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‘Oh, but I’m only a Human (Failure)’

One of the points that I struggled with to actually accept as a point to stand equal and one with was the word ‘Perfection’ wherein when that point of Self-Perfection came out I first saw it as a point wherein we allow that ‘flawed nature’ as humans within a ‘flawed system’ wherein the best justification available for all fuckups when not taking self responsibility is ‘oh but we’re only human’ or ‘I’m not perfect, I am a human’ and within that allowing ourselves to diminish ourselves as our the potential that we are actually capable and able to stand equal and one with.

We can see within that ‘flawed nature’ we diminish ourselves, it is that single back door existent in all of us when we tend to say ‘oh fuck it I don’t see myself getting to this/that point’ and it’s like a form of giving up before even starting and seeing it as ‘normal’ within is when it is not, it’s part of that which we’ve allowed ourselves to become through our participation in society, in the education system.

So when understanding Self-Perfection I realized that we’ve simply accepted perfection as something that is apparently ‘more than us’ because we’ve been used to believe that ‘perfection doesn’t exist’ which is what I told Bernard at the farm when this point was opened up and then he replied ‘Yes, perfection doesn’t exist, we create it’ and that made complete and full sense as that ‘click’ in the moment on how I was by-default giving up to actually realize that it is possible to create ourselves as self-perfection as life – obviously throughout a process that we begin with ourselves, point by point yet aligning ourselves within this very point of self perfection as what’s best for all – cool isn’t it? Being able to re-design ourselves as human beings simply because we are able to do so, it’s a matter of understanding why it’s best for all, why we require to live as equals to the fullest potential and then simply being the actual steps into applying this as ourselves.

See, before in my life when looking at solutions to this world, I would always end up saying that this world would have to be changed from its root/starting from scratch and applying that as ourselves in this moment is us re-educating ourselves at this stage paving the way for future generations – This begins with for example re-educating the now to be parents so that the same patterns and cycles of ignorance and disregard of life are able to be stopped with everyone realizing ourselves as Self-Perfection. And, when we talk about re-education it means the entire education system has to be modified within the starting point of supporting an Equality System and not a Capitalist ruthless competitive system which in itself will change the way ‘buildings are built’ so to speak – thus if we see ourselves as capable of building and creating in this world already at the level that we are doing now, we simply veer all of that to an equality starting point wherein Self-Perfection as the ability to give the best of ourselves for everyone equally is actually created, to realize that optimum level of existence as an individual and collectively is actually possible –

And this point of ‘Perfection not existing’ is something that I saw in this movie called ‘Tron’ wherein they imply how people end up going all nuts and sick of power when seeking perfection – so at the end they state that clearly on how they cannot go looking for perfection, creating a perfect system which they equate to almost a fantastic-like equivalent to fascism. So we can see how within your movies nowadays – which is a Disney movie btw for kids and all general public – we get the idea of people giving up to be able to live in an actual Perfect world – heaven on earth – wherein from a young age they are then indoctrinated to thin ‘Seeking perfection will make us mad, we can’t be perfect, perfection doesn’t exist’ and within that accepting the flawed ‘nature’ of ourselves as humans and the reflection of ourselves as the current system as ‘how things are’ not being able to be changed apparently – so that’s quite a fucked up point that is being imprinted in kids through that movie.

So, we do have to clarify the point of how when standing as Equals as Life, we we will be then actually living as Self Perfection as that which should’ve always been the actual ‘nature’ of ourselves within this world which never has been in fact due to us accepting the single fact of ‘human error/nature’ as ‘how we are’ and thus giving into failure by default – within that we can see how we are used to seeing things breaking apart – lol from agreements/relationships/marriages/families/associates/partners etc to electric appliances and all other technology designed to not last on purpose to have clients buying every year yet deliberately using this tactic because of the pre-existent belief in people that ‘nothing is perfect = things are able to break down’ or ‘ it is actually how things are and can’t be changed’ – and within that single acceptance and the proliferation of it as ‘who we are’ we have our own creation as this world wherein self perfection is placed as a crazy person’s unattainable dream.

