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354. Self Governance in Equal Money


The solution to transform the way we direct ourselves resides in a complete redefinition of our participation in the system where we will all have to become participants in the matters that make our lives possible. We will have to step up, recognize our ability to stand together as  Self-Governed individuals and ensure each one of us becomes the Self Directive Principle in our minds, our physical bodies, and commit our life and spirit to live in absolute integrity in accordance to the Law of our Being, which is Life in Equality as What is Best for all – this is the Living State that we can form at a Global level where one by one we stand as living, self responsible and mutually supportive individuals that  ensure we are never again subject to anyone’s terms and conditions, and instead stand as our Individual yet Equal Living Principle as Life, where no policing, no punishment nor rewards will be required – only a constant sound and stable commitment by all to Live to Create what is Best for All.





  • Throughout history we have being ruled by the so-called ‘Divine Powers’ that were endowed  to people in the elites/ royalties that became our governments, monarchs, kings and authorities – all of these entities formed  the necessary platforms that enabled and ensured to protect and perpetuate such ‘special powers’ to govern  in the hands of a few in order to maintain control upon the rest of humanity and be benefited by it. All of this went on throughout time by our own acceptance and allowance – we all have lived the consequences of these ‘orders’ but we have never really conducted ourselves to create a fundamental change in these power structures to generate a solution from the root/cause of the problem which begun the moment we delegated our individual responsibilities to others, by virtue of the ‘endowed divine powers’ that the majority held as true.


  • From the beginning, these governmental structures were not meant to be supportive for humanity, we wanted to believe they were – or at least it said so in the constitutions and bills of rights –  but it never was never in fact lived and applied. The evidence of that is ever present in every single country that we live in where the same patterns repeat as the construct it is: there’s corruption, misuse of the public funds, nepotism, despotism, laws that are the result of lobbying processes by the corporations to suit their interests, taxes that fund wars, creation of banks and corporations outside of any form of regulation, education that is merely systematic indoctrination, no real variety in the ability to vote in genuine elections because the choices are inherently fixed and flawed, no free and best quality public services like health, infrastructure, telecommunications, banking systems…  instead everything is being privatized to make of our basic living necessities just another profitable business that we all dependent on.


  • Our governments became the actual malevolent act in our society instead of having been the exact opposite according to its main function to direct the people to a common wellbeing. In reality we are and have been  in fact Enslaved by our governments as the structure that we have all complied to for thousands of years on without much question, since this was part of the inherent programming that we also accepted and allowed as our own mind consciousness system wherein these structures existed as our very thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions that we accepted an d allowed ourselves to believe are ‘who we are.’ This is what leads us to actually question the following: how can we blame other human beings for doing what they did if we all collectively participated in this preprogrammed life paths wherein by default some would play the role of the elite/kings/masters/priests that hold the money and the knowledge while others had to form part of the ‘base of the pyramid’ as the slaves that had to work for these governments that were never in fact existent to uplift the lives of all humans in equality.


  • This is how it is rather foolish to blame the structure, the system and the people that filled-in such necessary positions, without looking at the greater picture of this reality existing as an all encompassing set-up for human enslavement. The government as the necessary structure of control was established by people that merely ‘played their part’ within a greater scheme in which all human beings – no exceptions –  have been part of the necessary places to control and enslave everyone and everyone having agreed to that without a question, because we too believed we could get to be part of the privileged ones someday as the elites, royals and people in power/ money and control over others. All of this has been revealed  in the recent years, and it goes hand in hand with the ability to now have sufficient certainty on us as humanity no longer being bound to a system of control, there are no gods anymore directing this reality show but ourselves and our world systems like the monetary and governmental one. This is how the emergence of the Equal Money System has taken place where we let the world know that we are the only ones directing the system and continuing it now, we are the ones that have perpetuated it and as such, we have the ability to change it, because we accepted, allowed and re-created the problem in the first place.


  • However, most of the people in this world are absolutely lost in the power-games that we’ve lived by throughout thousands of years – it is clear that it will take time for us to educate ourselves about how it is that we have limited our ability to govern ourselves because of having been so used to existing ‘under the direction of’ somebody else’ to take care of our lives. Government can mean ‘mind control’  and this is precisely what we have done thus far: we all accepted and allowed a structure of power and control to dictate our lives, therefore it is not to blame only a few for this, but instead understanding how we did it, why we did it and most importantly how it is that the ability to reconstitute ourselves is in our hands.


