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456. Taking Responsibility For Our Energy Fixes

(Or how to take the point back to self when becoming aware of gruesome things like in ‘Pizzagate’)

Last week I found myself pondering too much what exactly can drive certain human beings to do very vile things to children, like pedophilia and the rest of it that has emerged from the ‘pizzagate’ movement on social media. I wasn’t so amazed at the information, because I’ve been aware of this for some years now, though it is so that every time I still go into trying to understand why, because I cannot fathom ‘how’ could anyone gather the strength and nerve to do such atrocities to children.

Though here’s the point: I don’t need an answer or details of ‘why’ but I can sum it up to being just another consequential outflow of the relationship to experience that we all form toward anything/anyone in this reality. What does ‘forming a relationship to experience’ mean? It has to do with generating or creating either a positive or negative association to a particular experience that we respond to with an energetic reaction. These energetic reactions are what we call emotions and feelings which we all create and associate with things, situations, habits, doings and the rest of ways in which we relate to everything that is here, which means we create a relationship to it, an energetic experience that in our minds we tend to label as either negative or positive – yet in terms of energy creation, it is the same thing when it comes to acknowledging its consequential creation and outflows in our minds and bodies.

What we are becoming aware of now and the extent of abuse and cruelty we see in daily events in this world are based on a plethora of reasons based on how each person accepts and allows themselves to evolve this relationship to experience in many ways that ultimately are never supportive or constructive, ever. This is how someone can get to embrace cruelty and abuse as a form of excitement, sexual pleasure and other seemingly ‘good’ experiences along with it. Yet what is ignored is who/what has to be abused/used in order for anyone to get such ‘high’ or ‘pleasure’ or ‘good experience’ at the expense of something/someone, and this is an essential form of addiction that we can all be familiar in various forms as well, there is really no one person in this world that could consider themselves ‘free’ from participating in these same mechanisms in which people like pedophiles operate as well, and it is not only about sexual deviations, it has to do with the way we operate in our minds and how whether it is a seemingly ‘positive’ or negative experience, as long as we are creating an energetic experience, it is a consequential process to our very own life and physical body, which is explained in the entire series on Eqafe.com ‘Quantum Mind Self Awareness’ to understand at what level we also sacrifice physical substance and our very own life for the sake of powering experiences as emotions or feelings that we’ve come to accept as ‘normal’ or ‘what defines us as humans’ in this world.

The  bottom line here is that there’s not any point in wanting to know ‘why’ kids, or ‘the reasons’ behind the actions of people involved in these pedophile scandals, because I gain nothing from it, I do not need to know the gruesome details other than becoming aware of and understanding that who we have become in the inside of ourselves as our minds, our ‘programming’ or ‘how we run’ our bodies is in fact that evil aspect of ourselves that we need to change, and that’s all I truly ever need to focus on.

Here then I reflect on how much time, effort, focus, attention, breaths and essentially life we can waste in trying to find the ‘ultimate reasons’ for something that we simply know in common sense Needs to be stopped, needs to be changed, needs to be understood as the form of abuse to life that it is based on satisfying a particular attraction, sexual experience or ‘pleasure’ for some individuals. Do I really need to know the detail of their reasons? No, because ultimately knowing all the details could even lead others to follow through and start testing out the same ‘experience’ for themselves, and the whole supposed ‘objective investigation’ becomes a particular diving into the actual depths of addictions and circles of abuse that I’d say is best to not even know the details of if one is not entirely grounded within oneself and certain that one won’t ‘fall’ into the trap of getting to investigate too much and starting to secretly desire experiencing something like that as well, or testing it out for the sake of seeing ‘what it is all about’, which can be a double intent in the ‘mass exposure’ of all of this; after all, part of the ‘rules’ of this systematic game is that everything has to be shown/exposed to the public, so, this might be one of those ways.