Hear us well, we are here to get ourselves to realize ourselves as that Self Perfection that we’ve never known due to our own limitations towards this point – we are here to remove all threads of self-imposed limitation, capping ourselves, placing a lampshade to not allow ourselves to give the totality of our potential – and thus because seeing everyone else accepting that point of ‘failure’, we accept that as ourselves, as the world and entire system with everyone participating within an ingrained acceptance of ‘we are able to fail and fuck it all up, it’s our nature’ which is what must stop in all ways. Thus the importance of having to remove that inherent flawed idea of ourselves to no longer re-create that at the greater-picture level which is the current world system wherein the greatest atrocities and crimes against life are then justified and covered up with the excuse ‘Oh but I’m only human, we are not perfect’

No more excuses to be One and Equal as Life –


What is ‘Natural’ to us?

This comes through as something that we can easily relate-to and something that seems fairly ‘easy’ or that doesn’t require an extra-effort or struggle to do – this can only be through pre-programming, information acquired from dna and other information transferred as ‘who we are’ as an energetic-personality point. This point explains why to someone being ‘disciplined’ is fairly easy or ‘natural’ and why to others it is something to struggle-with and not ‘natural’ which means that ‘extra-effort’ has to be placed to actually get to a constant position as ‘discipline’. This is one of the points wherein we still exist in inequality in relation to one another and thus the importance of Equalizing everyone and establishing common-sensical points for all to live as.

From this point I remember early on in process applying self forgiveness for that which I perceived as ‘natural’ as in being something that I considered as ‘quality’ within myself, and thus forgiving myself as that program that I had become and lived as which maintained the inequality from other beings which certainly created a ‘difference’ in relation to me and my peers at some point – thus from an early age pondered ‘why’ it is that for some kids some things are easy, ‘natural’ and some others aren’t which can be precisely the opposite points of what I am ‘naturally’ able to do and what I’m not able to do with such ease as others – basic simple comparison points which lead to that constant inequality fed and ingrained even more with the way the Education System works..

So, within applying Self Forgiveness for that which I perceived as the ‘good’ or ‘qualities’ within myself, I declared myself as being able to now direct and take on this resonant points as self direction and giving it an equal and one cause – within this the perceived ‘specialness’ has obviously to be deleted and stand as a point wherein everyone has to inevitably get to – if even a crumb of desire of being ‘special remains’ it is to realize: Equalization in a total-complete manner is not being supported by you.


Within discussing the point of how two people can ‘come-together’ I placed the word ‘Natural’/’Naturally’ when speaking about it which was pointed out by Lauri and thus a very cool observation of how we take for granted the point of ‘what is natural’ and thus immediately taken for granted as what comes ‘natural’ as in being inherently pre-programmed and seems ‘easy to relate-to’ which is simply – in this example-  how it is most likely due to a resonant point that we perceive a point to be ‘natural’ –

Redefining Natural implies applying self forgiveness for that which we’ve accepted as ‘natural’ yet we see it is not ‘natural’ for everyone equally and thus, apply and live the corrective application of self-directive points that we see are able to be applied by everyone equally as part of the equalization of human stance and basic self-support to be able to live in this world in full-capacity of standing equal to any other being without having to make-use of ‘preprogrammed’ points that can create a ‘huge’ difference.

I realize we can’t get to be completely and exactly the same and that at the moment we got our ‘weak’ points which have to become our ‘strength’ which is basically taking that ‘low’ to an average level and our ‘strengths’ we can use for the best of all within the system, yet not defining ourselves or ‘adding’ the illusion of ‘extra-value’/ ‘value’ for that which comes-through as such – everything has to be directed within a one and equal stance so that we make-sure we don’t support the inherent inequality that keeps this world turning in separation of one another – not only beings as ‘humans’ but everything else – knowledge is a fuck up – so being self-conscious at the level of ‘what is natural to us’ is simply accepting that definition to be creating a rift within the moment as we are limiting and defining ourselves according to such parameters which is only ‘praising’ our programming –

Found it quite cool to reflect upon this and how it came-through as my expression as a ‘normal word’ yet not really placing myself as the word and seeing what it entailed as my experience.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think believe and perceive myself to have ‘natural abilities’ that stand as the comparison point of that which isn’t coming ‘naturally’ to other humans

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself for having ever praised my ‘natural abilities’ of doing something in relation to others and thus, existing as constant comparison just like any system that is defined according to the environment, instead of simply acting in the moment, directing and using that which exists as ‘myself’ for the best of all – this implies no self definition as being ‘special’ for such qualities or ‘less than’ if perceiving myself to ‘not’ have these ‘qualities’

