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Must All Test It!


We’ve been busy working with Muscle Testing and the Structural Resonance Alignment which has been fascinating because it is Here for the First time that Ourselves as the Physical is able to communicate to get to know how or where we’re standing within ourselves as our Structural Resonance

The points I’ve been recently working with is compromise/commitment from the starting point of feeling that I’m ‘holding back’  within the point of standing as myself – alone –

So the points that tested out were completely fascinating as it immediately turned on to the definition of ‘commitment’ from a relationship perspective – merely indicates that I’m still existent within this ‘desire’ for a relationship  – yet

Desire is created as a Polarity Manifestation of FEAR – therefore in my mind manifested ‘desire’ for a relationship, I am actually creating a polarity thought based on fearing a relationship –

Digging ‘deeper’ to see which thoughts were related to such points, the thought of ‘man is evil’ came up – within this I realized that I’ve been constantly having thoughts on our ‘nature’ and how we’ve fucked up our existence by our own hand, by our own actions that we’ve placed in motion in complete disregard of LIFE –

So within this, I experienced great sadness last week because of realizing that we’ve missed our ‘chance’ to self realize in an ‘easy way’ – we now have to go through the actual PHYSICAL process which is leading to the same point – yet, we have to face ourselves in this Life and ‘make the best out of it’ because this is IT – we stand or we don’t stand and this is our last shot – within this I felt completely ‘down’ because of realizing how we’ve fucked it all up in such a way that we think we can’t stop – yet we keep creating the system everyday, we keep existing within our own bubbles, in our minds trying to ‘make the best out of it’ without actually snapping out of the very same thoughts that create this experience of ‘ourselves’ as ‘who we think we are’ and ‘how is it that we’re applying ourselves’ –

Real change, real Physical CHANGE exists in every moment of Breath – we know it, yet we’re not doing it – yet we still abuse one another without considering what the fuck is it that we’re really doing in that moment of allowing ourselves to step into one of the multiple patterns that keep dishonesty as our ‘meek nature’ – ‘as it is’ – within this self abuse is tolerated and accepted as part of something that apparently ‘cannot be changed’ – fascinating fuck up

So – I see where the point of ‘man is evil’ comes from – fearing one another, seeing that if we are the real evil and we’ve created this place as our image and likeness -then no one can be trusted, then we are all fucked up and there’s no way out within my thought patterns without seeing that within this thoughts I am creating my own demise –

Therefore, in the ‘commitment’ a Fear of ‘men is evil’ comes within the consideration of ‘how can I stand as myself If I see myself as Evil – as a complete fuck up within this world ‘ – and how could I possibly walk through this with another who is also an ‘evil man’ as me  – which are still thoughts that are completely unnecessary from the perspective that I’m judging myself within this, and making myself as ‘incapable’ of standing up – self defeated by conscious thoughts of ‘we’re a fuck up, we’re a mess, we’re fucking scum, there’s no way we’re going to go through this’ – without realizing that these are thoughts created by the mind  – instead of standing only here as Breath as LIFE direct, to the point, no thought, no judgment, no compounded information allowing me to feel ‘overwhelmed’ by what’s going on – because at the moment we live in our own ‘worlds’ where we’re not aware of people being abused, raped or murdered – they don’t exist within our ‘reality’ yet they are us as we are all One –  So – within clearing the points, I realized that I’ve been consciously creating these experiences by constant thoughts as information which merely support this ‘self defeated’ experience within myself of ‘oh we as humanity are not going to make it’ –

It was interesting seeing that the sadness wasn’t experience from a personal experience, but seeing humanity as a whole and where we’ve lead us to –

Now, it is very cool that we are giving the first steps to begin connecting with our Physical Body and actually being able to correct our experiences which are created by a thought and manifested as our physical body – which is actually the point of getting to know what we are working with and from there, stand, realize and support ourselves as ourselves – alone – to realize who we really are when there are no more ‘experiences’ happening to us -but instead becoming the directive principle of ourselves within the starting point of what’s best for ALL

So committing to myself is establishing myself as who I really am beyond limitations of any kind as thoughts, emotions, feelings – fascinating how the body cannot fuck with you and is actually able to ‘bring out’ the shit that we usually suppress out of various limitations that we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to become – interesting – fascinating –

Testing others has been fucking amazing as well as each word, each thought, pattern is related to their previous tests and sessions – which is merely confirming the point of actual communication with the body for the first time in an instant communication response through the Muscle – fascinating

Muscle -Must all Tes!

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