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359. Equal Life Rights


The physical body of life is in fact the Equality as Life that all of us individuals have. This exists by virtue of the natural way we are born into this world before being embedded with the identity, name or civilian state that comes along with our Birth Certificate, becoming part of a particular configuration and environment that determines how poor or rich a child will be, which opportunities will be available to have a dignified living, what type of religion and culture will they have to adopt etc. – these inequalities are not being considered as part of the problems that prevent Human Rights from being implemented in Equality in Humanity – the solutions are here.

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  • Human Rights’ are understood by some  as a ‘ broad abstraction’ and too much of a Universal Declaration  under which All humans are meant to be categorized and implied in the same equation. This somehow troubles people with regards to finding anything ‘common’ in all humans beyond the biological or naturalistic perspective. This already reveals to what extent we have blinded ourselves as human beings to the point where we have been more focused on establishing differences, individuality, identities and nationalisms instead of  focusing on the Physical Human Nature that we are all existent as by virtue of having/embodying the same biological quality of a physical human body, having a mind and a life substance/spirit that is no more and no less existent to any other individual. However there are still philosophical discussions on ‘What makes the Human Being a ‘Human Being’? which baffles me every time that people debate on finding all kinds of ways to prove why we are Not Equal and as such why we cant place ourselves under the same Umbrella such as the Universal Human Rights.  Needless to say this is just the beginning of a series of debates on the subject, ignoring the physicality of the matter that should be already more than self evident to all: we are all human beings coexisting in the same planet, same physicality, same basic requirements to keep ourselves alive –yet we don’t live with this recognition, we instead keep us all ‘unequal.’


  • Nations have agreed to implement the Declaration of Human Rights however some have decided to not to implement the ones on religious choice or women’s rights. An example is how in Islamic countries religion is not a choice or an option, it is a fundamental part of their culture and identity; the same happens with equal rights to men and women where women are meant to be considered in a lesser position in comparison/ relation to the male. In Uganda homosexuals are punished because of it being against their culture and traditions – thus particularities are created from this Universalism and as such, it is not realized by the global society that these are in fact violations that are permitted in accordance to the distinctive traits that each society wants to preserve above the Universal Application of Equal Rights.  These discrepancies can only exist when the ‘Human Being’ is understood as a social entity already shaped and molded according to Culture, Tradition, Family, Clan, Religion, Morals, Language, Race, Gender, Political affiliation, Sexual Orientation, civilizational Status – all of these aspects create differences that tamper the ability to recognize the physical and ethical universalism of being a Human Being, beyond political and social configurations that we adopt once that we start being acculturated and initiated in the process of socialization and education in this world – this is the process of separation and control.


  • The basic forms of Human Rights have been based on establishing freedoms as a positive based on a negative aspect – this means that they have not been clearly defined to be the declaration of equal recognition of who we are as life, but instead have been the outcome and result of having been imprisoned, killed, deprived from food, racism, religious indoctrination, etc. This is how we have Freedom from imprisonment, freedom from harm – freedom of thought, conscience and religion; there have also been freedom from oppression imposed by the sovereign which is odd in itself how individuals should have Human Rights to be protected by the government/ hegemon/ authorities that should be the ones caring after individual’s well being in the first place.


  • Even in countries where Democracy is applauded like Switzerland, Racism continues to be one aim amount the population to prevent Muslims from inhabiting their country – this is part of the religious stigma and economical reasons that would lead people to seek for better living conditions in countries where the best ones exist. Cultural and racial identification creates relationships of enslavement, physical, mental violence and abuse that generates new reasons for wars and separation, leading to the enforcement of social discrimination in which Equality is made to be seen as something near to impossible to be adopted by all individuals.


  • In history, Aristotle recognized the slave-master relationship wherein he explained that “the slave is a part of the master and their relationship is supposed to be natural due to having common interests” – also explained how some people ‘naturally’ don’t have rights, which is what justified slavery inflicted upon specific races which lead to ‘Biological Rights’ to counteract Racism. And this is part of our laureate philosophers of our ancient culture that are being read till this day.


  • The question is still asked ‘What makes us humans?’ which already indicate that there is still an inherent desire for humans to make some ‘more special’ by virtue of being pondered in some form of tradition, in a value system that each individual has in accordance to particular societies wherein their governors or kings are seen as superior than others, or where people of different races are seen as less than others – all forms of separation that stem from the categories, definitions, ideas, ideologies, religious doctrines and everything that exists as knowledge and information that separate us from the ability to recognize each other as equals.