This applies to everything that is generally deemed as bad, evil, wrong, ugly, despicable in reality where the most unstable individuals could dive into it in an attempt to uncover truths or investigate and end up being influenced by the whole of it and so, end up embracing it as a ‘normal’ part of our reality or something that is so ‘common’ that it becomes a ‘part of how things work’ which is essentially what we’ve done within ourselves life after life in the relationship with our minds, the relationship we have crated to experiences as emotions (negatively experienced energies) and feelings (positively associated energies) = the energy is the same, we decide HOW we define it in our minds and this relationship to energy and the very mechanics of how we function in our physical bodies is essentially the one and only reason why any form of abuse, ‘eating up’ of life is actually a mechanism that we all exist as.

Yes, in fact a post on ‘cannibalism’ (155. Are we all Cannibals?) was something I wrote long ago on how we tend to make a big deal of anything that we perceive is ‘eating up’ life and destroying it and sacrificing life, but in fact by the sheer maintenance of our minds existing in a constant generation of thoughts, feelings and emotions, we are also in need of constantly transforming physical energy (our life substance, our bodies) into mind energy to create such experiences that we’ve defined as ‘who we are.’ And this means that we have become the very ‘life eaters’ or ‘life cannibals’ the moment that we use our energy, our physical energy that we get from the earth through eating every day’s meals and transform it to power our illusions and delusions in the mind, as experiences that we believe is what pleases ‘us’ or ‘what makes us human’, when in fact, life itself does not need an experience, only in the mind do we keep going at it like addicts, seeking for any next fix – this is precisely what we need to change in relation to all things ‘experience’ in us.

Therefore by understanding this basic mechanism, we can see this same pattern of ‘eating ourselves alive’ or ‘consuming ourselves to give power to the mind’ repeating everywhere else in this reality. This is the real ‘repetition’ and ‘fractal reality’ that we are creating, where we try and excuse our existence to some ‘program’ or ‘system’ of sorts where we believe we have no say in what we do or how we are within ourselves, because we make ourselves subject to some programmed existence that we accept as ‘who we are,’ yet that is precisely the accepted and allowed existence that we have to question at the core of ourselves and not only be guided or rather ‘blinded’ by following the tracks to stories and despicable human actions as if they were truly evil and completely alien or separate from our own nature as human beings.

Now here, it’s not to make the quick assumption that ‘because all we are is evil, therefore we are doomed therefore one just steps aside from the whole world and lets it all be’. Nope, how I see these kind of events or ‘news’ if you will becoming more mainstream is also for a process to emerge in humanity to start seeing/realizing the extent of evil that exists in ourselves as human minds, to see how far we in fact can elaborate on a dysfunctional relationship to energetic experiences – in this case related to sexuality and power –  and turn it into a demonstrably abusive energy fix – through beliefs, through experiences, through traditions, through elitist circles or whatever, doesn’t matter in the end – that ends up consuming the most pure beings in the name of such experiences related to abusing infants for the sake of an experience, because that’s what it’s all about, in whichever form or opinion it is built upon= it’s all a mindfuck, literally, abusing life to satisfy the cravings we create, accept and allow in our minds.

Now that IS the point I want to get at here where we stop comfortably separating ourselves from those that we deem as ‘evil to the core’ and ‘reckless’ because here we’re going to realize how we are in fact operating in the same ways and mechanisms as the most ‘evil’ people in the world do– or that we prefer to believe and see others as such for a convenient separation of responsibility:

 If we remove the relationship to energy, and there was no ‘energetic experience’ to be obtained from anything that we do, would we still do it anyways? That’s essentially the redefinition of living that this process from consciousness to life awareness is all about, where we actually commit ourselves to understand the polarized energetic experiences – emotions, feelings – to write them down to understand them, to acknowledge them as our creation, as our responsibility and so then make a self-aware and practical day to day – continuous – commitment and practical decisions in every moment of our day to change that part of ourselves that leads to the same old ‘energetic fix’ – either positive or negative – and instead, transform it into a living experience, a word that one decides to live instead of the detrimental emotional or feeling experience, pattern or habit that led to self-destruction, to all things that are the ‘reverse of life’/’that are evil’ and so, take the actual process of being Self-Responsible and do the work it takes to correct ourselves, to acknowledge our consequence and so commit ourselves to change bit by bit every single day.