  • This is how we can’t blame the government for ‘not doing its job’ – we haven’t just ben sufficiently informed to realize that it was never the real intention of any elite/ governing class to better the lives of the people – this is directly linked with the hierarchical structures of religion wherein money became the new god in our reality that still has the power to decide upon our very own lives and well being. This is why no government has worked to be an example that can be applicable to all, this is why all governments have had exclusive interests on the monetary side rather than focusing on supporting people’s lives to be supported to exist in the best way possible. It should be quite obvious by now that there has never been a genuine intention to establish life in equality – this is why we’ve had all these various forms of government that have only served the interests of those that implement them. It is about time we realize that we are the ones that have accepted and allowed the governments that we have by our individual abdication of Self Responsibility.




  • Self Governance is the ability to direct ourselves according to the Law of our Being: Equality and Oneness as Life. This means that there can be no god, no patriarch, no leader, no government as a separate entity ‘above us’ dictating the way that we should all live by – Our ‘Government’ will be existent as the joint effort of each individual existing in Self-Governance. This means that each individual will be educated to take individual responsibility for everything that the governments were intended to do. Governments won’t exist as a selected group of ‘powerful decision makers,’ it will only be a group of people that can be proposed to supervise the efficiency of the system according to their  particular skills and abilities, their lifetime experiences or being experts in certain areas to ensure that everything is running  according to that which ensures the best living quality of life is produced and sustained by all the various sectors of our societies that make our lives possible. 


  • This is  a sui generis form of ‘governance,’ it has no previous parallel or point of comparison to any other regime existent in the past, because these individuals as overseers won’t form part of a ‘superior elite’ trained to rule over others, nor will anyone be specifically proposed as a governor/ president according to particular groups’ interests – No, government will exist as the individual self directive process to always create and generate that which is best for all life – one by one. This will be possible as the ability of each individual to stand in Self Responsibility, Self Honesty, Integrity and Self Will  to ensure that everything that we do and conduct ourselves to live by as a society, is leading to a certain best for all outcome through direct democratic processes that will facilitate our direct participation more so than any other previous electoral process – the old structure of two or more choices to vote for people will cease to exist as such. What we will vote on is the ways in which we want to direct ourselves according to what we will be informed and sufficiently educated to understand will lead to a best for all outcome. This will be a matter of scientific and mathematical fact rather than any other form of preference since we will be dealing with physical reality systems to manage our living conditions in this reality.


  • As an example, we already have the internet and our voices are already being heard through organizations and places where we can all share perspectives on what would be best way to direct ourselves/ our lives in our current societies; However, money is still a problem  and major obstacle to not implement this form of governance, because that would bring down the structures that hold the economy in place. This is why in Equal Money Capitalism and Equal Money System, every project, every idea, every innovation in education, science, technology, infrastructure, resource management, health services, production, etc., will be able to be voted on by everyone that wishes to do so.  This will require at the same time sufficient education to each individual to ensure that the proposals are understood in common sense and that what is Best for All is always considered as the intended outcome, for we will all have a present reminder of how bad tings can go when we abdicate our responsibility to decide and delegate it in the hands of a few ones trained to be greedy of power to never see beyond their own interests – which also became our nature as well.


  • The solution to greed, power and control in a governmental power structure will come by  dissolving the government as an all seeing entity driven in its ultimate purpose of maintaining a corporation well fed by an enslaved society locked into a prison that we have all cooperated to build. Yes, it will take time to establish for the first time an absolute state of self-governance, however it is only as individuals, standing in equal self responsibility and self honesty that we can direct and guide our lives in the best way possible. This is what Equality implies. there are no leaders, there are no kings, no royalty, no hegemons, no popes but only individuals that are self regulated according to that which is best for ourselves and everyone in equality


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“We understand and realize that we are responsible for what we have created in this life by our acceptance, allowance and consent, both individually and collectively; and in that awareness of true responsibility we undertake to embody our own power and authority to correct that which has been manifest in dereliction of responsibility to uphold and honor all life. As such, we undertake, by this declaration of intention and the acceptance thereof, to commit ourselves to heal this world in every form, in every corner and for every living thing. In this we recognize the inherent power in such responsibility and that all can be made whole once again if built on a foundation of responsibility, oneness and equality for all life. At the same moment, we see that all beings have such power through the capacity of self-forgiveness, for to forgive another still separates that other from their own responsibility to see what they have wrought and to choose through self-forgiveness of free will and volition to correct the former course. Every individual has that power for themselves and that power is embodied in the application of self-forgiveness. We must start by first forgiving ourselves for what we have accepted and allowed as the current conditions on planet Earth. Therefore, by acknowledging our own responsibility, we empower others to follow and to begin to take the steps to make amends and to atone for what has been done before. To atone means to enter a state of being “at one,” by standing one and equal with all life and each other. By so doing, each one is erasing the illusion of external power and control that has manifested in the form of bondage and slavery in this world.” – Ken Cousens





  • Self Governance is thus that ideal yet very realistic and practical application of living as self realized individuals that understand who we really are as equals as Life. This means nothing else but honoring each other as life, ensuring each other’s well being as our own, living to expand and express ourselves to our utmost potential, ensuring no superior entities or beliefs are created that may disrupt this Equality, ensuring no one is left behind, ensuring everyone is equally granted access to everything that we require to live in the best possible way.