  • Human Rights are the ethical and common sensical considerations that All States Accept Today – they have to be applied to all human beings in unison, by virtue of being part of Life from the moment we are born into this world.  They must be Human because it applies to every individual regardless of the state they currently belong to; this is the way to abrogate any civil conditions that limit an individual as part of a particular society, culture, religion, political affiliation, etc. It is the natural recognition of all individuals being born Equal as part of this world.



“The First Fundamental Human Right that the Equal Life Foundation Promotes and Underwrites is that: Every Individual, Every Human Being has an Equal Life Right. That means: the Life You Have is Equal in Each One at the Point of Birth. That which Separates Man from Man is What Happens After-Birth once your Education starts for instance or your Environment Influences you, your Parents Influence you or the System Influences you – then You Start becoming a Separate Individual and are Taught Not to Respect the First Point that Makes your Existence Possible, which is Life. Life – that is the One Thing that is the Same. You cannot say: “One Person Has More Life than Another Person” – that Life, as a Life Force, is the Same in Each One and thus is the First Fundamental Right.” – Bernard Poolman 



  • This is the biological and common sensical understanding of the Human Nature in Equality that must be recognized at a Constitutional Level, since it is based on the physical, natural and self evident fact that all human beings have an equal physical body that is the same in its main characteristics that embody the definition of Human Physical Body – this is our Human Nature. All secondary characteristics that are merely subject to particular cultures, nations, creed, race, gender are part of that which makes us individuals from the perspective that there are no two identical beings – not even twins –  yet we all require in a broad sense the same physical requirements to live in a healthy condition.


  • Life is Equal in all Individuals and all parts of this existence along with all other life forms like animals, plants and the resources of the Earth. However, because the human consciousness is what has created the separation in this ecosystem, it is only the human being that requires this basic understanding to ensure that we align to the natural order of his world that is a living being equal and one to who and what we are as part of it.


  • By integrating our Equal Right to Life, an Equal well being and living opportunities will be given and created for all without exception – this is the solution that will ensure that our current Capitalistic system stops catering for a minority and instead is aligned through the Equal Money Capitalism to Value All Life as Equal.



  • Recognizing Equal Life Right to all human beings establishes the necessary Universal considerations that have been deemed as ‘too abstract’ because of a desire to ponder particularities above fundamental principles that makes us all equal human physical beings.This will enable every individual to understand and consider all social configurations based on religions, culture, gender, preferences, language, race, etc. as accidental and secondary points that must not interfere with the recognition of all Life being Equal in all living beings no matter ‘who’ they are at the eyes of a particular society, at the eyes of our minds wherein we will have to educate ourselves  to understanding, integrate and conceive human nature as this Equality of Life that exists in all of us by virtue of being/having and embodying a physical body that is the Life, the Self that is Equal and One in All Ways.


  • The end of misnomers, categorization and segregation of human beings around the world. The end of hatred, competition and deliberate abuse upon others because of ‘being different’ will be halted by all of us agreeing that a world in Peace can only be created by granting each other Equal Right to Life in the best living conditions – no harm, no abuse and our willingness to cooperate and live together to restore the dignity and honor that we have neglected to integrate as part of our day to day living – we begin with this process today.








Day 16: Ego-trips of the Heart

We live in a reality wherein we believe we are perfectly flawed by-design, which is what leads us to go seeking relationships to give ourselves some power when the ego trips. Such trips, however can become as toxic as a general addiction that is not supportive yet keeps us preoccupied in our minds as if it was a matter of life and death to get, want, need, desire and even be constantly fantasizing about a ‘becoming more’ by being at the side (expense) of another.


And it is this ‘power’ that we seek which we use to drive ourselves to within the ultimate egotistical existence that we’ve made of this world, which is when we are only thinking about ourselves, the satisfaction of our needs, wants and desires wherein all we really care about is creating our little heaven on Earth as a way to simply feel alright and content, which is created by energy that comes from that initial relationships that we exist as toward ourselves and everyone else within: negativity, dissatisfaction, ‘unwholiness’ which becomes this nagging experience of having to ‘fill the hole’ and the commonly accepted and promoted way to do so in our society, which is through establishing relationships. Little did we know that this was the perfect way to establish the necessary traps wherein each person could only exist as the necessary fuel to perpetuate the necessary combustion that would generate the necessary energy for our own mind-traps to exist in this reality.


