuse are existent ‘here’ as myself.


I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to deliberately become spiteful toward all abuse that I got to know of and be aware of in the name of keeping myself happy and positive thinking about it, wherein in my mind, everything would have to get to a positive/happy ending, within this, always expecting someone/ something to miraculously save the day – but never considering how I was in fact being the source of such abuse by constantly seeking to see beauty and see the bright side while the reality everywhere, in every street that I walked through was showing/ revealing/ demonstrating me that it wasn’t. In this


I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to deliberately neglect reality in the name of my ‘how I feel about reality,’ which I dared to use as a catalyst to create pictures about, but never really being aware of how is it that I was a part of it, and the proof is that I always thought that what I painted was from some ‘alter ego’ that could only paint death and destruction, within this only creating further experiences within myself that had Nothing to do with an actual physical awareness of Who I am within this entire world – yet claimed to want to ‘save the world’ and be a ‘good-doer’ for the sake of feeling good about myself, feeling ‘at peace’ and at ease, because hey, at least in my world things were just fine.


I forgive myself that I ever accepted and allowed myself to want to change the world outside of myself, yet existing as a total wreck within me, impregnated with fear, anxiety, fear of the future, fear of loss, self deprecation, suicidal thoughts – yet! still wanting to save the world – and the point that I never asked myself was:

How can I pretend to care about my reality if I haven’t even dared to care for myself, for my ‘mind sanity’ and my own experience, my physical body that I neglected in every breath that I used to only fuel my own tormented mind-world, never ever questioning how it was this very state of mind that was being poured out along with other 7 billion people manifesting this world that we ‘live’ in now.


I forgive myself that I ever accepted and allowed myself to proclaim that I was a ‘good person’ because ‘I want to do good/ save the world/ bring peace to the world,’ without even daring to look at how within myself I was in a constant conflict and self-deprecation wherein I sought acceptance through abuse and abusing substance literally and figuratively speaking only to fulfill and idea of being ‘in a phase,’ in a temporary transition, which could have been easily perpetuated till this very day in endless patterns of ‘wishing well,’ but forgetting about myself and missing myself within my entire desire/ want of ‘changing the world.’


I realize that I could have never done anything by myself, with my own wishes and creations in order to ‘make an impact’ because I had not even dared to stand with more than 2 people as a friendship relationship – meaning that I had become the very antithesis of working in a team/ being part of a group and now I see, realize and am discovering how it is that I could not have gotten anywhere alone, and that I can only walk this process within a group wherein I have learned how to first care for myself, because I had little self-respect left for life, for my own life.


I forgive myself that I ever accepted and allowed myself to project my own desires and wishes toward ‘the world’ and ‘people’ and seeking to ‘make people happy’ as temporary mindfuck that I could trigger in others in order to feel better about myself – within this thinking that through creating ‘positive experiences’ within others and showing them that I ‘care,’ I could ‘change the world – but in fact, it was all simply a blatant lie and deception that I participated in.


I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to ever preach spirituality to others as a way to ‘find themselves,’ wherein I became the perfect example of portraying a peaceful face while existing in absolute suppression of the most gnawing experiences such as petrification, fear of losing relationships, fear of the future and doing everything that I could – including life-choices – in order to not have to face my world, which is a point that I am still walking within my reality as I see that I had become a pattern of only being subservient to ‘the system’ to keep everything in a constant/’stable’ status quo, yet never really risking anything or anyone in my life in order to stand up for real, stand up for life.


I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to ever experience fear of loss toward family, friends, relationships in my world for committing myself to life, as I see, realize and am walking the point as being doing something for myself – as all, as one, as equal – for the very first time in my existence, wherein I am learning how to care for myself and dare I say, love myself first, which is a word I have been deliberately avoiding and backchatting about these past days because of the lies that I involved myself into in the name of so-called ‘love,’ which was only me abusing myself – it was never, ever about ‘others.’


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to still hold an opposite experience toward the word ‘love’ which reveals by the moment that I had avoided writing it out when it comes to self-love, as I see and realize now that I am able to stand one an equal to this word beginning with myself, to actually walk the process of writing myself, applying self forgiveness and self corrective application to occupy the space that I breathe in, to occupy the cells that I had sold to my mind in the name of making my life ‘an experience,’ a vault with memories that I could use to feel good about myself – instead I see that I had missed the very primordial relationship which is myself toward my own physical body, as all the cells, bones, tissue, flesh that I am, that is of the Earth, that is the actual creator that I had reduced to being  a single ‘vessel.’