  • Our Freedom in Equality, our ability to choose the best way to conduct our lives, the best way to educate ourselves, the best ways to feed ourselves, to produce what we will consume in the realization that there’s been utmost care and inherent respect for all life forms and resources that we use to make our lives possible, we will be able to direct our lives in a Self Honest manner, because no one will be ‘setting the tone’ of our lives from the top, because there will be no top – only equals at the same level of The Earth as the Life that we will instead learn how to Live, Enjoy and Express in.


  • These rewards of Self-Governance will exist according to the Living Principle of Life in Equality embodied by each one of us  – there will be no single ting that is produced, labored for, published, adopted as educational system or entertainment that goes without our communal consent and agreement of it being in fact what is best for all. This is where we have to understand that Self Governance is a matter of living by the principle of Participatory Equality wherein that which is best for all is ensured by each one’s self investigation, education and practice of this living principle, so that we can all trust each other to in fact be voting, deciding and opting for the best living condition that is possible for all of us to live by here on Earth, along with all the animals, plants and resources that will be fully recognized as equal and one to the life substance that we all  are. Honoring one another as Equals ensures that all our thoughts, words, deeds and intentions are always leading to a best for all outcome.


  • We will all ensure to forever eradicate the figures that stood as the symbols of power and control: No hegemon, No monarch, No absolutist, no totalitarian dictator, not tyrant, no corporate powers behind politicians,  no king, no queen, no pope, no, no cult leaders, no military chief is ever again to take control or ‘steer’ the populations at their personal will  – Never again Masters and Never again Slaves – only Equality as Life.


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smart ass

These days arising much stuff about the defined me as being ‘smart’ or ‘intelligent’ or all that entails any kind of apparent ‘good’ stuff as qualities I perceived in me, and that I even asked if I could ‘keep them’ in order to be effective in self direction

I realized, there’s no need to be smart or intelligent or any of past definitions as they exist in polarity manifestations. Why wasn’t I able to see ? doesn’t matter. The deal is here, and after watching Marduk’s 5th interview, great stuff really. About embracing darkness and how to specifically release yourself first from the perceived ‘positive’ points within you because it doesn’t really exist and it was merely created to hide what is here as the real darkness within. So by peeling off the ‘positive layers’ within and then getting to darkness  -seeing the ugly, the ghastly, the messed up side- then we’ll be able to really see us. He warns: ‘it will be tough, it will be difficult but If I had done it, so can you’ So, yes, then it isn’t impossible at all considering the size of egos of these beings. One and equal to us, specially marduk as being the ‘smart ass creator-engineer’ of the 4. Lol in a way that’s why I ‘identified’ with Marduk, when he talked about creativity and stuff.

Ok just got opened up a point, well many today, but the smart thing that goes along with the intelligent stuff I had been writing about.

Smart. This is what it all boils down to, being perceived by that as ‘being effective’ though, I wear the suit and wear it ‘proudly’ though not with the desire to be defined as smart/intelligent anymore, no, please not again…. I’m here to get rid of all of that crap polarity in which I have existed all life… so I definitely know when someone is having some sort of ‘confrontation’ with me for what I may say. The deal is, some still take it too serious as if they do really have to defend their point, lol, when there’s nothing to really defend but self as one and equal here, and that it’s not even to defend but to stand up to. Simple as that.

I went into chat to get perspective on doing the symbol paintings etc, was cool getting perspectives from others, it’s always cool doing this because I can usually bring out certain ‘solutions’ so it’s cool to see what being really open to all alternatives is about.. Though, conversation got diverted to art -when point wasn’t about me painting /art specifically –  and so I noticed how some react towards it… that I may be creating something inside them on purpose, lol. Deedra even pointed that it could create jealousy and something else I don’t remember. Well, not my intention, Not at all, merely sharing. But yes, in the end, as we had concluded, I am doing the paintings, and not separation… actually while painting I was like hmm yeah such a drama thing for doing this, it’s just lines and colors that’s it, I was actually giving the whole situation ‘power’ by wondering too much about it, by procrastinating doing it.