It’s just like how you eat and oxygen ensues the necessary chemical reactions to obtain the nutrients for your body –though in this ego-tripping relationships we’ve formed in our world, such nutrients/ fuel was not at a physical level as self support, but was transformed into fuel to further elevate ourselves and our ego as we would go appraising our ‘value’ according to who we were toward others in our reality.


We as society work just like wall street – and we even dare to rejoice in judging wall street for that matter –because we’ve become the exact replica of trading ourselves in the ‘big market’ trying to sell ourselves to the greatest bidder. We have become the ultimate judges that decides who lives and who dies according to ‘how worthy’ / how worthwhile it is to invest on someone that could give me some proper remuneration after some time of capitalizing interest to get the most profit/ benefit from such investment/ relationship.


See, we’ve become the perfect money-depictions in our world, which means that we’ve lived as monetary values instead of actual living beings as Life that are able to coexist and relate to each other as equals – oh no, that would have been simply ‘too fulfilling’/ whole/ complete/ stable to ever generate any form of friction which is the only way that energy is created and the element that is required to keep our entire world system running .


I am certain that if you are reading about this for the first time, it might be a shock to know that the ‘love’ that you believe you give and receive from others can be equalized to monetary values – well, it’s not really a mystery either considering how because of us depending from money to exist, all our relationships are based on and stemming from the basic – conscious or unconscious – obliged regard toward our basic survival in this world, which is translated to: making sure we have enough money to continue ‘living’ which is the primary point that overrides any other desire or need for that matter which can be regarded as secondary when it comes to relationships.


Yes, what does that mean? That all our basic forms of interaction toward others and that which we have regarded as ‘pure’ and ‘innocent’  have in fact been the most suitable means to propitiate a life-long entertainment within a human being’s mind which is: love, relationships, sex and the entire cycle of ego enhancement that goes along with wanting to obtain some form of validation by another human being in this world in order to be ‘worthy of living.’ Is this Really so?


What is Ego enhancement other than the build-up of the idea of yourself as your personality, your beliefs, your thoughts, preferences, the entirety of ‘who you are’ which can actually be stopped and walked through a Self-Corrective Process if you are willing in any way to get to know who you really are behind the usual mask that we create to  present ourselves toward ‘others’ in our reality. That in itself, that very act of identifying ourselves as ‘who we are’ according to a single set of values/ preferences/ ideas implies that we are monetizing ourselves as money implies survival and survival is all we have sought for the moment that we are born into a world wherein life is not readily-given, but only earned throughout a process of believing that there is not enough for everyone and that you and ‘I’ must strive to ‘make a living’ in any way.


How is that related to seeking for love and a certain sense of fulfillment at a personal level? How else can you sustain such love if it’s not by money that is required by the very basic premise that you would not have anything to eat or time to think about love if the basic needs such as food, water, shelter, clothing and others such as education, proper income and a general stability in your world didn’t exist. Thus, this is to place into perspective how much we have taken for granted the ability to lie to ourselves, deny to ourselves the ability to live as equals simply because of having to feed each other’s obsessions through restricting and framing ourselves in a certain value that is not considering the only value that must exist in this world and existence which is Life – isn’t that the ultimate masochism at an existential level?


Yes, for love to exist an initial lack must exist. This initial separation can be labeled in any negative way. I am sure that at some point in your life you’ve hated yourself – in one way or another – and that includes projecting this experience toward the entire world and in that, missing out the basic factor that lead me to ‘hate’ and ‘love’ which is standing within a particular and defined idea of self that can only love or hate if disregarding in such biased filter of reality that there is absolutely much more than just fixating on the idea of a certain experience being fulfilled within unequal relationships.


Once this point of Self Honesty acknowledgment is established, it becomes very easy to see how we have fed each other’s beliefs on requiring to exist in relationships to be worthy, to be finally ‘complete’ and in that, miss out the actual trap that was created by and for ourselves which is existing in the name of the current capitalist system.

Who is going to unscrew ourselves from this artificially sweetened ‘lifestyle’? No one else but ourselves, walking through a Process of Self Forgiveness wherein we start living the realization that everything we thought we lacked, we can actually give to ourselves within an equal understanding for all, together.


So – if this is understood as a general living condition for all, I am sure that such unusual perspectives upon love and money will come as a necessary link to see how self-interest has become the driving force behind money.

This is how when equalizing ourselves as Life, the existence of money as the epitome of self-interest and greed in humanity must be transformed/ redefined and actually evolve into a sustainable system wherein the one and only value that can ever exist is who we really are as one and equals as Life


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