It’s easy to criticize those that we believe are ‘the worst of the worst’ for committing ‘heinous crimes against children’ while pretending one is ‘not at all that abusive’ – really? If we were to in fact stand as who we really are, as equal and one to everything and all that exists here as ourselves, would we have any face to still say ‘I am better than others?’ No, and that’s the reality of what we are currently one and equal to. We are all co-creating the mess until we decide to understand the same mechanisms that exist in each one of our minds – in all of us – and so commit ourselves to take our individual responsibility and be that 1+ person that creates self-change within oneself – challenging, it is, but this is to understand that things like ‘pedophilia’ or any other atrocity for that matter is only the extreme demon-stration of the worst that exists in every one of us by virtue of having a mind. And this is what I’d take as yet another great reason to understand the importance of ensuring that we don’t allow ourselves to feed our mind fixations and experiences more, otherwise when a person stops questioning these supposed ‘needs’ or ‘fixations’ or ‘preferences’ ends up justifying the worst of actions that maim and torn lives apart.

This is a process of facing, understanding, walking through and yes, at times becoming aware of very gruesome realities that exist as part of what is here as well – not nice, not pretty, but it is also useless to become angry or hate back or blame back. Reacting to it, judging it is futile – and in my case I had to face the point of letting go of wanting to know ‘the reason why’ anyone could do such things, and instead focus on what needs to be changed and stop getting lost in a rabbit hole of ‘why, why, but why? Or ‘how could they?’ or ‘what is in it for them?’

See whenever being stuck in a ‘why’ and wanting to understand the ultimate reasons for stuff, if we cannot see a direct answer to it in a moment or upon basic Self-investigation, then one simply can acknowledge how this that we see is creating a negative consequence, a problem, a reaction needs to be stopped, changed, understood to the point I am able to understand what I need to change/what I need to take responsibility for within myself – and so as humanity –  without getting ‘lost in the information rabbit hole’ and then commit myself to stand as the solution and change.

This means asking myself how can I take that point back to myself to change my relationship to, for example, energetic experiences, see where am I using/abusing something in the name of an experience and only focusing on that disregarding that which I may use or abuse in the name of it. And we would be astounded to see the amount of living beings we do this too, and would this mean that I now have to bash and punish myself for realizing I am also equally creating consequence every moment that I am alive? Nope, been there and done that and it leads to further blackmailing myself into ‘depression mode’, feeling ‘bad’ or ‘disgusted’ or ‘sickened’ about the whole thing and continuing to ignore the essential fact here that I CAN take responsibility for and that is to change the relationship to energetic experiences within myself, change the relationship to my mind, to stand as the directive principle in my life, in my body and focus on the creation of myself as the person and being that I realize I want to be for myself and others in this world.

Focusing too much on the problem, trying to find the ‘ultimate causes’ is no different to recreating the same problem over and over again, because no focus, no breath of life is being given in the name of life itself, in the name of self-responsibility to one’s life and that of others, in the name of standing as the correction oneself. And this is one point that I am committing to because as many other people I’ve known, it’s easy to get lost in the information threads and forget asking ourselves ‘where do I stand in this? What can I personally do to take responsibility for this existing in myself as well?’ which is an essential set of questions that would take us all back to working with what we CAN change, which is ourselves.

We can’t change the manifested consequences of all the atrocities that we are becoming aware of now, even more so if they have existed for longer than most of our lives together and we cannot just hide in disgrace and pretend it doesn’t exist either – it’s about understanding it, becoming aware of it, but not getting ‘hooked’ in it either in an attempt to ‘do justice’ by blaming others, hating back, or ‘doing justice on our own hand’ through fighting back or hurting more beings… no, this is about self-understanding and self-realization, rather taking these vile examples of our human nature as one plus reason to change within ourselves, and that doesn’t require loads of data and information and gruesome details that may end up being more counterproductive for the masses – instead one can decide to no longer ‘fuel’ the same problem in an attempt to ‘understand it’ – but instead directly step into the creation of solutions, and that begins with each one of us to realize that punishing others doesn’t do a thing to ‘do justice’ to what is done, to that which is irreversible at this point.