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ever ‘show off’ my abilities/capabilities for the sake of being considered as ‘superior’ or to ‘hide’ whenever i considered myself to exist in a position of disparity in relation to others as being ‘inferior’-to and ‘incapable’-of doing what others did.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to use the excuse of everyone having a ‘weak-point’ and a ‘strong-point’ as a form of never pushing myself to transcend my own accepted limitations and seeing it as ‘the way the system works’

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use my perceived/accepted ‘strong-points’ as a point to compensate for my apparent ‘lack’-of and ‘inability’ to do/perform/resolve and stand as a particular point that I saw would come with great ease towards others, thus seeking points to ‘feel better’ about myself by feeling that I had to ‘push’ to bring-up my ‘natural abilities’ so that I wasn’t seen as ‘inferior’/ ‘incapable’-of, ‘less’-than.

Within that, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to support the inequality as the system within myself by supporting the idea of myself as having ‘weak’ and ‘strong’ points that had to be balanced out by making myself ‘more-than’ when perceived being in an ‘inferior-point’ and ‘feeling-better’ about myself whenever being in the perceived ‘more-than’/’superior’ position in which I would feel ‘at ease’ and everything coming/ existing as something ‘natural’ to me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use ‘natural’ as a word to create a reference for that which I have accepted within myself  as a ‘strength’ which implies that this ability is not ‘natural’ per se, but acts in relation to an immediate process of comparing myself to another wherein I use ‘natural’ only in relation to a point of ‘struggle’

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to understand and use the word ‘natural’ as a ‘positive’-point, as a ‘strength’ and as something that ‘makes me more than others’ wherein self-deception lies within this point showing that I use the word ‘natural’ as a way of ‘showing off’ and ‘swaggering’ around my ‘abilities’ and/or ‘qualities’ which have come through and played-out only to create further separation between beings and myself – standing within both polarities ‘more-than’ and ‘less-than’ –

swagger’ – self importance

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to make use of that which I defined as being ‘natural’ to me as a point of ‘arrogance’ and creating ‘self-importance’ in relation to others – any definition within a polarity point has to exist in relation to others thus,

I forgive myself that  I have accepted and allowed myself to live myself as a definition, as a role and pre-programmed character that reflects upon-itself in comparison to others just to find  a point of ‘identification’ in relation to others –

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to ever accept the point of ‘knowing myself’ as a point to enhance the ‘self importance’ I perceived of myself instead of ever questioning this and using it as self support to see where I am not standing equal-to another and allowing separation perceiving that it is a ‘natural thing’ for some to be ‘up’ and some to be ‘down’

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ever accept ‘inequality’ as something ‘natural’

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept ‘flaws’ and ‘qualities’ which stand as the polarity I play-out as ‘natural’ and thus believing, thinking and perceiving I can’t do ‘anything’ as it is ‘the way it is’, it is ‘natural’

I forgive myself that I ever accepted and allowed myself to perceive ‘fear’ as something ‘natural’

wait… I forgive myself that I ever accepted and allowed myself to see/perceive and believe that anything of me that I play-out as ‘who I am’ is something ‘natural to me’ because I see and realize there is nothing ‘natural’ in the re-defined way – we are going to be re-programming ourselves which implies ‘new program’ and correcting/aligning points we’ve already been programmed as.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see the experience of becoming ‘horny’ as natural instead of realizing it is an actual energetic-possession taking place wherein I have to direct it as breathe here to diffuse the energetic compound and thus, not give-in to the possession but actually use it as a point of self-support for the entirety of myself in the moment –

I have to apply that diligently still

So, after this elucidating self forgiveness and writing – I can see I use the words ‘until it becomes ‘natural’ as self’ – so within our process it is to take on points that we realize we can apply and live as ourselves (here is where whenever you see something of someone that you see in common-sense it is supportive and usually comes as a point of ‘comparison’ or ‘judgment’ ) and thus live that point as something ‘natural’ – natural within the realization of who we are as systems within a system and thus being able to live-ourselves as the correction of certain points until it becomes ‘ourselves’ due to the constant application = we end up living the words as ourselves ‘naturally’ as what’s best for all – this is so until All is Equal and thus we can actually explore what ‘natural’ as Actual Life is – because Life cannot exist yet if Equality is not in place –

I see that point as important to take-on to see that there is still lots to walk-through to get this point done for all equally.

Okay, enjoy



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