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ever want to ‘clean the world’ and live in a constant criticism from a very young age toward people wasting water, littering on the streets, becoming extremely angry at people throwing garbage, abusing their animals, their children – without ever daring to look or even being aware of how my inner physical body, the very water that makes up over a 70% of my physicality is equally polluted as the outside that I see, that I smell, that I cringe about because of my own reactions, my own feelings, my own emotions that were equally consuming my body in order to be able to exist.

I forgive myself that I ever accepted and allowed myself to think that the world is ‘fucked up’ because of others but never seeing myself as part of the same equation, which means that I would carry this innocent ‘aura’ around me wherein I deliberately became an ever agreeable person at some point in order to be liked, accepted, even be lol considered by some as some type of guru  because of the image that I portrayed of myself – yet in fact only deluding myself and others within this positive white-crap while the inner reality and experience of myself was of a constant anxiety, nervousness, uncertainty, self doubt, always going into future projections and ‘what ifs,’ still seeking some ‘final truth’ that I could stick to, just because I wasn’t accepting myself as being able to ‘save myself’ and first focus on my own process before even daring to think believe or perceive that ‘I actually cared’ and wanted to ‘save the world,’ when in fact, I was seeking to feel good about myself just so that I could avoid having to look at relationships and my own participation within them, because the thought ‘hey, I am a good person, I want to do good and that’s all that matters’ was in my head as a constant self-brainwashing to avoid looking at the reality, wherein actual physical actions must be self-directed and self-willed in this world to make and actual difference to the current ‘living’ condition that we are all existing as.


I commit myself to expose how deceptive it actually is to ‘pretend to care’ about the world and all other living beings if one has not yet vowed to support ourselves first, to learn to really care for our own lives, to expose how easy it is to want ‘the best for all’ but not really walking the process of self-equalization as the self-agreement that must be established in order for me to really be able to stand as one and equal with myself, and within that, expand my own self equality and oneness within to establish my self equality and oneness without, wherein no desire to ‘change the world’ is necessary, as I decide to walk the process to stop all desires, all wants, all dreams and instead walk the self-support necessary in order for me to actually take Self Responsibility for myself and this world through placing myself in a position within the world system to then actually become part of the change that we require to direct and conduct once that we have established our own self-authority first.


I commit myself to stop any desires/needs as a constant ultimate wish that it will all turn out ‘just fine’ in the end,and expose it as the laxity promoted by all spirituality and positive thinking wherein ‘it will all be just fine’ becomes the greatest excuse to hope and wait and only care about our own little bubble of ‘life’ wherein we ‘live’ and then we die with the same hope that something/ someone would actually make this world a better place all of a sudden.


I commit myself to explain and share how within  ‘wanting to change the world’ and ‘save the planet’ only with good intentions, we are in fact only looking at a feel-good for the pseudo-altruism that stems as a desire in separation of self, and how it is necessary to first take Self Responsibility for ourselves as our own mind – which is our creation – in order to establish ourselves as the authority of life that can decide with effectiveness and precision what is best for all, as I will have walked the inner/ personal process to be able to discern what’s best for all as I will exist as and live by the principle of that which is best for all = life in Equality as the certainty of self-movement to create actual physical solutions to make of this world a place wherein we would like to come back to again, a place where all life can be equally regarded and simply live, as that is what we haven’t allowed ourselves to realize just because of fearing that it was ‘too much, ‘ and impossible to change.


We are here and walking the decision we’ve made to  stand one and equal as ourselves first, to establish a self-agreement wherein we give ourselves back to ourselves as the realization that I cannot own/ possess/ control anything o anyone in separation of myself – nor can I stand alone in my initiative to better the living conditions for other beings: I walk my own process out of the mind and into the physical to then, go walking my physical equality and oneness along with other beings that have equally decided and dedicated to a Solution for all Life to be one and equal again.

The only accumulation that is acceptable is breathing as life and stopping all ideas/ beliefs/delusions about love and saving the planet – the statement of love can only be accepted if a system such as the Equal Money System  is established by ourselves to create the necessary living conditions that enable LIFE to exist, until then, I commit to sharing how  professing love is no different to selling drugs on TV for so-called mental instability. 


ps. Hard Rock should also stop promoting daydreaming. We are all new in this process of learning How-To Live in physical reality.


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