We can only learn to prevent this by learning how to live with our minds and our experiences at an emotional and feeling level in a supportive manner. This is what needs to be taught at home from birth and then in schools or through parents that can be prepared enough to be parents – possibly evaluated to ensure that each child that comes into this world can be born into a sound environment, with sound of mind parents and a true understanding and living example of what it means to be living words for a betterment of humanity as a whole. As you can see, doing this will take time, but it’s not impossible, we’re starting already, don’t leave yourself behind:

Join in:



Essential self understanding and support available at Eqafe.com




Why does a 3 year old child have to spend her days handing her mother plastic bags to wrap flowers that they sell on the traffic lights?


Why is a farmer suddenly threatened with his life if he doesn’t agree with expansive policies that will make of his traditional farming just another leg of the industrialized agriculture, to keep himself in business?


Why are people banned from having access to the water in their area while transnational corporations take over the rights for such vital resource?


Why is growing your own food and collecting rain water now considered a felony?


Why do we call building massive cities that breed more population, greed, violence and pollution a sign of ‘progress’?


Why have we called a basic-living lifestyle  a ‘mediocre’ living condition?


Why do women have to carry their children on their back, crying, hungry, while they pick up anything edible and useful from the dump?


Why do children prefer living on the streets, under bridges trading drugs with others that have done the same to escape from family violence?


Why are young women burning themselves with oil in Afghanistan as a quiet scream for help?


Why are people being killed in the name of a jihad without ever questioning why religions exist in the first place?


Why are people turning to drugs now more so than ever in our history?


Why is being stupid and ‘such a mess’ a fashion trend nowadays?


Why can 8 year olds play with daddy’s loaded gun at home?


Why are kids being sold by their own parents to traffickers ?


Why has humanitarian/ food aid not solved the world crisis in starving communities?


Why has any politician that stood up for life been shot, silenced or opposed till the point of resignation?


Why does a child have to witness his mother being repeatedly hit by an alcoholic father?


Why does everyone prefer to ‘keep quiet’ and pretend everything is fine?


Why have spiritual masters not taken on the political world to create a real change in the world?


Why are journalists shot every time they dare to speak the truth?


Why are women prostituting themselves to ‘make a living’?


Why are major corporations thriving with massive profit while their employees and outsourcing companies having suicidal workers?


Why are mothers asphyxiating their young children with a bra or a plastic bag?


Why are children born addicts to methadone?


Why are priests abusing children?


Why is corruption ever expanding in the world?


Why is it easier to become a drug-dealer to make a living than aspiring to get proper Education?


Why are we devastating the environment at a frightening rate?


Why is it easier to hope ‘it all ends soon’?


Why do people say that the next wars will be for water?


Why do we consider an overpopulated country like China an ever-growing economy without actually looking at the quality of life they have?


Why is the cure for cancer not known as a worldwide discovery and has been shut-off from all possible angles from popular-awareness?


Why are rich people supporting charities without them actually stopping their own lifestyles?


Why are we told that milk is good for our health?


Why are Greeks threatening to commit suicide now?


Why is living in prison more safe than living on the streets for young crack addicts that prostitute themselves to make a living?


Why does a child have to witness their own parents hitting each other?


Why are Holy-wood stars and billionaire CEO’s mourned for when they day and 25000 children that starve to death go unnoticed?

Why is humanity not diagnosed with massive schizophrenia?


Why is Christianity not dubbed as a delusional mind-splitting story-tale that is able to be twisted around to the point of defending murder, starvation and carrying weapons for self-defense?


Why are the people that dare to tell the truth shut off, ridiculed and/or killed?


Why are you and I still carrying money that is based on a Ponzi scheme wherein we have all agreed to enslave each other to have little or no money at all to live?


Why are we so concerned about the way we look, how we behave and present toward others?


Why does children have to witness their parents being killed during a vindication-shooting due to drug-trade news-reporting?


Why is self-talking through our mind not seen as an indicative of madness within us human beings?


Why  is the belief in god and light not treated as a delusion of grandeur with pathological symptoms such as a violation of physical laws to justify a belief?


Why are the starving, abused and trafficked children not being an urgent case to take on within our judicial system?


Why do people in power such as attorney generals, military chiefs, governors and politicians not taken to jail for intellectual crimes within keeping deliberate life-degrading laws/ conditions within a society?


Why was a well known pedophile governor kept in office regardless of thousands marching in front of the city hall to ask for his renouncement?


