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The ultimate compilation of Destonian quotes on ta ta ra rá!:

(drumroll please)


I attempted to add this all to Urban dictionary, didn’t fit and not sure they’ll publish it so here  it is! Enjoy

Read the small letters:

Disclaimer:  No particular names added on each statement, take them all one and equal.

freechoice is millions of animals under extreme conditions processed to maintain the happiness of mankind –what a price to pay. What God would ever allow this?

freechoice is millions starving purely because their equality would interfere with the happiness of those that has enough

freechoice is universities that teach the elite of intellectual elite of the world to be social psychopaths without any feeling that is valid in terms of life whatsoever

freechoice is economists designing economic policy around the premise that the nature of man will never change and therefore it is acceptable to abuse the less fortunate regardless

freechoice is to KNWO the world is abusive and then to do nothing to change it

freechoice is to arrive on a planet and to accept the ways that you are taught regardless and to continue to perpetuate the madness that is here just because you found it like this when you came – do you have no self respect mankind?

freechoice is to say all life is not worthy of love and I will only love my family

freechoice is to become addicted to internet pornography and sabotage your life and rape others in your mind

freechoice is to abdicate common sense

freechoice is to speak your mind regardless of considering who you are within what you speak

freechoice is to only care for the ones I love

freechoice is to make having sex for money the best choice to survive

freechoice is to allow drug wars for money

freechoice is the love of this world – a love so evil that no amount of repentance should ever be enough to repay for what has been allowed

freechoice is to destroy the environment for money and then complain about what we did

freechoice is to ask for a resolution to the government while I sit on a sidewalk smoking joints to get by

freechoice is to own land just for profit and to let it stand empty even if children die of exposure and to refuse to consider that the profit of freechoice could be a weapon that murder the poor

freechoice is to care more about the way your shoe looks than the people that made it for you

freechoice is saying “Because I wanna!” – “Because I can!” – “Because I have the money to do so!”

freechoice is to remain silent when the world is burning

freechoice is to say life is good while people are getting bombed

freechoice is to only do that which I like doing

freechoice is to be evil and call yourself good

Freechoice is building thousands of buildings and deny access for those who really need it

freechoice is to teach my children to survive at all costs and not to try and change the system as it is too big and powerful

freechoice is to participate in Occupy Wall Street and be angry at the banks

Freechoice is to study Mars when billions suffer here

freechoice is ignorance of the negative, negative is everything that doesn’t serve the ego = free choice is ego

freechoice is to have hundreds of thousands of empty homes in spain while the country is in economic crises

freechoice is to charge 10.000 dollars for leg room on an airplane

freechoice= survival of oneself only – forget the rest

freechoice is ignoring the actual reality and getting lost in a made up one because it makes me feel nice

freechoice is to have thoughts inside my mind while talking to another and not speaking them out as well

freechoice is to inflate prices for the sake of your pocket while others’ world may fall apart in doing so

freechoice is to allow men, women, children to starve while barrels of food are thrown out daily

freechoice is to have thirsty people pay for their water

freechoice is to charge money to use an ambulance

freechoice is to rape the environment of resources purely to give the fat cats variety

free choice is to teach our children adult habits based on aggression, jealousy, etc – and then watch as our children bully and abuse each other

freechoice is to charge money to fix your tooth

freechoice is to pretend to be insane to get legal drugs to cope with reality out of facing your fears, the fear of seeing what you’ve become

Free choice is to allow bureaucracy prohibit people from freely moving around in the world

freechoice is to be guided by voices, to be determined by mood instead of common sense

Freechoice is creating borders and not supporting other beings only because they live on the other side of the border that you have created in your mind.

freechoice is to create products that deliberately fall apart so you have to buy more

freechoice is to give children Ritalin instead of care

freechoice is to call christmas a holiday of cheer while 15000 babies die daily

freechoice is to worship and celebrate money and consumerism on holidays

Free choice is to conform

Freechoice is to say ‘I was born this way’

freechoice is to invent vaccines because chemicals that have been created have to be used up

freechoice is to do what you like instead of what you must

free choice is to accept a financial system without knowing it, without questioning it, without thinking of it while that “ghost” affects everyone whether one wants it or not

freechoice is to say ‘fuck it all’

freechoice is to create an excuse to bomb a city with a self created reason

freechoice is to inflated reality into an illusion and then to insist that the illusion is real

Free choice is to create a self-inflated bubble where one is the only one that exist in said bubble

freechoice is the choice to do things that will give you fun and comfort and remain there while everyone is suffering

freechoice is to make apathy cool

freechoice is to make ignorance cool

Freechoice is to claim: “It’s because of karma”

Freechoice is to get drunk on the weekends to escape reality and to freely choose to do nothing about it

freechoice is believing in a god

freechoice is to exist as an image

freechoice is to exist as personality instead of as a common sensical being

Freechoice is to claim: “I can’t do anything about it!”

