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142. The Money Security-Bubble


“Purnima Halder, 35, was so desperate that she could not even afford to buy the children a meal.
She sold the older two children, aged ten and eight, for 185 rupees (£2) and then gave her four-year-old away for free.”


When living with and within the comfort that money creates in one’s world and reality, it is easier to see why no one would want to suddenly care about a fair, equal world that considers all beings equally when everything seems to shine on your face the whole time.

I was watching the news this morning and saw myself almost wanting to cover the TV with my body so that my father would not have to be eating breakfast while watching injured people in Syria on the screen, or all those ‘debt numbers’ from Spain – a condescending move from my side, considering that I was also eating myself and not realizing how I was in essence not even paying attention to the chronicle, but only looking at the pictures and in one moment I realized that I was there: watching images of people dying in gruesome ways in a war that I consider to be ‘far, far away from here’ while eating breakfast and ‘following the events’ on a TV screen in the kitchen. What a dissociative world we live in – yet I went to the office and there was no internet, I was complaining about the service and saw how we tend to get flustered with just about any single detail that may go wrong/ missing in our perfect little world for a couple of hours or days, while the lives of thousands of people can be completely annihilated from a single blast in one go, without having anything to even ‘hold on to’ once that that which was your life is ‘reduced’ to remain only as what is in fact real: you as the physical body breathing. Is that really reducing then?


Then I had plugged in my pc to the TV screen and my sister saw the news that I was reading about one man killing his two sons and himself when finding out the mother/ his ex partner had a new boyfriend, she thought it was terrible and asking something along the lines of ‘why would anyone do that?’ which is the type of questions we like to hold on to in order to in one single moment dissociate ourselves from the entire event, project it onto ‘others’ and believe that we are perfectly sane to ever react to/ do and commit the same type of atrocities, yet we Think, feel and become emotional the whole time, which is a continuous form of abuse, no different to a father that suddenly beliefs himself to be such thoughts and ends up committing a ‘grave mistake’


We get distracted with the slightest thing that can be an analogy of what sugar does to our body – an image, sound, picture, personality, anything that can for a moment just present the ‘ideal’ way that life should be about and that’s in essence the story of our lives: never really grasping what is HERE as the reflection of ourselves, but instead making up better, faster, accurate stories to cover up the inherent flaws and root cause of making it okay to seek for happiness and fulfillment in individualized /selfish ways instead of asking ourselves why have we got the tendency to only take ‘us’ into consideration and our future plan, but never the entirety of who we are as our physical body and this existence.

I went past a liebrary and realized that even if it was in the ‘master’s degrees’ section of the university, all the knowledge accumulated there had certainly not made any difference to the way society is actually understood, because the mind of the human being is not understood at all.

However, even if the information is here already as all the investigation that Desteni has provided the world with for over  6 years now on a daily basis, it is still ‘hard to hear’ because the money bubble as the positive experience is still one ‘hard bone to crack’ – apparently – however the current monetary system functions like a genetically inherited osteoporosis wherein it is just a matter of time that the entire structure of the body – as our world system currently – that seems to still be ‘standing’ may actually just fall down to smithereens once that the weight of the Lies that we have ate as ‘who/ what we are’ are exposed for what it all was: a play set to be lived as ‘truth’ in order to keep a Machiavelli-style system running for the benefit of a few, for the creation of a heaven that has turned out to be the greatest scam in the shitstory of mankind that we have become equally ‘aggrandized’ with, foolishly so.

And so, with all of this it is to see how we can virtually ‘spot the lie’ we have bought, sold and become in every moment that we interact within our reality, wherein certainly the highlight of your day is seeing a kid having a genuine smile after hearing the sound produced by hitting a candy against a lamp post – however, no candy and no lamp post would exist if no money was available to first have a ‘happy tummy’ fed, there would be no way to laugh.

Thus, I see and realize that we tend to only place people with LOTS of money within this ‘untouchable’ money-bubble, however it is not only THEM but each one of us in fact that have the ability to even be writing about what we are able to witness as ‘ludicrous points’ from the perceived vantage point of being ‘superior’ for being able to spot it. Yet what allows me to have sufficient energy in my body, what has allowed me to have enough education to be writing and speaking a second language? what is allowing me to have a pc and the comfort of a bed and a house to live in? Money as the current life-giver in inequality. – and this clarifies the starting point of any opposition and systematic antagonism as another tantrum thrown from the beneficial stand point of money as the primary point required to satisfy  our basic needs that then allow us to expose reality for what it is.


What does this mean: that a woman that has to sell their kids for food will certainly have no ability in any way whatsoever to stand up to advocate and be a contributor to the Equal Money System in fact, she can  -unfortunately – only stand as the billions of reasons WHY the Equal Money System must be in place asap – the Rich people living in a comfortable bubble will most likely not care/ haven’t even considered what reality is like when having no money at all – thus, it is Our responsibility to take this point on, yes you and I having enough money to feed ourselves, to read these words, that have access to education and money to actually contribute to the creation of a world wherein Life can be finally equalized through equalizing Money as Life – we all get ‘tired’ of reading ‘bad news,’ however: who accepts and allows the points that create such consequential outflows? We do – therefore, it’s time to Stop, forgive ourselves and start walking an actual process in our world wherein we can ensure that we support each other to live as equals, and that is through giving equal access to what is here for All beings equally.

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