Why is education built according to creating slaves and masters?


Why are elitist schools existent?


Why is free-education a synonym for low or non quality-education?


Why do we prefer to watch a movie about ancient paintings or people dancing on the streets than a movie about legal weapon ownership in America or children sex-trafficking?


Why do we seek our ‘next greatest excitement’ all the time?


Why do we keep cultures as a strong-hold within ‘who we are’ which we use to justify the exploitation, unnecessary meat-consumption and gory rites like circumcision?


Why does a newborn has to die when having his parents agreeing to have him be circumcised the next day he’s born?


Why are robberies happening every single day in the world?


Why can’t I walk alone at night on the streets?


Why have we allowed ourselves to become used to ‘not caring’ about our reality?


Why are there still school shootings?


Why are people getting more depressed every day?


Why are activists being secretly lobbied to keep their ‘efforts’ on a ‘strong-hold’ without accomplishing any significant change?


Why are detractors, opponents and major critics of the system not proposing an overall new system after all?


Why do people fear realizing that there is no god?


Why does an animal have to “live” as some ‘product in the making’ inside a cage with several others of their species,  above their own excrement just to become our food?


Why is it that we have accepted the pursuit of happiness as ‘our mission in life’?


Why are bombs still being built?


Why are weapons still being produced?


Why is it that no one is stopping wars?


Why is it that people have to leave their country and families in pursuit of a better living?


Why is it that most of the crimes with rich masterminds behind them get away with murder and solace in impunity?


Why is it that science has not yet developed a ‘cure’ for starvation?


Why is it that technological advancements have made to improve a self-interest based lifestyle instead of supporting to better and optimize the living conditions on Earth for all beings, not just ‘those’ that have the money to buy the ‘advancement’?


Why is it that people are not considered ‘legal’ and with the ability to benefit from social services like healthcare if they are ‘illegal immigrants’?


Why is it that the war on drugs has only bred more violence?


Why is it that I have now a curfew and watch my back at all times?


Why is it that women get raped by soldiers in war zones?


Why is it that terrorism still exist?


Why is it that our food has become poisonous?


Why is alcohol promoted as a way to ‘not worry and be happy’ and think that ‘life is party’ till the last drop dies – or the last one drops dead?


Why are we all in many forms of drugs as a society?


Why do we fear facing our creation?


Why do we fear?


Why do suffer?


Why do we abuse ourselves?


Why do we neglect that we are all one and equal?


Why do we compete and fight against each other all the time?


Why have we believed that life has its ‘ups and downs’?


Why do we all fight to get on top above anything and all?


Why do we need to ‘love’?


Why do we use money that is based on an illusionary concept of debt?


Why do we backup our living-given conditions by ‘rights’ and obsolete constitutions that are only used to backup further abuse through the nice-sounding concepts of free-choice and free-will?


Why do we seek to escape through sex, drugs and anything that can make us forget about the world?


Why are we al addicts?


Why do we depend on money to continue living?


Why have we enslaved ourselves this way?


Why do we always just ‘wait’ for something to happen and take us out of our self-proclaimed victimization?


Why do we keep ourselves in self-masochism thinking about all our fears and limitations, instead of focusing on how we are practically and physically able to create the conditions in which you and I would like to actually LIVE in this world?


Why is creating and injecting more Money into the system Not the solution to this world?


Why do we keep allowing the existence of a monetary system that doesn’t support ALL Beings Equally?


Too many questions with very simple answers: Money, Self Interest, Greed, Fear… =  our mind as ego has manifested our current reality, it is our creation in separation of who we really are as One and Equal as LIFE.

Instead of asking WHY – we direct ourselves to know and realize HOW we have created this reality as our image and likeness.

Educate yourself about this and the entire understanding of HOW we create our reality as the image and likeness of our own mind consciousness system – learn how to support yourself to stop being just another fearful brainwashed numb.er in the system.

Take Self-Responsibility, become Visible – We are here and walking to take on the world system to finally establish actual free-from-doom reality through the Equal Money System and an Equality-Education through Desteni.

Stand up – and join us.

The more +1, the better.

We are all aware of it – but what are YOU doing about it?Desteni

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