freechoice is the serial rapist following his highest desires

freechoice is to continue building ego justifications in the mind to make sure that i never ever face myself as what i have allowed

freechoice is to blame parents

Freechoice is to continue to ‘expand’ civilization

Free choice is to say “I got it all- money intelligence – beauty – I am happy – I have a god that will save me – I do not have to take self-responsibility – that’s my choice”

freechoice is to drink yourself into a stupor and then kill someone and get away with it as diminished capacity

freechoice is to allow lethargy to take over and just ‘dive in it’

freechoice is to think that abuse must exist because it gives jobs to people

freechoice is the excuse of humanity to not create a world that is best for all

freechoice is to blame life and do nothing about it, but be depressed

Freechoice is to have many shops in the same area, selling the same things, just because they have different logos on the roof.

freechoice is to lie to justify self – even in the face of the truth

freechoice is to consume drugs to ‘spite the system’

freechoice is to ‘show your finger to the world’ without realizing you can only fuck and abuse yourself

freechoice is to live up at max speed, regardless of any consequence

freechoice is to ‘get what I want, whenever I want’

Freechoice is to not see our neighbors as ourselves

Freechoice is to bomb people for oil

freechoice is to have a grocery store with loads of food, while a man is begging outside for a bite

freechoice is 10000 products that no one needs

freechoice is to desire to have children without first sorting out oneself

freechoice is to skin animals alive for the sake of having some fur around your neck

freechoice is to follow my excitement and blissful feelings

freechoice is to ‘be happy’ and ‘be positive’

freechoice is the choice of ‘what to watch on TV tonight’

freechoice is to ‘have more of that because I can’

Freechoice is to rape this earth with deforestation for profit margins

Freechoice is to pretend you are depressed just to get away from taking responsibility and to take this faked depressed self creation even to the point of suicide just to PROVE that it is real.

Freechoice is to act like you are dead and claim that you are alive.

freechoice is believing that all the consequences can be pushed onto somebody else

Freechoice is to give the responsibility to someone else

freechoice is being free of consequences

freechoice is deciding to do nothing and remain idle

freechoice is to enjoy sex, good life etc. – because life is short

freechoice is to leave someone behind when you have it all in you to walk with another in equality

freechoice is to jail people for profit

freechoice is to make a decision based on preference and not based on an outcome that’s best for all

freechoice is to believe that life is all about image

freechoice is to claim living in a free world

Freechoice is to claim: “Hey, it wasn’t me!”

freechoice is to create a virtual reality of thoughts in my head intentionally to get attention and to then participate in it as if it is real – and within that manipulating every being around me

freechoice is to spend money in the system and claim that it is essential and to do only what is required to change the world

freechoice is to design a product to break to make money

freechoice: “Who would want to be a doctor, long shifts and hard work if they receive the same as a plumber or shop assistant? Equal money is a nice idea but it’s natural selection, the fortunate and hard working survive.”

freechoice is to be scared what people will say if you stand for oneness and equality

freechoice is to exploit the earth in the name of greed

freechoice is to play for the win till the very end because when I die I will be absolved of all my crimes

freechoice is to think that someone will fix something for me

freechoice is to be fearful of family that you dare to question the accepted reality

freechoice is to believe in natural selection where some are selected to starve and some are selected to be rich

freechoice is to think that my good actions will save me in another life in heaven

Freechoice is to convince others that you are worth more and liable to receive more money than others.

freechoice is to believe in heaven and don’t give a shit while one is on earth

freechoice is to try and not upset the friends and family with anything that would cause them to consider changing human nature, that would according to them impede on their freechoice

freechoice is to deliberately/consciously suppress/deny reality as common sense out of fear of what my parents will think of me

free choice is to become a copy of the family robots, and live out the accepted nature of separation and total mindfuckness that’s involved with the ‘family unit’

freechoice is to create conflict through allowing secrets

freechoice is to keep yourself quiet when seeing the truth that others can’t yet see

freechoice is to try and change reality against its will by force

freechoice is to say that I’m for change in this world but not change self

freechoice is to remain safe within my family and friends

freechoice is to be more concerned about ones spiritual wellbeing than the wellbeing of the animals and plants and children that are being exterminated by the system of personal happiness

freechoice is to bully your family/friends when they don’t believe in free choice the way you do

freechoice is having children and doing with them what ‘I’ want

freechoice is to claim I don’t eat meat cause I don’t kill animals, while I munch on plant life and ask for abundant sustenance

freechoice is to react

freechoice exists when you can bully members of society who don’t follow your free choice

Freechoice is to claim that you are more advanced being only because you are able to destroy this planet more effectively.

freechoice is ignoring what I have to do [and instead] go and watch TV

freechoice is just to have a savior that will take responsibility in my behalf while I enjoy spending money and having fun

freechoice is to follow sexual addiction and call that natural physical self expression

It’s freechoice to believe we will be saved somehow

Freechoice is to put things off till tomorrow.

So, never leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

Quotes taken from a group chat – I included my own in between as I wasn’t present when this log was recorded. Thanks all that participated – you guys rock !


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