It’s very cool when you move yourself, standing up in really ‘small’ situations that make you see the point clear after you’ve ‘wondered’ about it.

I asked father about his parents, because I never met them. So father wanted to only point out what was ‘cool’ about his father: clean, had everything in order, hard worker, etc. Grandmother: creative, she was a teacher. lol he was merely trying to show me where I’d gotten that stuff from, but I said, ok, yes I can see the ‘positive’ in me but, i want to know about the ‘negative’ stuff, and so dad said that his father hit his mother, this was big deal for him to say, but he did it. Also talked about how he was violent and very angry, also his mother was quite ‘explosive’ at times, so I said, cool! see that’s what I need to know.

Why I need to know? because I am them, I am their bloodline, not to be defined by it, but it’s to know what lies beneath to see myself here as what exists in me and I might be suppressing it at the moment.  Then, mother started saying how awkward she felt first times she went to father’s house while they were boyfriends.  As my mother began telling her experience I could see much of her within me, the fear of judgment, the desire to getting all the attention, fear of ‘not fitting in’ etc etc. Was actually cool. Also another point within mother is that she claims to be strong, to not being able to be ‘hurt’ by anyone, but in fact, she hides in her positive makes of what actually exists as negative pole inside her, and this certainly creates much inner conflict in here because she decided to change topic drastically.  So I had just watched Marduk’s interview and that’s why I got to as that to them, and so I realized and proofed right there how this positive as mask to hide the ‘negative’ exists for. Great point, though, I saw much fear within parents by remembering this, accessing their memories of uncomfortable life experiences, was cool to open up points in there at the moment. Then father behaved like a little child and so, I also saw some of my ‘awkward’ behaviour patterns in that as well. lol, he’s quite a someone.

SO moved through my own resistances today as making those paintings, well one is almost done, the other one maybe tomorrow. Also realized more points on how others perceive me currently so to face points within me.

Marduk’s video changed my perspective, so I will go through positive stuff to release first, because I was desiring to ‘keep some’ for self directive purposes, what a mf this is, lol. Anyways, it’s never late to realize and so, smart is first one. As I wrote in that words thread in OF, being defined by that is only another way of ‘selling yourself’ on to others, to be perceived in a ‘higher level’ or something, what lies beneath is: the desire of recognition, maybe.. what entails wanting to’ make a point’.. to only be heard or to stand up for yourself as all? well I perceive me doing the latter but I will be the only one testing myself in this to see what really is behind it all.

Also cool to know that dishonesty, its end is here. very cool, that’s like ‘ a dream come true’ lol doesn’t matter what I have to lose in my own still existent self dishonesty, but I’m definitely up for it… no more lies, no more deception towards another… ahh it is like clear breeze it seems.

Ok so the point of this, is, I’m not trying to justify myself or my application, jsut seeing past definitions as who i was throughout life in school, for example, for all the reasons I’ve explained… direction finger just popped.

For now I’ll leave it here, SF on these points later.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define me according to the idea/belief/perception of me being a smart person

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think or believe that I am a smart person

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to define me as smart from the starting point of being effective in and as the mind

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself for having desired keeping what exists as me as being smart’ thinking it would be something or practical application as one and equal

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see that smart exists as polarity manifestation

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react to the word ‘smart’ and relating it into art.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react to the word smart immediately linking it to a part of who I perceive myself to be, instead of realizing this is personality suit as designed and preprogrammed within me

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as beliefs and perceptions that being smart is practical thing in this world, not realizing it merely states mind activity and procedures that aren’t expressed in oneness and equality

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define me according to how I perceived me to be smart as the past experienced in school

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept and allow myself to be defined as a smart person coming from others

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself for having used the smart suit all of my life, thinking, believing and perceiving I had the ‘answer’ to it all

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see this is part of Ego construction which I was trying to justify in means of oneness and equality

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see that the word smart has been ingrained throughout my life defining  and constricting my experience, instead of being here as self, not challenging myself within the mind

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to challenge myself from a mind’s perspective

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to try to defend a point in means of establishing ‘what’s best for all’ instead of allowing self to realize self by itself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear being judged as being a smart ass

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear confrontation that may arise from this point

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to doubt in my application towards this point considering it as a ‘quality’ that could be kept in order to self direct in oneness and equality

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to challenge the mind of others, instead of making them see as me here, self honesty in every moment

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use mind capacities to enhance a superiority construct within me that isn’t me at all

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to get back to the superior/inferior construct without being aware of it

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go ‘unaware’ of what really lies behind the words I speak before I speak/write

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to procrastinate the writing of this self forgiveness at the moment

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